Dare To BE! Dare To RISK! DARE TO SUCCEED!

    Wednesday, March 11, 2015, 12:54 PM [General]

    To do or try, to play it safe or take a risk. There are in every instant of our lives so many choices we could be making, alternate paths we could be taking, leaving those set aside to the winds of time and character we just don’t care to deal with, our paths are littered. There isn’t one of us who doesn’t look back upon our lives at some point thinking how different life could have been had we made a different choice or had we set out upon another path. It’s as natural to us as our very breath.

    We are much more than just movable chemistry after all....

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    The Reverie of a Humbled Psychic Medium

    Sunday, March 8, 2015, 5:10 PM [General]

    Today I find myself in a state of some profound reverie as it relates to my current life and to my path and as I’ve been sitting here in some varying complex yet illuminating contemplation, it’s occurred to me that my inner thoughts right now might also be of some help to a few other souls out there and if sharing some of them a bit might help, perhaps it would help of me also to share of them?

    You see, every so often we all reach that day and moment when we have the time to seriously consider where it is we are standing and what it was that got us here. Most importantly however these two usually hold the legend to understanding our waypoint for our own evolving future.
    The thing about being a psychic medium is that those who find their perceptions and senses tuned in such ways, also have in alternating ways known about themselves right along. Oh yes, the quandary is always contained in the factors of self-denial and a certain level of acceptance for who and what they are and what they do and especially what they do not or would rather not do with their talents if they even had the choice. This is just a fact of existence for the psychic medium, point stop and exclaimed!....
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    Waltzing Our Roles

    Saturday, February 28, 2015, 7:09 PM [General]

    Isn’t it a bit ironic that all of us harbor those roles in life if even briefly portrayed, that we can never again seem to escape? Personae that speaks to others as much if not more than we would ever expect them to define ourselves! Leonard Nimoy had his Spock. Johnny Depp has his Capt. Jack Sparrow. For Franklin Roosevelt it was as his President. For every one of us, once we have reached that instant of donning that cloak of being, it’s a fabric we can never again cast away no matter how hard we try! Somewhere along our way we all reach out to the world in a role representing our finest bit of being that does much more than simply impact others. It serves to define ourselves, to ourselves often in more ways than we could have ever expected! None of this is any real role-play but rather the emergence of our true selves shining from within us!
    The wise soul whether through struggle or whittling down denial or through the attrition of life comes to that point of eventually recognizing and accepting the strength and the trueness of this role!
    I've walked and wandered many paths in my life up till now. I've strolled down many a mile and stumbled over and through many more. I've liked every soul I've met along my way and no doubt was not liked by more than double that number in my day. I've made a few true friends and lost and passed beyond more than I would ever reckon or dare to recall. Though, all in all, as I look upon my present where I've thus far ended up and risk a dare to peek at the turns that disclose those Burroughs yet to witness my waltz, I've come to the inexorable conclusion that even though each day needs its own chicken in the pot along with its own "well-tried", all that I am, is as yet, all that I am, and all that I AM yet to be, will one day still be,... just me.
    Dare to just be, your version of what is your "ME!"
    Not everyone is going to nor will ever want to waltz with you along your way! Those few who do thereto, will be the ones who really want to! Even if they one day leave you along your way! Just smile at the rest and keep on WALTZING!
    Have a marvelous waltz beyond your veil tonight everyone!
    Rev. WD Allan
    © Copyright 2015
    WD Allan
    All Rights Reserved

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    The Ascent to Avalon - Volume One

    Tuesday, December 30, 2014, 6:29 PM [General]

    Well it has FINALLY arrived! After years of meditation, writing, toiling, and plain and simple finger tapping, Volume One of a two-part series of my book at last dawns! “The Ascent to Avalon – Volume One” has now been released in both hard paper and e-book versions!
    “The Ascent to Avalon – Volume One” of two, is a journey down that magical pathway leading to the unveiling of your soul! Along the course of the journey through this work, you will unfold and reveal every aspect of yourself that powers the ultimate source of your greatest strengths, it allows a glimpse into those areas of yourself that possibly require growth, but most of all it will spark that living magic within you and finally make it real and true in your life! I hope and pray that this ongoing work helps many across the world!
    Thank you so much for your encouragement!!

    WD Allan

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    2015: The New Year When Everything Will Change!

