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    " To thine own self be true."
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    An old 60's rock song we used to play had a great line..."If all of this should have a reason, we would be the last to know." I think there is a natural need for understanding in almost all of us, often taken advantage of by those looking for power and a way to control the gullible. There always seems to be plenty of ready made victims, too. WillyB

    July 19, 2009
    8:02 PM
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    Hi Willyb, I'm comfortable in my own theological skin... Having been an atheist since childhood, the more I learn of religion, the more confirmation I have that religion is a man-made construct --- usually as a matter of social control. :) I'm cool with whatever anyone wants to believe until they try to force their beliefs on others....

    July 9, 2009
    3:25 PM
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