WD Allan's Blog: Where is Superman Now?

    Saturday, August 2, 2014, 6:31 PM [General]

    Over time, at sometimes great pain to myself, I’ve come to realize that my greatest failing in life has also been my greatest strength. I’m an idealist! It’s an odd universal dichotomy in the human spirit that allows us all to finally see ourselves with an absolute sense of clarity once we find ourselves having fallen to ashes then forcing us to pick ourselves up again in order to rediscover our way.

    I remember back when I was a young boy, living in central Massachusetts. Life back then seemed a lot simpler in its color, but it seems that every subsequent generation comes across with their own version of a similar observation to this theme in their own way. I can’t speak for other generations though. I can only speak for myself, and regarding the world today, well, it really does seem in quite a bit of a mess right now doesn’t it?

    We wake each day and meet the sunshine covering our earth. As I go about my daily routine getting ready for the start of another day, I always stop to notice the birds at the feeder eating away, I usually see the squirrels and many of the other animals gathering what they require to meet their daily needs, and among it all, as many of you out there, I presume that if I tune into any form of the daily news broadcasts that yet again there will be some update of some other version of a story about another version of a war being fought somewhere, a struggle being waged against what is painted as being evil. How else can it all be interpreted really?

    If you try even at the least to stay tuned to or to stay updated with our worldly events, it’s hard to cast any other tint upon its face.

    While it seems to make sense in its own warped and obtuse way, none of it really makes any sense at all. War and struggle based upon schemes of belief? Death and murder propelled onto some landscape because someone’s belief is apart from your own? Trial of such a magnitude because politics have changed or don’t agree with someone else’s or because their skin color is different, or because their sexual orientation holds another value, or because some have the strength, or because they have the money and others don’t, and because they have the mass numbers of boots on the ground and the aircraft to respond?....

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    WD Allan’s Blog: A Responsibility to Shine!

    Thursday, July 24, 2014, 6:09 PM [General]

    Plenty of references have been made recently regarding this our current age, of our present world, and all of its challenges. In a world that in the most articulate of ways could be said to be exhibiting both the fires of human passions as well as the millstones of human fears and anger, it no doubt stands equal to if not exceeding any other previous times where so many dynamic exertions have ever been released unto the collective fabric of humankind.

    I won’t begin the lay out the colors or the nature of what I intended by using the term dynamic “exertions”, I believe my readers to be quite capable of inserting their own general suppositions into my references. The purpose of this theme has risen repeatedly in my thoughts every day in the recent weeks as I sat performing my morning ritual scanning the news portals of the world and ever increasingly shaking my head in wonder while also considering that old saying: “We still have a long way to go, don’t we?”

    In my personal life I’ve been one who certainly has had my own states of challenge and change occurring here and about. Many of the likes of these given their timing and their placement along my path at times have left me stymied and incredibly ponderous about the meaning of some things as they unfold along our way?

    Several were so stationary and celebratory in their meaning, that eventually, I came to the conclusion that they were absolutely in the making of a power greater than myself! Then again, I’ve always believed that most revelations of such a magnitude usually are in the spiritual passage of that greater than ourselves!

    In any event, given what has been happening in our world as of late, I’ve come to the flashpoint conclusion that the time has come for those of us who are charged with spiritual service to others in our midst must begin to halt the habit of remaining silent and to make ourselves wholly available in spirited service to the world, if not as well to the guidance of the realm of the great beyond!

    In finer terms, its time to put up!

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    WD Allan's Blog: Why I Departed Facebook!

    Saturday, July 12, 2014, 7:07 AM [General]

    Sometimes changes mean that we need to steer our path towards some things meant to be included in our lives and to be remembered as important in our lives, and sometimes, it might also mean that its time to turn away from choice others that aren’t quite serving us well any longer.

    Recently I made the very difficult decision to turn away from facebook and its influences if at the least for a while.

    I’ll be open about it all. After a long and deeply introspective period of thought and meditation on this, I came to decide that facebook was starting to weave its maneuvering way into my unfolding path in adverse ways and when such matters of my life also begin to influence those most crucial of my relationships, its time for such a so-called social network to move its way into the sunset!

    It really is a fascinating thing you know, how such an imaginary virtual world of the machinations of technology can to begin to flex and manipulate its way into our thought processes and our feelings up to and involving those relationships and the things we value most!

