WD Allan Article: Of Course You're Angry and Want Revenge!

    Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 8:39 AM [General]

    The plan you’ve been constantly getting a sense of in your life “is” real! There is a pattern to how things have been going you know and there is a meaningful context to all of what you experience!

    Yes, we lose focus along our way.

    Yes, we are challenged in life on what sometimes seems as a continuing never-ending basis!

    Yes, we also sometimes feel like we’re just losing our locomotive steam and there are those moments and periods when we feel like we’ve just had enough of it all and we just want to quit!

    Friedrich Nietzsche really was on the mark when he said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” There is a manifest reason for this!

    It’s because the more that we gain in our experience in both the good and the bad of life, the more that we become rather battle hardened to all that can possibly move against us in our lives. In this however, we hand-in-hand also become much more knowledgeable, much more attuned, more aware and thus MUCH MORE POWERFUL both physically and spiritually in our own right due to all that we have gone through.

    This is why it’s critical in that even as we are experiencing difficult times as well as enjoying the good, that we intentionally and consistently move ourselves to keep our minds and our spirits open along our way. When we choose and then act in this way, we do truly grow in our strengths and we enhance, augment and fortify our emotional and our mental flexibilities! We continue to build the mass of our body of knowledge of ourselves of our fellows and of our world and throughout it all, the experiences that we face and endure do make us ever more powerful!...

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    Love, light and the brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

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    WD Allan Article: Fear the Great Usurper!

    Thursday, February 20, 2014, 2:02 PM [General]

    "Fear leads to anger, anger leads to hate, hate leads to suffering." - Yoda 

    Laugh if you must as to the source, but wonderful statements relating to the philosophy of life can sometimes come from many of those most inauspicious of places, and why not also the literary lines of writing inspired and expressed through the magnificence of celluloid by wonderfully talented actors?

    Regardless of the face or the voice, consider these words for what they are and the themes their presence inflict upon all of humankind if you will.

    Some call them intrinsic to the human condition. Others, that their characters are woven into the very fabric of our design. Then others still that they are the result of the influence of dark forces upon us that create these emotional states within us all leaving many falling prey to their allure.


    One thing is for certain, in that it’s during those periods of our greatest conflicts and struggles when we have tended to witness a vast rise in the presence of our social fears, uprooted our instinctual angers, acted upon and adopted our own public displays of hatred and all of their terrible accompanying sufferings. Why then do we continually allow ourselves, as a people, to be seduced by the drunken effects of fear upon ourselves when common sense and a litany of past lessons clearly prove out that overwrought fear most commonly always results in the effects brought out from one of its children; anger?...

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    WD Allan Article: Fear the Great Usurper! -

    Love, light and the brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

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    Your Biographical Life!!!

    Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 7:32 AM [General]

    Greetings and a grand good morning dear friends!

    Everybody has a best-selling biography in waiting about their life! The thing is to wrought the right rote writer willing to write rightly!

    A beloved Irish mentor of mine when I was younger who sadly passed some years ago now left me with many lessons in my life. One was always more pressing on my mind than most others. It was that as we move along our path, we can’t affect or steer the actions of others and it certainly won’t do any good being mad or reactive against person “B” due to the fact that person “A” is acting like an idiot!

    People he said will never really be what you ever want them to be and some just may hound you like lice at times, but the most important thing is that you remember to stay the course you’ve chosen for yourself, whatever that may be and don’t let others turn you into a public spectacle jackass!

    That will serve you NOTHING!

    Love, light and the brightest of blessings!

    Rev. WD Allan

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    I Take No Exception!

    Sunday, February 16, 2014, 7:30 PM [General]

    I take no issue or exception with another man’s or woman’s countenance with their own religious and spiritual inclinations or lacking thereof, for no worthiness resides in my own for the same in any context. I likewise ask the same in return for my own of others who would make it their business that which I consider  absolutely none of their business.

    The bestowal of fine and well meant tidings whether in a moral or a spiritual tone may well be presented by the most fervent believer in any tradition or that believer who adheres to no tradition except that of his or her own conscience. To be kind is the most natural expression of our being and this act requires no necessary alignment whatsoever but that of touching your own mind and if you so wish, your soul!

    Love, light and the brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan,


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    WD Allan’s Blog : Are All Those “Losers” in Life Actually the Greatest Winners?

    Saturday, February 8, 2014, 8:09 AM [General]

    A magnificent good morning and an absolutely dandy day to you all dear friends!

    Some of the most revealing states of being that we can ever grapple with in this life are those realities that are faced by so many who for countless reasons come to understand what living in poverty can really mean!

    None of this dispels the benefits and the pride gained through success! Indeed just the opposite!

    There is however a pure understanding about the fabric of the spirit of life that’s gained through an intimate understanding of what living with “nothing” can truly be like. The harder revelation to face is that all of those who so many look upon as being the “Losers” in this world, may just in reality also be among those who have touched upon their spirits most intimately!

    At some point in our lives we all usually reach a point when we come to face the reality that all of those “things” that we can and do possess, don’t really work to fill our spirits like we thought they did!

    We learn that all of the money on earth will not warm our hearts with a sense of love and we are even sometimes rue to finally accepting the fact that everything that we thought defined us as, “me”, doesn’t really define that “ME” at all!

    If we’re fortunate, this is when we connect the core of our spirit to the real meaning of our lives! It’s the same philosophy of the spirit that Charles Dickens wrote about! It’s that same wisdom of the source of our soul that so many ancient philosophers throughout history tried to convey and yet, many still refuse to acknowledge its grounded reality!

    Alas’ it isn’t through all of the riches of the world that we will gain a fulfilled sense of our own spirit! It is through our helping others to rise to some inner sense of personal greatness that will inevitably illuminate the brightest light shining from our own soul!
    Have quite a GRAND DAY for yourselves!

    Love, light and brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan

    All Rights Reserved

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