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    WD Allan's Blog: An Entire Society if Not Also a Single Soul

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 2:09 PM [General]

    A society is of no lesser or greater value than is one single soul. If one soul were to stand by idly and do nothing about the presence of senseless brutality in their midst and then would be considered fainthearted due to their inaction, then a society if not also an entire nation must as well stand by that same sense of moral justice to the entirety of humanity. – Rev. WD Allan

    Sometimes I find myself sitting in quiet solitude thinking on what life must have been like hundreds of years ago in comparison to how we witness it unfolding today? Bit by bit and day by day we live our lives almost unrepentantly closing ourselves off to the ways that we are affected by one another, sometimes literally to the impact we feel from way across the world. Its no unacknowledged fact that we are all much more exposed to world happenings nowadays almost just as much as we are to those times and events as they unfold right in our own communities. Slowly we have been transitioned from what we all understood as a neighborhood culture and into a world societal culture despite whether or not we wanted to be drawn into the same.

    This world culture as it now seems has taken the so-called neighborhood “townie” social attitude and transitioned it into it now being an almost “sub-culture” of the rather fast paced and up to date modern world! Having been exposed to both I have risen to the conclusion that there are definite benefits and drawbacks to both ways of living life but one of the qualities that I always associated more closely with a “townie” way of life was the supposed closeness that one was supposed to have with ones neighbors. The contrary to this rule as its usually interpreted is that an urban or city way of life is commonly interpreted as being much more cold, unfriendly, un-neighborly than its townie counterpart. I can now absolutely lay these myths to rest for anyone seeking any clarification between the realities of living life in the city and living life in a local New England Town.

    The thought that one is more intimate or any warmer than is the other is an utter rubbish conclusion to arrive at point blank, at least in my own view and in my own experience!

    In fact, I would dare the view that in some ways, the community existing in a city might just be all that much warmer and more involved and much more intimate a social gathering of souls than I have experienced in the detached and colder town way of life. The latter being more my experience where many would rather be left alone and make no mystery of the fact that they would rather not hold any close relations with that of most if any at all of their neighbors.

    When you cut right to the chase of it all, the realization can almost throw you for a loop for it falls aside of conventional thought. 

    Why start from this viewpoint you might be asking yourself on such a subject as vying the worth of an entire society versus a single soul?

    Well to be honest, its what just hit me in the forehead at the start of this subject as relating to events that have recently motivated my latest blog both locally and from around the world.

    I don’t think I will ever be able to entirely grasp the motives that drive some souls to be as they are and to do as they do. Odd that is since in all of their derivations of professional work and study as I’ve committed much of my life to it all, I’ve been one who has made it his business to study the science and the practicality of human behavior in many of its forms for well over 30 years. Yet still, the off-shod dark shadows that are cast across some to their own extremes still just make no sense beyond the fact that such paths are self-chosen and motivated through deep rivers of utter discontent and a disdain for all of that which is life. By now you as the reader are getting an instinctive idea about what really motivated my Blog today.

    I think it was the Buddha who spoke about enlightenment, and self-realization, and of finally touching the spirits of the Gods as being the ultimate goal and the greatest of benefits one can expect from seeking the deeper path of our own inner awareness.

    When we delved deeply enough into the darker waters of the depths of our own rivers of consciousness, I can most assuredly support the thoughts that the Buddha was trying to convey. My experience is that to touch the deepest spiritual core of yourself is indeed to touch upon the spirits of the Gods for one cannot exist without the other when referring to ourselves individually or collectively.

    The reasons I began this days Blog uncovering the complexities that are life in the townie mode of being and the urban city way of life was because over a great deal of time I’ve discovered that no matter what form of social relationship you are making reference to, I have discovered that the strength and the worthwhile influence that one single soul exerts onto the world as opposed to the influences that an entire society exerts stand virtually parallel to each other as far as the critical importance of the sparks that define their lives.

    When any of us honestly let ourselves think on what it is that could possibly drive another human soul to take up weapon in hand and to do some of the things that have been cast across the world today, yet worse, with others standing by and watching these events unfold without saying or doing anything to stop that horrible event from taking place, it draws my mind historically back to the presence of many of those figures who themselves did all of what they did with few if any at the time taking any stand against them.

    This thought can raise even more philosophically driven questions regarding what and how we both individually and collectively think of the individual soul as opposed to a society, whether locally or more global?

    When we think on the worldwide impact that such a soul as Robin Williams had on the lives of people both to his local home field and across the world, it doesn’t take too long to conclude that his was a life that created a sense of spirit in and for many! The same I think it would be safe to say also for the life and the magnificent strength of character of one like James Foley.

    So many, yet so few.

    Collectively we tend to judge and describe any society of the world according to the acts and the impact of individual souls who through their own manifestations, bring life and light to our world, and yes, to those who bring loss of life and darkness to our world.

    To talk about one nowadays seems almost trite without acknowledging the presence of the other. It reminds of the light cast by the streak of the yin and the darkness of the yang. We should always remember that the philosophy of living isn’t a new or an innovative thing just discovered within the pages of posterity. Souls and societies were dealing with these same very issues of living for as long as humankind gathered together and pondered on the source of the soul.

    All of this being laid on the table and none of it white washed to occlusion, the leading title and its accompanying verse remain.

    A society is of no lesser or greater value than is one single soul. If one soul were to stand by idly and do nothing about the presence of senseless brutality in their midst and then would be considered fainthearted due to their inaction, then a society if not also an entire nation must as well stand by that same sense of moral justice to the entirety of humanity.

    What matters? Who and how many matter?

    We all matter!

    Each single soul matters!

