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    Sunday, December 16, 2007, 11:02 PM [General]

    They should call this place christian net and get it over with.


    So I reported a few posts that were over the top offensive. I mean they made the one of mine that was deleted look downright congenial. And I was told in some flowery terms that it would teach them a better lesson to leave it there.




    Honestly I don't see what benefit there is to putting up with fundies. In my life my friends are all Pagan. I don't have to deal with christians except in my family (and they are good christians) or in the general public and if they bother me I can walk away. So to go out of my way to expose myself to them makes no sense. I recently cancelled my internet and today is my last day of having it. I can still take my laptop to the library but why waste my time when it will be limited on trolls.


    Anyway, just wanted to let you people here know that I made the effort but Beliefnet staff only cares about the christians here. If they report us for the slightest little thing, they will get away with it. We can report them for pretty insulting things and get no where. Posting here would be like going to a church and asking them to respect other religions.


    Anyway, nice chatting with all of you.

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    Nice Pentagram there Reverand!

    Tuesday, December 4, 2007, 10:56 AM [General]

    It really cracks me up everytime I see a nativity scene on someones lawn and a huge ass pentagram above it. I realize that it is supposed to be the north star, but come on! If I put up a wooden cross and said that it was supposed to be a plus sign, would that make it any different? Now, if it is truly in the shape of a star, tha tis one thing, but if it is like the one I have included here, then it is a pentagram.  Calling it a star does not take away from what it is. If someone had the star of David on their house and claimed that it was just a star, does that change what it is? Not that I am complaining. I love pentagrams. I love to see them displayed. This time of year it is so easy to find them. I even found one at Walmart to put on top of my tree. My christian parents (who are desparately hoping I will "come back to god") are in denial and have convinced themselves that I put it there to represent the north star. Nope, it's there to represent my worship of Satan.

     Just kidding! It's there to represent my Pagan beliefs. Ironically though, the day after Xmas I can usually find tons of pentagrams on sale. It's a great shopping day for Pagans.

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    Is god just an asshole?

    Saturday, November 24, 2007, 1:59 AM [General]

    So the following is a blog entry from a friend of mine. I had to steal it and post it here because it is probably the best Atheist argument I have ever read. Not to mention that it was hillarious.Read and enjoy.

    I've been in this debate lately with Markpele. It started out on his entry where he claims that the United States should base its laws on Christian principles and acknowledge its "dependence on Christ" (his words). I mean, this is on its face a little lame I feel, considering Christians can't even agree on what their principles are (should these changes be made in accordance with Roman Catholicism, Baptism, Mormonism, or something else?). But this is beside the point.

    Anyway, at one point during this debate, I (while heavily altered) simply declared "Look, since there isn't really a God, I don't see why this is necessary". Maybe not the most tactful remark I've ever made, but I still think it's valid. If you're going to call for the United States to be reformed as a "Christian Nation", shouldn't it least be clear as to whether you're even right or not?

    Ordinarily, I try to avoid getting in the face of Christians about their faith. I figure, if they're willing to leave me alone, I can extend them the same courtesy. This is why crap like this annoys the hell out of me, considering that it's a grievous disregard of our unspoken treaty. Occasionally someone like the (still mercifully defunct) Notliberal will claim that the Founding Fathers really intended for America to be a Christian Nation, and maybe even a Fundamentalist Christian one at that. This causes them to go to perform truly herculean research efforts to find something that will finally pitch them over that aggravating "separation of church and state" clause once and for all.

    This struggle of theirs, for me at least, represents the two most obnoxious features of Modern (and pretty much historical) Christianity. The first is the complete and willful ignorance of simple facts or reason, such as the aforementioned Separation of Church and State issue, or other simple arguments about their faith in general, a la, "If God exists, then how come nobody has seen him"? The other is the disregard for anyone else's opinions. Apparently it's too much Goddamn trouble for Christians to politely ask the whole of the American Citizenry if it's okay for them to establish a God-fearing State, but instead ceaselessly advocate for it as though what the rest of us think doesn't matter (but then why should it? we're the ones going to hell, right?).