    Thursday, December 18, 2014, 5:32 PM [General]

    As we all look back upon a tiring and taxing year that has witnessed incredible change, immense amounts of upset, and paramount levels of a shifting of spirits and of souls, the time is now ripe to consider whether or not any of us will choose to continue to live in our own spent pasts or allow change to grab hold and thus look forward into our dawning futures?

    Every year I usually write a Holiday message to mark the passage of the season, but this particular year has been rather unlike any other, both in my own life as well as for you all and the entire world around us all!

    Given this, the tone of what I wanted to post up regarding this 2014 Holiday Season has occupied a good amount of my thoughts in recent days. The result is that little in the order of tinsel needed to be thrown against the backdrop sky and instead, I chose to just insert a bit of a reminder regarding the true nature of our individual power and the strength that we all gain in finding the courage and the fortitude to continue!

    Those tallest and oldest of trees among us we know from experience all have deep roots that provide them with their nutrients as well as affording the tenacity of immense staying power against the winds and storms and strife! The grass is as readily resilient! It renews itself every season allowing for its regrowth, for its own renewal that ends up painting the landscape of the world with its carpet of beauty.

    We can take a good lesson from nature where our own sense of renewal is concerned!...

    A Magnificent Christmas, Holiday, and Festive Season to everyone!

    Rev. WD Allan

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    The Path to the Best Times in Life is Yet to Come!

    Tuesday, December 9, 2014, 10:16 AM [General]

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    WD Allan’s Blog: OUIJA! Look, Up Ahead, It’s the Twilight Zone!

    Tuesday, December 2, 2014, 7:45 PM [General]

    Of transcendence or of being virtuosic of the soul, speak of it as you will. The magic in our hearts that is the living expressive nature of the spirit is the shining beacon of the very soul itself!

    What is it about the idea of experiencing an “out of body” state of being that both enamors the mind and fills with the idea of mortal dread all at the same time?

    I’ve always found it a bit interesting that one of the most elemental states of our being right from the first spark of our existence can be such a source of excitation for this our physical experience. Perhaps it has to do with the old phrase that tells of our returning to that whence we came from? Then again, it just might have to do more with the fact that we all at a deeper and a very intimate level of our consciousness, we know all too well that when we exist at that state in our primary way, the mystery is gone and the veil is pulled back returning us to that realm that is the source of all of our dreams.

    Try to think about it for a moment if you will?

    When was the last time you woke from a deep and searching sleep only to have the gut instinct that you have been somewhere, done something, met someone familiar and been endowed of a deeper and a more fulfilling understanding in a very spirited way, yet now you can seem to recall little to nothing about it.


    Some in the more theologian tendency consider this to be the way of that we call God. The source of our spirit is to remain but a mystery as we live in this form it’s largely believed, and anything and everything that transcends that mystery providing insight into the truth of this realm has always been considered to be taboo. All right up to the most extreme of measures being instituted in past ages as a deterrent to any sort of free association that might ignite the natural spirit investigator in us all.

    Taking all of this into account, I have always been one since a very early age where I’ve always managed to be able to bridge that separation between spirit and the physical while many others have erected walls between their conscious awareness of such a state of their spirit and the unconscious wellspring of understanding of the true nature of the spirit. Perhaps it remains even of that which Freud labeled “the ID”, or that subconscious collection of portraitures of ourselves in all of our guises that invariably drives our collective gray-conscious- state, that of our instinctual personality traits. Any of this and much more could be argued.

    The motivation for this minor parable exercise on my part was ignited by a small religious article I read just this day on the recent fervor associated with Ouija Board use and why so many feel the need to gather popular tools to aid them in contacting the other side of the veil.

    While I remain of the personal and admittedly singular opinion that playing games with a Ouija may very well land some out there in a pickle of trouble for all they don’t know in what they do, I also recognize that there is nothing in all of the world that is going to shut off their driven need to make real what deep down at their core they already know to spiritually exist.

    You see, on one hand it can be said that whether or not you tell someone not to play with fire, the truth is that unless that someone experiences the burning sensation associated with that fire for themselves, they won’t think of it as all that potentially dangerous until they first dare to play with it in the first place.

