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    signs from angels

    Sunday, December 6, 2009, 8:32 PM [General]


    Sometimes angels manifest their presence in ways that anyone can see. You can ask for an angel to appear as proof of your angelic contact. Here are a few common angel signs.

    You may see angels in cloud formations, especially over sacred sites or when you have asked for angelic assistance. Sometimes you will notice clouds that resemble feathers.

    Many people find that their flowers last longer when placed on their angel altar. One student of angel lore found that her roses lasted for months, and, after an especially profound encounter, one of the roses changed color.

    White feathers may appear in the most unlikely places. When you have found a white feather, carry it round with you to keep your angel close. Once, when I was teaching an angel seminar, I mentioned that white feathers are a common angel sign. After the seminar a woman said that, despite what she had heard, she was not convinced of the existence of angels. At that very moment another student noticed a pure white feather stuck to the sleeve of her cardigan.

    Often, if you have asked for angelic help, you will hear the word ‘angel’ mentioned in a song on the radio or on television, or someone will say the word to you in an unlikely context.

    Angels may suddenly appear in your crystals. They frequently manifest in ‘angelic’ crystals, such as celestite, seraphinite or angelite, although a form can also appear in clear quartz crystal after you start reaching out to the angelic realm.

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