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    Sacred Feminine. Finding The Balance, Honoring The Feminine. The goddess is the female divine being, the Mother, the Amazon, the healer, the lover and the Queen. To speak of the Sacred Feminine is to speak of the innate divine qualities of women throughout the ages. It harks back to all times when power manifests as a positive attribute, not associated with control or supremacy, but rather potential and strength and the earthly powers of sun and moon and nature. Examples of suppression, even unintentional, of natural feminine instincts abound. Women can be ticketed for breast feeding in shopping malls. The fact that twenty-eight days in the lunar calendar and twenty-eight days in a woman's cycle is treated as hardly more than a coincidence. The rich and hugely interesting pantheon of female mythological characters and deities are not practiced with great regularity. But to a well-tuned eye and ear, signs of the archetype of the Goddess are apparent and abundant. The concept of the Sacred Feminine entered mainstream consciousness with the bestselling book The DaVinci Code. Pilgrimage tours to sacred sites for women featuring ancient ceremonies are gaining in popularity. Curiosity and a good library will unveil many intriguing tales and traditions from which to cull. The Hopi Indians tell of Ha Hai-i Wuhti, the mother who nourishes all beings be they kachinas, humans, sentient or insentient placing a female at the center of all creation. The Hindu's have the great Mother Durga who, though beautiful transforms into her wrathful form. Quan Yin is the familiar Chinese goddess of compassion. In Africa, the Orishas are honored as both Gods and Goddesses. All animals, humans included, are born from the union of male and female. Appreciating our feminine side in the spiritual sense means valuing the feminine principle, along with the masculine principle, as equal and fundamental aspects of the Divine. The yin yang symbol is a reminder of this perfect balance within us. And now is the perfect time to find that balance by honoring the feminine. Who are the women in your life? Pay attention to the contribution of women to our society. Lift the glass to them, sing their praises, honor them in whatever way, small or large. Paying this respect reaffirms our connection to the divine, the Goddess, the Earth and each other.

    September 26, 2008
    6:54 AM
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    Hi5 Comments @ Forever & Ever

    January 27, 2008
    10:11 PM
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    Thanks for the invite. I'm happy to include you in my circle of Beliefnet friends. Peace Love Stardove

    January 17, 2008
    12:00 PM
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