    I guess where I’m reaching for in this short and pointed Blog is this…

    Yes Ouija works. Yes it is a tool of divination. Yes it is a spiritual navigator across the veil. Yes in the right hands it can be a source of deep and incredible understanding, but,… in the hands of an admittedly innocent and unknowing person or persons blindly opening doorways across the veil, calling forth to spirits of all sorts without protection and an accompanying bit of responsible understanding for that you seek; without a certain degree of conscious awareness as to the nature of what you are doing, the sheer magnitude of what could very well be unleashed could very well be beyond your wildest imagination!

    Take it from one who has felt the hand of both darkness and light, of dark malevolent spirits and also while thankfully embracing the light of the angels in my midst, Ouija can indeed be a trouble maker!

    While we all tend to learn best from our own stars and stumbles along our way, sometimes it doesn’t hurt to heed a bit of friendly advice from knowing souls who have walked the path before you. Yes, such a path includes the vested and cleric nature of mainstream religious figures, priests and of lay people. Yes, this experiential path of the spirit includes older shamans, experienced witches, and a vast array of other psychics, sensitive souls, and tender spiritual souls who have been there before you ever dreamed of walking such a path. Yes, while it might seem as just innocent fun and to a degree, it justifiably is a bit of innocent fun!

    The trouble is that in a spirited way, innocent fun is the right, the most complex, and the perfect variable medium by which all sorts of spiritual energy tends to travel about most freely which is why it is the source of so much talk in so many recent realms of thought!

    All I am personally suggesting is that before you dive in and wade the waters of that eternal collective realm of the spirits, try to also take heed and make the decision to seek a deeper understanding of the responsibilities that are wise and directly associated with our natural inner talent for reaching out and touching that realm that in our waking physical state, many tend to pass off as all too fantastic! There are others who live touching that state of being on a constant basis and most of they, I would dare the passage that they would agree to “indeed take care!”

    Please avail of a bit of common sense while you also try to have a bit of fun!

    All my love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014 – 2015

    WD Allan,

    All Rights Reserved

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    Rev. WD Allan's New Book Ttitle Coming Just After New Years 2015!!!

    Monday, November 17, 2014, 7:21 AM [General]

    I just can't contain the WD Allan New ‪#‎Book‬ news any longer! I have a forthcoming book release coming just after New Years Day that will be dawning on the world's 2015 New Years horizon!

    Soon my new title, soon to be revealed, will be released and I simply can't wait for it to come out!

    Stay Tuned my dear friends! As the time draws closer I'll be passing out freebies! - WD Allan ‪#‎NewBook‬ #Book ‪#‎Magic‬ ‪#‎Spirituality‬ ‪#‎Philosophy‬

    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    Reverend WD Allan

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    WD Allan’s Blog: The Spark that is the Soul of Samhain!

    Wednesday, September 10, 2014, 3:43 PM [General]

    There is no greater honor we could ever hope to pay unto those who have gone before us than to draw forth their memory and their spirit toward our own! It is both an intimate and a reverential way of remembering them for all that they were as it is to seek out their guidance, their wisdom, and their strength of spirit for our living path ahead.

    It’s never an unwise thing to seek out the wisdom remaining of ages past and nor of seeking out that wisdom spirited by those we will always hold dear in our hearts. The past has as yet to bestow upon us all that of itself, even where there are those refusing to listen.

    As we all make our way through harvest time and onward through the months of autumn, there are many who are looking forward to celebrating the season of Samhain, or the celebration of the Pagan New Year! This time has been a period of spiritual observance by Celtic and other cultures for longer than modern recorded history could ever be capable.

    When the earliest of Christian Biblical texts were yet to be placed upon their parchment, the celebration of Samhain, pronounced (Sah-Win or Sow-Win, see historical reference sources), it was then older than the souls of those days could have been able to accurately grasp of it origins.

    No doubt its presence and the reaching impact of its deeply heralded meaning were but several of the reasons it has always remained so tenacious an archetypal spiritual center stone for believers of Pagan faiths, as it has also been for other traditions of religious thought to try and grapple with. This is a history of angst between ways of thought that unfortunately continue on to this very day.

    Think if you will for just a moment on the impact made by those certain figures in spiritual and religious traditions of the world and how they have imprinted the lives of so many. There is a lasting legacy of thought in how intimately and ritualistically humankind still reveres and patterns its footsteps in these many traditions and teachings.