    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    Rev. WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan,

    All Rights Reserved

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    WD Allan's Blog: The Magnificent Power of Hope!

    Friday, August 15, 2014, 1:19 PM [General]

    Alas dear souls, as the day now turns to night, remember the reasons to retain the level of HOPE in your hearts!

    True Story:

    There was a time when my life was in doubt, and what came to me were three spirits, very literally, two in black and one in white.

    Their message was clear to me: I had three choices:

    Anger, Despair, or Hope!

    If I remained as angry as I was, then I would then proceed to die.

    If I chose the path of despair, then I would lose myself in ambivalence and then still die!

    Or, if I chose HOPE, I had the choice for life with a path as yet not completely revealed!

    I chose HOPE, and thus, so far, here I am!
    Trust me right from my soul when I say that there is always and will always be HOPE!
    HOPE is the bridge that exists between the mystique of faith and the Magick manifested by the LOVE for life!

    Never give up! NEVER!

    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings! 

    Rev. WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan,

    All Rights Reserved

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    WD Allan's Blog: The Path of Hope in the Wake of Suicide!

    Friday, August 15, 2014, 1:17 PM [General]

    A grand morning and a peaceful day to everyone!

    This morning as the sun rises I'm finding myself especially thoughtful of the flexibility, the enduring character, and yes the fragile nature of life! The suicide of that great soul Robin Williams I dare say has many this day thinking about life!

    This is a theme that sadly is not all that unknown to my personal family and thus it always raises particular thoughts and memories in their wake.

    There is strength to be gained and hope to be unveiled from such horrible tragedy, and it is that we always have a future to be embraced, no matter how dark things might seem in the moment!

    While we hold the strength and the power always within our grasp to grow and change and to adapt and endure, we can also choose any path before us we so choose!

    Nothing in and about life will ever lead to a dead-end path!

    Our unfolding journey always allows for turns, mistakes, problems, and challenges. We must never lose our perspective to the reality that right around the next corner and bend along the way is a great achievement waiting to lighten and brighten our way!

    There are dark paths to walk, but such paths always allow for the passage to the light of a life renewed and revitalized!

    You are never all alone along this journey!

    Always embrace the future ahead!

    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings! 

    Rev. WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan,

    All Rights Reserved

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    WD Allan's Blog: Where is Superman Now?

    Saturday, August 2, 2014, 6:31 PM [General]

    Over time, at sometimes great pain to myself, I’ve come to realize that my greatest failing in life has also been my greatest strength. I’m an idealist! It’s an odd universal dichotomy in the human spirit that allows us all to finally see ourselves with an absolute sense of clarity once we find ourselves having fallen to ashes then forcing us to pick ourselves up again in order to rediscover our way.

    I remember back when I was a young boy, living in central Massachusetts. Life back then seemed a lot simpler in its color, but it seems that every subsequent generation comes across with their own version of a similar observation to this theme in their own way. I can’t speak for other generations though. I can only speak for myself, and regarding the world today, well, it really does seem in quite a bit of a mess right now doesn’t it?

    We wake each day and meet the sunshine covering our earth. As I go about my daily routine getting ready for the start of another day, I always stop to notice the birds at the feeder eating away, I usually see the squirrels and many of the other animals gathering what they require to meet their daily needs, and among it all, as many of you out there, I presume that if I tune into any form of the daily news broadcasts that yet again there will be some update of some other version of a story about another version of a war being fought somewhere, a struggle being waged against what is painted as being evil. How else can it all be interpreted really?

    If you try even at the least to stay tuned to or to stay updated with our worldly events, it’s hard to cast any other tint upon its face.

    While it seems to make sense in its own warped and obtuse way, none of it really makes any sense at all. War and struggle based upon schemes of belief? Death and murder propelled onto some landscape because someone’s belief is apart from your own? Trial of such a magnitude because politics have changed or don’t agree with someone else’s or because their skin color is different, or because their sexual orientation holds another value, or because some have the strength, or because they have the money and others don’t, and because they have the mass numbers of boots on the ground and the aircraft to respond?....

    To read the rest of "Where is Superman Now?"

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    WD Allan’s Blog: A Responsibility to Shine!

    Thursday, July 24, 2014, 6:09 PM [General]

    Plenty of references have been made recently regarding this our current age, of our present world, and all of its challenges. In a world that in the most articulate of ways could be said to be exhibiting both the fires of human passions as well as the millstones of human fears and anger, it no doubt stands equal to if not exceeding any other previous times where so many dynamic exertions have ever been released unto the collective fabric of humankind.

    I won’t begin the lay out the colors or the nature of what I intended by using the term dynamic “exertions”, I believe my readers to be quite capable of inserting their own general suppositions into my references. The purpose of this theme has risen repeatedly in my thoughts every day in the recent weeks as I sat performing my morning ritual scanning the news portals of the world and ever increasingly shaking my head in wonder while also considering that old saying: “We still have a long way to go, don’t we?”

    In my personal life I’ve been one who certainly has had my own states of challenge and change occurring here and about. Many of the likes of these given their timing and their placement along my path at times have left me stymied and incredibly ponderous about the meaning of some things as they unfold along our way?

    Several were so stationary and celebratory in their meaning, that eventually, I came to the conclusion that they were absolutely in the making of a power greater than myself! Then again, I’ve always believed that most revelations of such a magnitude usually are in the spiritual passage of that greater than ourselves!

    In any event, given what has been happening in our world as of late, I’ve come to the flashpoint conclusion that the time has come for those of us who are charged with spiritual service to others in our midst must begin to halt the habit of remaining silent and to make ourselves wholly available in spirited service to the world, if not as well to the guidance of the realm of the great beyond!

    In finer terms, its time to put up!

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