WD Allan’s Blog: The Synergy We Gain from Others We Meet!

    Friday, April 11, 2014, 6:46 AM [General]

    One day you will arrive at a point in your life when you come to realize that you’ve met many souls along your way. The synergy that we also can benefit by accepting is that every soul that we cross paths with, we were intended to meet for a special reason!

    Now, very rarely, you will come face to face with those rare individuals who were placed in your way for a special purpose all of their own. There are those few rare souls who when you come face to face with them, something innate and instinctive deep within your soul tells you that you were intended to meet them, for what or why you have yet to truly understand! The one thing you know is that there “IS” a reason!

    I can’t begin to tell you how many souls have come into my life only to depart suddenly again leaving with me with major change and influence, belly shaking humor and deep sadness, and yes even those taxing periods of major life-altering upset and ego shattering turmoil!

    When in the thick of it all, little if any of it makes any sense! What I can tell you is that had it not been for every one of these people who arrived and then who again left my life just the same, I wouldn’t be where I am, who I am, how I am, and doing what I am right here and right now in service to so many others throughout the world!

    Remember! Every soul we meet comes on the wings of the angels and there is NO MISTAKE!

    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

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    WD Allan,

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    Bright and sunny day!

    Monday, April 7, 2014, 6:24 AM [General]

    A magnificent morning to you all this bright and fine day!
    When you’re the sort of bright spirit who innocently crosses the road hand and spirit open to others along your way, from time to time you will meet those few souls who for their own reasons will just not welcome your courteous offer or a smile and an offer of friendship. Some indeed will not like you regardless of how positive or how innocent you may be. Little to none of it is due to anything you are or that you have done. People like this tend to be caught up in the misery of their own feelings of torment and unsettled spirit in their lives and anything or anyone that reminds them of how they really feel about themselves is something that they will repel like an opposing magnet faced up against another.
    Don’t let such moments define your mood or your mission for your day!
    YOU define your mood and your day for yourself, not they!
    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    - WD Allan

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    WD Allan’s Article: Creators, Healers, Masters and Magicians Do We!

    Sunday, April 6, 2014, 6:52 PM [General]

    When humans emerged upon the earth and breathed their own first day, they drew the thought of Godly ought that made worthwhile their stay. Of all the streams of wonder in creations make did they, had dawned upon the mild light fawn that stewed about our play.

    First trait they blessed was Creator, for their world they must remake, in their growth to wise they will demise and grow through errors stake.

    Then second came the all tall tale of needing a Healing grace, for through good health is all the wealth that living would ever make.

    The third a plea for all they’d seen in humans were so mild, a Master stake we must so make of humans path surmised.

    And they stood back and marveled at the wonder of their work, for all they made and did portray was brilliance in their smirk.

    Yet one remained that all did stay and hesitated for some time, for in this bet did draw as yet the greatest creative buy. For they on plain and to remain they must be given strength, and power to steer their world so dear their lives they must to make.

    So given were humans the power they say of Magicians they will have, adapt and change and create their age and make themselves they will have!

    All was it done and when they won all humans were a prize, for all they need now have they pleased in hand they will survive!

    So as it was in creations buzz did the Godly create in we, the power we see and all we need we embrace within by thee!


    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

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    WD Allan,

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    WD Allan Article: There Will Be People!

    Friday, March 21, 2014, 7:10 PM [General]

    There will be people who will applaud your path and people who laugh it away, there will be people who ponder on all your skill and people who judge it and pray.

    There will be people who really are true drama queens enriching them-selves upon lice, there will be people who warm the rooms they pass and those the consistency of ice!

    There will be people who treat those souls they meet as if their title were King. There will be people who give the shirt off their back to the poor who ask not a thing.

    There will be people who others treat like Gods no matter what they would do, then there are people who gain the notice of none when these are the souls saving you!

    There will be people who work every day of their life and struggle to make all ends meet, then there are people deemed rich the first day of their life, who never etch one single beet!

    Yes there are people who do and people who don’t and people who pass all away, but the people who really matter the most are those souls who add love and stay!

    Ignite your dreams and illuminate the life of the kind of person you really want to be and of the soul you truly want to see!

    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

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    WD Allan,

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    WD Allan Article: Of Course You're Angry and Want Revenge!

    Wednesday, February 26, 2014, 8:39 AM [General]

    The plan you’ve been constantly getting a sense of in your life “is” real! There is a pattern to how things have been going you know and there is a meaningful context to all of what you experience!

    Yes, we lose focus along our way.

    Yes, we are challenged in life on what sometimes seems as a continuing never-ending basis!

    Yes, we also sometimes feel like we’re just losing our locomotive steam and there are those moments and periods when we feel like we’ve just had enough of it all and we just want to quit!

    Friedrich Nietzsche really was on the mark when he said: “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” There is a manifest reason for this!

    It’s because the more that we gain in our experience in both the good and the bad of life, the more that we become rather battle hardened to all that can possibly move against us in our lives. In this however, we hand-in-hand also become much more knowledgeable, much more attuned, more aware and thus MUCH MORE POWERFUL both physically and spiritually in our own right due to all that we have gone through.

    This is why it’s critical in that even as we are experiencing difficult times as well as enjoying the good, that we intentionally and consistently move ourselves to keep our minds and our spirits open along our way. When we choose and then act in this way, we do truly grow in our strengths and we enhance, augment and fortify our emotional and our mental flexibilities! We continue to build the mass of our body of knowledge of ourselves of our fellows and of our world and throughout it all, the experiences that we face and endure do make us ever more powerful!...

    Read the entire article at:

    Love, light and the brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

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