    The same intensity of reverence and the same spark of spiritual soul that is cherished in many other ways of belief can be attributed to those many inspirations held by members of the modern Pagan communities of the world, these inspirations guarded and celebrated from the memories and the spirits of those who have passed beyond the veil of death.

    Samhain is a time to think on the past year of life.

    It’s a time to conduct ourselves as the living inheritors of the inspiration, the spirit, and the living wisdom that has been passed down to us from those who have gone before us.

    In this way we honor both they and we honor ourselves.

    Unfortunately there are many misunderstandings tied to the modern season of the Pagan New Year. Some of them include the notion that it is primarily a time for the Pagan community to engage in dark worship of demons, the deifying of the devil, and to spirit the forces of ill brought forth for their own manipulations. Others include the widely passed misunderstanding that the vast and multi-national Pagan community uses this time for living sacrifices, and to bring forth great and dark powers of Magick for even greater purposes of ill, and that this is a time used to try to negate and make irrelevant the religious and spiritual ways of others.

    None of these are even remotely close to the truth for the majority of those who live, work, and thrive along the Pagan path of spiritual thought.

    In fact, the celebration of Samhain is widely embraced by followers of the Pagan faiths as an intensely special time! A time when most Pagan traditions also try to use it as an inspiration motivating the teaching of outsiders of our way of faith!

    It is a time enthusiastically promoted in the spirit of good will between ourselves and those many other ways of spiritual and religious thought of the world.

    Samhain is a time for common good fellowship. It is a time for thanking the powers that be, the Goddess, Father God, the Gods, for the past year’s great and seasonal blessings. It is also a deeply honored spiritual time that is used as a compass noting from whence we have come over the past year and indicating those paths we may have yet to travel along our way.

    It is a time that provides a sense of meaning, a sense of hope, and some understanding about ourselves as the inheritors of what was.

    It is for all of these reasons and many more that Samhain is cherished so deeply in the Pagan heart and soul!

    So the next time you read or hear certain opinionated sources in the media telling in their own way that the Halloween season is little more than anything else a time when a few odd people of the world use it as an excuse to dress up and play cloaked Witches and Warlocks; do try to also understand and then remember that this deeply honored tradition, with all of its celebrations and its ceremonies surrounding and connected to this time, are among those that have witnessed passage for quite literally well over the past several thousand years and perhaps more in the culture of many.

    Yes Halloween is also a fun time as it should be!

    It should be a safe time, a time to gather with family and friends!

    It also however all started a very long time ago and when it did, it all began as much more than just a reason to gather together and have a party!

    The celebration that we honor and hold close to our hearts is also a time for solitude and a time for ceremony.

    Peace to you all through the passing of this season!

    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    Rev. WD Allan MA, CAGS

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan,

    All Rights Reserved

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    WD Allan's Blog: An Entire Society if Not Also a Single Soul

    Tuesday, August 26, 2014, 2:09 PM [General]

    A society is of no lesser or greater value than is one single soul. If one soul were to stand by idly and do nothing about the presence of senseless brutality in their midst and then would be considered fainthearted due to their inaction, then a society if not also an entire nation must as well stand by that same sense of moral justice to the entirety of humanity. – Rev. WD Allan

    Sometimes I find myself sitting in quiet solitude thinking on what life must have been like hundreds of years ago in comparison to how we witness it unfolding today? Bit by bit and day by day we live our lives almost unrepentantly closing ourselves off to the ways that we are affected by one another, sometimes literally to the impact we feel from way across the world. Its no unacknowledged fact that we are all much more exposed to world happenings nowadays almost just as much as we are to those times and events as they unfold right in our own communities. Slowly we have been transitioned from what we all understood as a neighborhood culture and into a world societal culture despite whether or not we wanted to be drawn into the same.

    This world culture as it now seems has taken the so-called neighborhood “townie” social attitude and transitioned it into it now being an almost “sub-culture” of the rather fast paced and up to date modern world! Having been exposed to both I have risen to the conclusion that there are definite benefits and drawbacks to both ways of living life but one of the qualities that I always associated more closely with a “townie” way of life was the supposed closeness that one was supposed to have with ones neighbors. The contrary to this rule as its usually interpreted is that an urban or city way of life is commonly interpreted as being much more cold, unfriendly, un-neighborly than its townie counterpart. I can now absolutely lay these myths to rest for anyone seeking any clarification between the realities of living life in the city and living life in a local New England Town.

