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    Waiting on the Lord

    Wednesday, March 4, 2009, 1:25 AM [General]

    I'm not really fluent in computers, but I guess here's as a good as any place to start. I'm just searching for like minded people, which could range from shy, quiet, to loud and chatty. I can get along with almost any one, unless you are rude and harmful to others. I like to be around people that care for people, places, and animals. No really I just enjoy talking with others that I may be able to help, or they can help me. You never know what someone has to offer until you get to know them. And I think poetry is a great way to really know someone, I think it shows that person within. I like to know and understand everything I can and that I am interested in and that is alot of things. I am an unknown atrist that would one day like to be known, and whoever knows, that day may come in the near future I pray.

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