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    Inspirational passage from 'The Silent Stones'

    Friday, May 30, 2008, 8:29 AM [General]

    I have been reading The Silent Stones by Diana Cooper, and was profoundly struck by a passage in it.  She is such a wonderful authoress, and I felt the urge to put it up on here for those who have not read the book, and for those who have and want to hear the beautiful words again.


    "Tony took the phone and told them that the next Great Mystery had been translated. 'I'll dictate bits of it to you,' he said, clearing his throat and lowering his voice.  ' "All is sacred within the primordial soup of energy.  Young and old, dark and light, big and small, all is sacred.  All is honoured.  All respected.  Dark cannot do anything to light unless light asks.  Big cannot do anything to small unless small asks. Old cannot serve young and young cannot serve old unless permission is gained and granted.  Soul to soul all is respected.  Neither angels nor devils can approach humans unless asked.

    ' " The radiant ones are forced to stand by and watch with love and compassion as their beloved children on earth cry with pain.  They cannot help unless asked.  Many scream for help, many howl in anguish and cry or demand or rage or threaten.  That is not asking.  That is trying to manipulate the energy of the divine.

    ' "To ask is to centre yourself in the radiant light and project your clear divine thought into the mind of the Great Radiant One.  When your thought vibration aligns with the cosmic thought, that is asking.  The divine current must answer and pull you into itself so that the situation moves and transforms.

    ' "To ask in such a way is to recieve a response from the Godhead.  So be clear and ready to recieve before your formulate your request.  Mountains move and seas run dry to accommodate such prayer." '


    Thank you, Diana!


    (The Silent Stones (Great Britain: Hodder and Stoughton, 2002) Ch. 32, p. 244-245) 


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