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    Declairation of Sovereign Interdependence

    Saturday, November 29, 2008, 9:14 AM [General]

    When in the course of human events it becomes necessary to acknowledge the bonds which connect us with other sovereign powers of the earth according to the laws of Nature and of Nature's G_d then a decent respect for the thoughts of mankind requires us to declare our interdependence.

    We cannot ignore or change the fact that our lives effect all others; and we cannot ignore or change the fact that all others effect and determine the world that we rightly call our own. The only thing that remains ours alone, independent of all others, is our own will. Yet that sovereignty is a condition shared by all others as the one thing that cannot be taken away and is the most precious thing we share. In acknowledging this sacred bond we recognize our interdependence; and with a firm reliance on the protection of divine providence we mutually pledge to each other our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor.

    Indivisible are those who stand for liberty and justice for all, one nation under G_d. Not just the American G_d, nor only Christian, Muslim, Hindu, Jew, Spiritualist, New Age, Agnostic, or Pagan, but the G_d of the Atheist and Anarchist too. No one owes allegiance to another. It belongs to their own conscience and to their G_d. Yet we are United. We the People demand Liberty, Justice, and Dignity, for All in our World, our Community, and our Home.

    It is time to welcome the return of the Messiah, the Sovereign, as the true self and common identity of all life, the identity of the kingdom. As a Christian, I salute my king, Jesus. There is no name higher than "savior/healer/friend". The man who so well embodies the selfless love that is our saving grace as a species, who so disintegrates the illusion and hierarchy of human personal authority and power over others, who knows and claims our common ground as our only reality and source of joy, and lives in that knowing and sharing, who brings to eternal life all who share this knowing: that this is our only being eternally here and now. There is no other self. There is no other reality. There is no other G_d. John 17:3 "... and this is eternal life, that they know thee, the one true G_d."

    This also, cannot be taken away, and this we share with all life and existence. It is this that we are, each of us, and all together. There is no G_d but G_d. There is nothing but G_d and that given of G_d. We have nothing but G_d and that given of G_d. We are nothing but G_d and that given of G_d. We have no life but G_d, G_d living in us living in G_d.

    This does not, can not, exclude anyone who does not have G_d. There is no such person no matter what their beliefs. This being is our only being no matter what a person has learned or how they think. This personal self is our common ground, and is ultimately all reality.

    This sovereignty, the sacred bond we share, is a will for good no matter how much we have to learn or to forget or how successful we are. Just as being itself is always good or the potential for good, there is no such thing as an intention or desire for evil. It is only ever an intention or desire for some good, no matter how mistaken or ineffective or incomplete. Every illusion simply vanishes in the light and is forgotten.

    Even such doctrines as may seem completely contradictory have the common ground of being and common source of truth. Even within each tradition there seems to be such contradictions, but the contradictions are in the hearing. They are merely a signal that there is something we don't yet understand. That is the reason for teachings.

    Every sacred scripture, tradition, or intention has at its core a part of our whole caring, longing, and celebration. Anarchy is the affirmation that no government functions except by consent. Atheism is the affirmation that superstition is illusion and that there is no other god or reality than this being. Monotheism is the affirmation that there is only one true reality or source of truth. Animism is the affirmation that G_d's essence, being, and life permeates all existence. Polytheism or pantheism is the affirmation that there are many attributes or faces to this one being.

    All religious traditions are not the same, but they are more alike than different, and more importantly, they compliment each other. Being a good Christian makes a person a better Muslim and Jew. Being a good Budhist, Taoist, Hindu, Scientist. or Artist, can help a person in the practice of any religion. The time has come to stop dividing ourselves over superficial ideas of differences.

    All the great traditions clearly agree on the most important teachings such as the golden rule. But all of the scripture is sacred. All culture is precious. The whole world, everyone in it, and all our heritage belongs to each individual and should be treasured. All of our resources, including each other, belong to each individual and should be cared for.

    Good is our reality and our common passion, our compassion, that we live in and for each other according to the laws of Nature and of Nature's G_d.  Depend on it.

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    My version of Jesus

    Saturday, November 29, 2008, 9:11 AM [General]

    I see Jesus as the recognized heir of the Davidic line. Actually a nobleman in the social order best known as the Essenes. I see John the baptist as heir of the Levidic line. Their presence as the monastic core of the kingdom of Israel was removed somewhat from the commercial/social capital of Jerusalem to the fort at Qumran.