    The thought that one is more intimate or any warmer than is the other is an utter rubbish conclusion to arrive at point blank, at least in my own view and in my own experience!

    In fact, I would dare the view that in some ways, the community existing in a city might just be all that much warmer and more involved and much more intimate a social gathering of souls than I have experienced in the detached and colder town way of life. The latter being more my experience where many would rather be left alone and make no mystery of the fact that they would rather not hold any close relations with that of most if any at all of their neighbors.

    When you cut right to the chase of it all, the realization can almost throw you for a loop for it falls aside of conventional thought. 

    Why start from this viewpoint you might be asking yourself on such a subject as vying the worth of an entire society versus a single soul?

    Well to be honest, its what just hit me in the forehead at the start of this subject as relating to events that have recently motivated my latest blog both locally and from around the world.

    I don’t think I will ever be able to entirely grasp the motives that drive some souls to be as they are and to do as they do. Odd that is since in all of their derivations of professional work and study as I’ve committed much of my life to it all, I’ve been one who has made it his business to study the science and the practicality of human behavior in many of its forms for well over 30 years. Yet still, the off-shod dark shadows that are cast across some to their own extremes still just make no sense beyond the fact that such paths are self-chosen and motivated through deep rivers of utter discontent and a disdain for all of that which is life. By now you as the reader are getting an instinctive idea about what really motivated my Blog today.

    I think it was the Buddha who spoke about enlightenment, and self-realization, and of finally touching the spirits of the Gods as being the ultimate goal and the greatest of benefits one can expect from seeking the deeper path of our own inner awareness.

    When we delved deeply enough into the darker waters of the depths of our own rivers of consciousness, I can most assuredly support the thoughts that the Buddha was trying to convey. My experience is that to touch the deepest spiritual core of yourself is indeed to touch upon the spirits of the Gods for one cannot exist without the other when referring to ourselves individually or collectively.

    The reasons I began this days Blog uncovering the complexities that are life in the townie mode of being and the urban city way of life was because over a great deal of time I’ve discovered that no matter what form of social relationship you are making reference to, I have discovered that the strength and the worthwhile influence that one single soul exerts onto the world as opposed to the influences that an entire society exerts stand virtually parallel to each other as far as the critical importance of the sparks that define their lives.

    When any of us honestly let ourselves think on what it is that could possibly drive another human soul to take up weapon in hand and to do some of the things that have been cast across the world today, yet worse, with others standing by and watching these events unfold without saying or doing anything to stop that horrible event from taking place, it draws my mind historically back to the presence of many of those figures who themselves did all of what they did with few if any at the time taking any stand against them.

    This thought can raise even more philosophically driven questions regarding what and how we both individually and collectively think of the individual soul as opposed to a society, whether locally or more global?

    When we think on the worldwide impact that such a soul as Robin Williams had on the lives of people both to his local home field and across the world, it doesn’t take too long to conclude that his was a life that created a sense of spirit in and for many! The same I think it would be safe to say also for the life and the magnificent strength of character of one like James Foley.

    So many, yet so few.

    Collectively we tend to judge and describe any society of the world according to the acts and the impact of individual souls who through their own manifestations, bring life and light to our world, and yes, to those who bring loss of life and darkness to our world.

    To talk about one nowadays seems almost trite without acknowledging the presence of the other. It reminds of the light cast by the streak of the yin and the darkness of the yang. We should always remember that the philosophy of living isn’t a new or an innovative thing just discovered within the pages of posterity. Souls and societies were dealing with these same very issues of living for as long as humankind gathered together and pondered on the source of the soul.

    All of this being laid on the table and none of it white washed to occlusion, the leading title and its accompanying verse remain.

    A society is of no lesser or greater value than is one single soul. If one soul were to stand by idly and do nothing about the presence of senseless brutality in their midst and then would be considered fainthearted due to their inaction, then a society if not also an entire nation must as well stand by that same sense of moral justice to the entirety of humanity.

    What matters? Who and how many matter?

    We all matter!

    Each single soul matters!

    Love, light, and the brightest of blessings!

    Rev. WD Allan

    © Copyright 2014

    WD Allan,

    All Rights Reserved

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