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    Who Took the "Service" Out of Customer Service?!

    Saturday, July 3, 2010, 4:55 PM [General]

    Firstly I'd like to apologize that this latest Journal post is being published to "A Course In Miracles". I did not to my knowledge set it that way and I can not find a way to delete it.


    So today I get home and check the mail. The handle on my box was broken off straight across. So that it's mooring remained in tact but the handle was broken clean off. It was nowhere to be found on the ground. And inside after I used my nails to open the door that was shut very tightly was a note from the substitute weekend carrier that said my mail was going to be held because the door was damaged and that I have until the 17th of this month to get it fixed!

    I wonder what happens on the 18th if not. Shall eeeevil mail fairies eat my envelopes that are now being held at the local office!? Where I have to inconvenience myself by making the 10 mile trip daily, show ID after waiting in a line that, depending on the time of day, can extend past the front door of the PO?!

    This carrier is a weekend substitute. Since they came on my route they've been pure hell to deal with. They send mail back making a note by my address that reads: "No Such Address". Surprising, since I've lived here for 45 years!Maybe the Buddhists are right and that's just an illusion?!

    This week was what I thought the last straw, until today. I had ocassion to go into my Credit Union to make a deposit because the line at the drive-thru was too long to wait. Had I not done that so as to show ID I would have been at a loss awaiting their mailing that I have yet to receive.

    The Teller asked me to confirm my address. I thought this odd but perhaps it was a new security measure for deposit accounts protections. Turns out that wasn't the case at all. June's accounts statement had been returned to them because the weekend carrier had noted on the envelope, "No Mail Receptacle". A blatant lie since my mailbox is right there looking at me when I exit my driveway to go run errands.

    I should have known then, Thursday, what was awaiting me just a few days later; today. But instead I took a print out of that notice on my bank account to the local main post office and filed a complaint about that carrier. They never gave me a case number, which I didn't know I was suppose to receive. The woman was simply very nice and said someone would investigate and get back to me. As of today, July 3rd in two days time no one has called.

    But today sure enough that "No Mail Receptacle" lie came true. My carrier broke off the handle on my mailbox door making it unusable. Or, not a mail receptacle. AFTER he put the mail in the box with the notice that my box needed repairs and my mail would be held at the main PO!

    I called the 1-800-ASK-USPS number who's card I got at the service desk the day after I made that initial complaint regarding my bank statements. That little voice of intuition told me those cards could be handy as a quick reference phone number. And sure enough...

    I called and complained and told the woman, who did give me a case number and promised someone would follow-up by Wednesday, that in this economy there are too many people needing jobs for this substitute weekend carrier to get paid this huge amount of money per hour and not care one whit about honor or customer service in the process.

    I told her that I knew I was the rule and not the exception for his despicable conduct in the performance of his duties. And that I'd had enough! I outlined all that he'd done in the last year to forestall my receiving my mail as I should. Including last weeks Statement return.

    My husband is going to fix the door and install a new handle on it and secure the box even more to the post. I'll bet dollars to donuts when he does that this carrier will then take the box off the post and leave me a notice at my house door that there's no mail receptacle and my mail will again be held.

    Until then when this next Friday rolls around I'll be waiting for him at the box with my cell phone. As I told the USPS lady when I made my complaint about him today. I said I wanted to see the face of the man who has this little honor in postal customer service and that I was going to take his picture so I would have a face to put with the despicable conduct.

    I don't know how someone can earn that much money per hour and not give a fig about providing the quality service it's suppose to pay for.


    When did "Service" stop being paramount to Customer Service!? Why is it there are those that care and those that don't, when it comes to the privilege of a job well done.

    I know old folks, like my 83 year old aunt, who say they don't mind dying in the near future so they're not here to see what's coming in this world. A judgement based on what's already happening and especially how things have altered so much since she was a young woman.

    I think that's tragic that one would rather die than live to see the future the present promises to bear. And I think what's even worse is that we're all responsible for it.





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    god takes credit

    Friday, July 2, 2010, 7:56 PM [General]


    I once watched a televangelist who's broadcasts to date always originate form a Television studio and every message relates to sending "vows" say that if you wanted god to answer prayer, you had to show him you were serious first by sending money to his (Robert Tilton) ministry.

    All those Bible verses that avow surrendering all eartly possessions in order to follow Jesus as one of his Disciples, forgotten.

    Today after registering here I saw a sponsor ad for a Christian prayer community. I clicked the link and made my prayer request hoping to join a circle of friends united in mind and spirit, to give our energies to those in need of community and spirit.

    Before I could submit my own request and after a number of chastisements and a Bible verse to back it up, I succeeded at least in sending my prayer request through. But not before being besieged for not sending money along with it.

    God takes Credit Cards! Else, a community dedicated to speaking to that omnipotent omnipresent omniscient power and creator of all that is was or shall be, can't be reached on-line.

    You know how they say you'll never see a moving van following a hearse!? I won't be surprised one day if I hear of a televangelist or someone who own's and operates a "prayer" site like that one proving that old truism false.

    In fact, I'd love to have the money to hire a hearse so that friends and I could follow it in cars while another friend drives a UHaul moving truck as the last vehicle in the procession. Complete with a banner strewn across the back of it that reads, "Worked to death. Taking it with me!" On the back.

    I wonder if it'll sink in?! Or if anyone will be surprised at all!?


    Who was it that decreed the New Testament lied!? Why is it that God needs cash in order to pay attention to us!?

    Why do we need to believe in that kind of god!? When a true creator believes in us.


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