    What can I say? Christians aren't learners, and they certainly aren't polite either (Ghandi really nailed it when he said "I like your Christ, but I do not like your Christians, they are not like your Christ"). This is why the faithful are always the last to get with the program, be it on the issue of evolution, treatment of minorities (the Religious Right can say all they want about wanting to help Israel, but those fuckers didn't even like the Jews until they started killing Arabs who were after what they secretly think of as Christian holy land), or even slavery (the Bible, after all, justifies it, something that slave-holders mentioned when trying to justify themselves).

    So if the Faithful want to shove a crucifix on the White House lawn, fine, I won't fuss. I just want a few questions answered before you proceed, k? Nothing much, just a few things I've always wondered about your little faith. Ready? Here goes:

    1) Jesus is born in what is disingenously referred to as the Year  0000 AD, here in the west, anyway. 33 years later, the guy is dead and his disciples go about spreading the gospel, you know the story. My question is this: Is everyone who died before Jesus was born in Hell right now? You know, all of those Ancient Greeks and Romans who were worshipping Zeus or Jupiter (something God clearly never objected to, despite his beef about having "no gods before me"), are they okay? Not to mention pretty much the entire populations of ancient Asia, North and South America, Africa and even Pre-Christian Europe. There are still people on the planet who have never even heard of God, people! Yet, God insists that those who don't love him are bound for the lake of fire, even though he went about spreading his message in the most asinine way imaginable (halfway through human history, and with what is essentially a bizarre pyramid scheme). I mean, obviously I should know better, being in the enlightened Christian West, but why should all of those people be in Hell when there was no way they could have saved themselves? Is God just an asshole? Or is there some kind of reason why those millions upon millions of probably good souls made it into heaven?

    2) I'm still not clear on how God was created, let alone how our presence here suggests that he exists. A lot of you will probably tempted to refer to what is called "The Watchmaker Analogy". You know, if a man finds a watch on a beach, it implies a watchmaker, since obviously nothing so complex could have been made through natural processes. Similarly, the Universe is too complex to have just happened, right? Therefore, the Bible is right. I mean, sure it's logical enough, except for this one thing that bothers me. Why does existence, in all of its splendor and complexity suggest that your God created it? Aren't you missing a crucial logical step here? I mean, it's not like there's only been one person on earth who has ever been able to make watches.

    3) I don't doubt that Hell is very important to your religion. In fact, if I were a bastard, I might even suggest that the only reason you guys have survived other religions is because of your hell scenario (after all, if you don't believe in Zeus, there's no eternal penalty. Jesus, on the other hand....). You know, if I were that kind of person, I could say that more often than not, you don't bring people to your way of thinking through genuinely making them want to be better people, but instead terrify them into the flock through the ultimate scare tactic. Luckily, I'm not that kind of person!

    I do have one question about Hell, though. I mean, I don't understand why it would be a bad place. I mean, if I understand things right, it's run by this guy called Satan, who hates God and everything he stands for, but treats sinners with unrelenting torment. Why, exactly would he do that? Isn't that what God would want him to do? How do you know for sure that Hell wouldn't be a great place where you can do all the drugs you want, have all of the sex you want and listen to the best music? Is it just because a lot of you hate all of those things? How do you know Heaven is just a place where you would have to kiss God's ass on a constant basis (given that you're now in the same place as it?). Are you sure being Heaven isn't just like being stuck in Church? For Eternity? Doesn't that, I dunno, make a lot more sense? Hey, maybe Heaven isn't so bad, you can spend all of your time trying to rationalize that you're having a much better time than the Hellbound.

    Then again, how do you know you can feel anything in the afterlife? After all, physical sensations like pain and pleasure are the domain of the body and its central nervous system, not your soul, right?

    Now, I know what some of you are thinking. "That's all well and good heathen, but little do you realize, you hellbound fiend, that such questions are the work of Satan. I am a good Christian because you have tested my faith and by still believing in God and not your limited human logic, I am that much closer to the Kingdom of Heaven".

    Alright, fair enough. I mean, I hope that isn't the best you can do in the face of overwhelming evidence (especially when you can act that way about anything: "I have faith that Paraguay doesn't exist. I mean, have you ever met someone from Paraguay?!"). Though don't you ever wonder why it's so much easier to doubt than to believe? If there was a God, don't you think he'd at least make it a little easier on you guys by, I dunno, showing up once in a while?  Smiting the odd Satanist?  For all you guys do in tribute to the almighty, you'd think at least he'd arrange it so that occasionally you could use logic against a ranting atheist.

