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    Exercise guru!

    Wednesday, April 25, 2012, 2:50 PM [General]

    Yesterday, a friend of mine told me about how down she'd been feeling due to a diagnosis that has her restrained from running for 5-6 months now.  She is an avid runner and a deeply spiritual person and what I realized is that it takes someone outside of yourself, who is close in mind and heart to get you back into the positive mind-frame.  She had been going on and on about how down on herself she'd been and how devestating this has been since running has been her spiritual exercise, not just her physical exercise.   The question then remains, does feeling good on the outside influence our feelings on the inside, or does our feelings on the inside change our physical being altogether?  I believe it is both!  It truly is a balance, but I also fully believe that if you don't exercise those positive attitude meditations daily, the negativity monster will creep up on you when you are at your worst and it will be harder to maintain positivity.  But, if you are disciplined to keep up with your spiritual habits of positivity, exuding love, self-confidence, and strength from within, tapping into your higher power, that negativity monster doesn't have a chance to sink it-self into the depths of your mind.  And you can get on with life, as if the negativity monster was merely an irratation, rather than a full blown catastrophy that rocks the very essence of your existence.  Peace and Love everyone!!



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