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  • *Snipped because I just received some evidence that made me rethink my stance.*Addendum: So, I'm browsing Beliefnet, and... ...I find a ... more
  • Ah, one of the benefits of being a registered voter... I get political spam a day before I vote. So, my vote's set.  And it's, ... more
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    Hi Zach. Hope that all is well with you. It has been quiet with the new format. Just wanted to stop by to say hi. All the best to you my friend. Peace & Love - Mark

    May 9, 2009
    11:15 PM
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    Hi, Zach. I hope that you are enjoying your Christmas. Just stopping by to give you warmest Christmas greetings. Thank you for your friendship and support throughout the year. You are the best. God bless you. Peace & Love - Mark

    December 25, 2008
    9:42 PM
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    Zach, my friend, how have you been? I just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Happy Thanksgiving (before the day was over) Hope that all is well with you. Warmest thoughts to you. Love & Blessings - Mark

    November 28, 2008
    2:51 AM
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