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    Weeping_Willow, it is strange how closely your religious confusion resembles mine. I read your post on the Traditional Christian board but haven't responded to it. I was a fervent Christian for years and was studying for the ministry. Long story short, my studying lead me to Judaism. I am torn between the two. I met a nice Orthodox Rabbi and spent two Shabbats and the Passover at his home. I loved it. I am drawn to the Law and the Festivals. I also am having a hard time believing in Jesus as a mediator/god/sacrifice. We should talk.

    June 13, 2008
    10:35 PM
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    I just found your 'acceptance' from my invitation. Sorry I'ven not been too Bnet in a bit. Now you are away. :( Rats! However you will return eventually and I will always be 'here' ...right 'here' for you...Love ya too...

    April 19, 2008
    11:00 AM
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    I dont know IF you're much into keeping your profile updated BUT IF you are then please add me as a friend. Afterall we started out as friends in 2002. Now there is a NEW bnet and sometimes it gets really lonely without you. Reguardless I will always be your friend....jEANNIE

    February 23, 2008
    4:51 PM
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