    Hey, here's a radical thought, maybe God doesn't actually love you. After all, mankind may have been created in his image, but they usually seem to be act in Satan's.

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    What's with the negativity?

    Sunday, November 18, 2007, 5:23 PM [General]

    I mean seriously? It seems that no matter where I turn anymore there is a christian just waiting to tell me that I am going to hell (and joyfully I might add), or to call me evil or to insult me in some other way. Why are these assholes so obsessed with insulting Pagans? I used to think that it was that as christians they were just encouraged to be assholes to us. Now I still think that there are some churches out there that do tell their followers to treat Pagans like shit every chance they get, but I am beginning to think that the truth is that these a just bullies who were getting in trouble for being bullies and discovered that if they called themselves christians, then they could get away with it. I say this because my father who is a devote fundamentalist christian is really starting to get pissed off by their actions. I mean, he has over heard me complain about them and has been genuinely pissed about it. And the funny thing is he would love nothing more than for me to shed my Pagan ways. He hates my religion, but yet these jokers are pissing him off. And not just because of what they are saying to his daughter. No, he has said some pretty shitty things about my religion himself. No, it's because there is just no denying that these losers really have no real basis for their negativity.

    And what really gets me is that they are actually driving people away from christianity. I have been in groups (that are Pagan) that insisted that we not say anything negative about christians, then some dork with a cross strapped to his back comes in and insults all of us and suddenly the ones who used to defend them are now completely against them. Yeah.........their plan really backfires.

    Do you think maybe they are starting to figure that out?

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    There is a God....

    Saturday, November 17, 2007, 10:01 PM [General]

    And a Goddess, and another God, and another Goddess, and another God and another Goddess......................well, as you can see, I am a polytheist. What's a polytheist you might ask? I didn't ask her a question, why is she still talking, you might ask? Doesn't matter, I'll answer anyway.

    A Polytheist is one who believes in the existence of more then one Deity. Now technically one could be a polytheist and only worship one Deity, but still believe in the existence or at least the posibility of other deitites. This is in contrast to a Monotheist who believes that there is only one deity. Which in reality acutally goes against the christian bible as it acknowledges the existence of other deities.  Genesis 1:26 says "Then God said 'Let us make man in our image...'" which clearly indicates that there is more then one deity. Otherwise god would have said I will make man in my image. Not to mention that Satan is credited with having the ability to temp humans into sin and to cast them into hell, which clearly would put him into the category of a Deity, which would mean that even christians are polytheists. Although, for arguments sake, a polytheist is more to the point that you would actually worship more than one deity and clearly christians only worship one deity.

    So why am I here? On Earth or Beliefnet? Well, both are interesting questions. I suppose to be sarcastic would answer both of them. Because I can, would also answer both of them. Because I agreed to the terms and agreements? Well, that might answer both of them. I do agree to breath in air and to not jump off of a cliff.

    So what can you expect from me? Man, what is with all of the questions? What is this, the Spanish Inquisition? Ok, seriously. I will either make entries here frequently or infrenquently. But I can guarentee it will be one or the other. But when I do post it will be directly related to Paganism. Here are some things you should know about my beliefs:

    1. I am an unapologetic Pagan. What this means is that I make no apologies for what I believe. If that makes you sad that I don't follow the religion that you do, well, go find a therapist. I'm not here to make you happy. Religion should be a choice, not a prison sentence.

    2. I dont' do interfaith. If you are of another religion and you want to interact with me, oh that's cool. But the fact is that I don't like christianity. I might like you. And I don't judge you by what religion you practice, but I will never be interested in finding some way for us to worship together. I deal with christianity every day. I don't need to deal with it on my free time.

    3. I'm sarcastic. I'm not trying to win Miss congeniality. I'm not a bitch either. I can be nice, and I see no reason to be mean. But political correctness just doesn't live here.

    4. I call it like it is. If you behave in a way that is intolerant towards beliefs and practices that are different than yours, I will call you a bigot. Because that is pretty much the definition of the word. Don't want me to call you a bigot? Ok.........don't act like one. See how that works?

    Ok, now that we got acquainted, let's get this show started.

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