    I recall some passages I’ve read from persons who for their own reasons departed from facebook choosing to head to others instead. I now can “relate” as Dennis Hopper used to say in 1969!

    What I found myself most concerned with aside from the preservation of my own dearest of friends and family who I had remained connected with there, was the potential loss of producing and furthering a positive message out to the world!

    I still have and will retain active connections on other networks and websites, namely Twitter, LinkdIn, Tumbler, Instagram, my own website and others where I still am able to keep my expressions active, a bit reduced for certain, but still getting out there to the world.

    I simply found myself constantly weighing the immediacy of facebook’s influences and commanding expressive power against the influences it seemed to be both creating and also beginning to hinder within myself. I have a path that is insisting upon my attention now and included among my major goals is getting myself down to my new home in Salem as well as to finally get my books published!

    For these reasons, after investigating facebook’s help section, I settled upon the choice to “deactivate” my profile instead of permanently deleting it.

    Never burn a bridge you may one day wish to turn back toward again it’s been said!

    I have met many incredible souls on the pages of facebook! From America to Britain, Ireland, Germany and throughout Europe! From South America to Australia and to the East, facebook has introduced me to good and powerful souls and for this reason I found myself unable to wipe it entirely from the future possibility of my path!

    I simply at this moment cannot allow the pages of facebook to stall either the critical importance of the work that lays before me and nor can I allow it to alter the strength of how I feel about those who are most important to me in my life!

    Priorities are priorities after all.

    I heartily apologize to any of you who may have searched for my facebook profile and found it gone!

    Please think of it this way. It’s not gone for good, just on an extended hiatus while its owner gets some very needed work done!

    More than anything else…


    I value you in my life more than you could ever know!

    All my love, light, and the brightest of all blessings to you!

    WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan,

    All Rights Reserved

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    WD Allan’s Blog: The Momentary Darkness in Neighborhood America

    Sunday, May 25, 2014, 8:24 AM [General]

    In a time littered with darkness of expression, it’s easy to begin to lose your perspective on the brighter scenes of the moments of life. Nowadays we all seem to be constantly beleaguered with a constant river of tumult and viciousness of character, the audacious nature of which is difficult for anyone to even begin to contemplate in realistic perspectives let alone to try and accept as being real!

    Between so many wars and actions of terrorism targeted in the name belief, with the current nationalist tensions that could rival some of the most confusing days of the late 1890’s when most or all of Europe was literally an armed camp loaded with paranoia and all just awaiting that single spark that could ignite the worst of all their fears. With the continuing presence of the unsteady foundation of local politics and economic fears creating an unsteady environment of unsure security as well as the revering of a “Mayberry” way of life seeming to be long since past our possibilities. On top of all of these and many more, we all sit and ponder if even in the most brief and silent of ways, why it is that those thankfully rare of individuals in our midst choose to do the things that they do?

    One of the stanchions of hope and praise that we’ve always looked upon and that we’ve always had working in our favor was the image and the visage of the positivity residing in neighborhood America!

    Why is it then that we again are witnessing the presence of such horrific and terrible events as we have seen unfold?

    Well, certainly in psychiatric circles there will be many who will recite chapter and verse on standards and diagnoses both potential and historic. In locally political ways there will be the releases of supportive thought for their community. In Policing terms from our brave and gallant men and women serving our communities there will be assurances relating to their hard work to see to our safety and our security. All very proper and all serving to help the rest of us to find a sense of soul between one another throughout all the tragedy!

    Then there are still the core questions that will still remain regardless of all of the hope being expressed. The question will still remain.


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    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    Rev. WD Allan

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    WD Allan’s Blog: Our Only True Wealth!

    Tuesday, May 20, 2014, 6:38 AM [General]

    Grand good mornings and a San-Frabulous day to you all my dearest friends!

    "Wealth" is a mindset a soulful bit of life, through gaining true perspective, it releases us from strife. If only you could focus on your magick through your day, then each and every footstep would seem so much more like play!

    The wealth of which we mention isn’t counted by a bank, not placed into your pocket, and not worshiped like some saint. The only true and sounding wealth you’ll ever never sink, is that wealth of your true spirit that releases all your strength!

    Have a MAGNIFICENT DAY dearest friends! MAKE IT ROCK FOR YOU!!!

    Rev. WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan,

    All Rights Reserved

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