WD Allan's Blog: Blue Book's-A-Patter We All Truly Matter!

    Monday, February 3, 2014, 7:50 AM [General]

    Grand good day to you all my dear friends!

    You know, we all have a cauldron of feelings and self-diminutive motives that do propel our daily reactions to people, places, things and situations around us! What frequently escapes are the real reasons that we express ourselves in the ways we do!

    The reality is that we tend to express ourselves outwardly in how we view ourselves inwardly and this revelation isn’t always the easiest thing to admit. One fine way of beginning to balance our inner-act is by beginning to balance our outer one first then letting this work its way inwards through the magick of attrition! If you want to improve your self-opinion of yourself try first treating everyone in a decent, beneficent and a positive light outwardly! This between EVERYONE NONE SET ASIDE!...

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    Love, light and brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

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    WD Allan's Blog: Surviving the Wild Times!

    Friday, January 31, 2014, 6:10 PM [General]

    Every season carries its own tone, its own hue if you will to the meaning it brings to our lives! Many people simply acknowledge another period having come again. Others though recognize that with each new season comes a fresh period of opportunities as well as a new batch of steady challenges. The manner which we engage them all will, relatively speaking mind you, set the tone of our own attitudes about them and of course this will affect the flow of our lives.

    I’ve always found it rather interesting that as the month of February arrives and celebrations dawn anticipating the hopeful arrival of spring, so does our longing for a renewed energy for a renewed path in life! An understood expectation given that we are all beginning to emerge on the other side of the usual long, dark, cold winter.

    Yes it’s been a hard winter in many ways on us all this year! Some have had to bear what seemed like the brunt of mother natures focused weather wrath. As the season got under way it became obvious to even those most obscured of minds that this was to be a season unlike many others!

    In sections of the southern hemisphere, heat waves have raged while in the region of North America great arctic surges of bitter frigid cold have plunged repeatedly in force. In other sections of the world like the UK soaking floods in a torrential mass displaced many from their homes and places of businesses. In the east similar patterns of upset in the elements have presented themselves the total effect of all sets thoughts fleeing as to the source of all of this?...

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    WD Allan's Blog: Surviving the Wild Times! -

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    2014 A Magickal Bright New Age!

    Tuesday, December 31, 2013, 7:45 AM [General]

    Every Age the Path of Life, Dawns in Hope and Wanes in Lore, of that Muster Path of Life, Leaving All We Did Before,

    Moments Cherished, Some in Grief, Even More of Those that Might, Made Us Act that Beckoned Call To the Power to Draw in Light,

    The Time Has Finally Come, Power Bestowed, Changes Near, Yes the Brilliance and the Magick Endowed Through Our Magickal Bright New Year!

    Love Light and Brightest of Blessings to Everyone!

    2014 WILL BE “OUR” Year to Shine Like the Sun!

    - WD Allan

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    A New Dawning Enlightenment!

    Sunday, December 29, 2013, 7:31 AM [General]

    Enlightenment it’s said by many sages of the soul is experienced through the inevitable destruction of the untruths that we thought were the building blocks of our existence! Some will either deny these ongoing attempts at periods of self destruction of the paradigms that they thought were leading to the dawning of a new and an enlightened reality or, they will finally acquiesce to the inevitable path that comes from finally allowing themselves to open up their eyes and their mind to the spirit that shines through the veils of fog that have been blocking us from a sense of enlightenment from the very beginning!

    A sense of true congruence between our spirit and an enlightened path comes from facing down our irrational fears of ourselves and stepping beyond them into the light of what has always been meant to be true for us!

    Haven’t you had quite enough of wondering why things just don’t ever seem to make you happy or why things just don’t seem to ever work out the way that you have always imagined them to in your life?

    Maybe then its time to break with those old paradigms that haven’t been working for you and to introduce yourself to a truer destination path in your life! 

    As always,

    WD Allan

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    WD Allan's Blog: Daring for Your Success in 2014!

    Thursday, December 26, 2013, 2:31 PM [General]

    Success is the result of but a continuous turning of the pages of life it’s been said; but another thing that shines in the mind at this time of the year are those many ways that people all across the world think of their own New Year!

    These next days traditionally are a time when many choose to reevaluate their personal goals, a time when they may recommit to newer and healthier ways of taking care of themselves and in how they envision what was, what is and what will come to be in the world of their lives!

    Then, somehow, almost like the attrition of the daylight always crossing the sky, in a short time much of this newfound New Years’ commitment to change silently seems to just wane away leaving life to fall back into those familiar patterns again.

    Indeed this subject always raises thoughts about the differences that separate the mass populace of the world from those recognized novel individuals who are among those who strive their way up to the summit of their achievements!

    All of this always involves that iconic word success in one way or another doesn’t it when focused tallies are being counted in the accounting ledgers of achievement in life?...

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    WD Allan's Blog: Daring for Your Success in 2014!

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