    I see Jesus as having a unique position of power and opportunity, as some of his own contested the validity of his position because he was conceived and born from the proper pair, Joseph and Mary, but they had broken from some of the rules of the order and conceived before the celebrated time. As ludicrous as the complaint was, against the highest human authorities acting in their own highest conscience, it was as if they were not yet married, as if she were yet a virgin.

    Further, from a copy of his arrest warrent, he is described as barely 3 cubits tall with darker skin, a hunchback, and eyebrows that met in the middle, such that it would give you a fright to look at him. - That's my king. - He took the fall when the Romans needed an important person to crucify so they wouldn't have to wipe out the whole nation (yet) - Then he wrote, with the help of his scribe John, the first of the gospels, telling a history of the movement, and leading them from behind the scenes.

    My brand of Jesus is also the mystery of the true son of G_d, living and expressing the absolute sovereignty of G_d in man. He is also that figure which so disintegrates the standards of hierarchy of human authority and asserts the sane and selfless love of our salvation as a species. There is no name or authority higher than "savior/healer/friend" and he is the highest example and embodiment or incarnation of that universal cosmic sovereign of the kingdom of our souls that is our only hope of survival.

    I also see the time as ripe to welcome the return of the messiah, the king, the sovereign, as the true self and common identity of all life. Jesus lives in us when we acknowledge that same selfless love as our only true being. We truely are nothing besides that, or nothing if not that one reality, that one G_d that is that being which truely is.  And yes love is it's essence. G_d is the essence of all that is truth, all that is real, there is no other. It is the same reality we share with each other and with Jesus. All other will vanish in the light and be forgotten. Our free/sovereign will has a responsibility to this kingdom. - to be. - whole and healthy and filled with the joy of knowing this one true G_d, the very knowing of which is eternal life, - because we are eternally here now. - John 17:3

    We can apply a standard of words, but the words have no meaning to us other than what we live.  A blind man knows that light is how we see, but it's the light that is real, and the seeing, not the word "light". - A dead man knows that knowing the true G_d is life, but it is the being that is real, not the word "God."

    This being is far older than any scripture, but not so long ago, it is here now. Yes Jesu is the word made flesh, or logos, "the words", but they are living words. It is the life that is real. Yes the scriptures are sacred, and like everything, are full of G_d's word for us. But the truth is in the hearing, when you have ears to hear, and the life is in knowing, not knowledge. The difference is what got Adam and Eve into trouble.

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    Interesting puzzel

    Monday, November 24, 2008, 5:17 PM [General]

    Here's an interesting puzzel. The stones form a star with interlocked triangles. The puzzel is how could you add or move just one point to form a completely different star.

    Use the back arrow after checking the answer.

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    Wednesday, November 19, 2008, 1:09 PM [General]

    In TM the mantra is traditionally a phrase that doesn't even have meaning that you need to know. The meditation repetion of the phrase helps to absorb part of the brain in its activity so that bubbles of thougt beneath the conscious can be vibrated loose to rize up through us during the process. Like vibrating cement to get the bubbles out before it sets. 20 minutes daily is perscribed. The mantra helps keep you awake.

    I seem to have nearly constant music going in my head. Sometimes a repetative song that seems like it won't quit. Then maybe I should be letting it work like that kind of mantra. Othertimes it is the words and music of the subconscious thoughts that I am focusing on and trying to bring together or to the surface. It's like stiring the solution and watching crystals form.

    Like this poetry of memory and thoughts. About nothing, and everything.

    Riding dust into dust blowing wind into wind          - matter and energy
    Where nothing is lost and there's nowhere to hide  - physics
    So catch a painted pony on that spinnin wheel ride. - some song

    I get up,                         - moods
    I get down,
    but in the end
    It's only round and round. - another song

    But not just repeating         - not just a circle
    There's more to be found.

    Like a circle in a circle
    Like a wheel within a wheel        - another song  
    Like a spiral to infinity      - spiral, like a rising or expanding circle
    Of what is good and what is real  - maybe the same song

    On a path that has been spoken     - we know the words
    Among our many tokens                 -
    "A circle once broken is again made round,
    know then we're standing on hallowed ground." - Cherokee Rose

    Not without meaning and not just a game
    Maybe forever but it's never the same
    Here for the moment and here for the day
    Love knows the reason we work so to play   - relaxation is a disciplin

    Love without measure because it's free       - and so are we
    It's good to know you and good to be me
    That's what I feel so I might as well say
    All is our treasure and the price we pay.      - all is our mantra

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    Maya the illusion

    Sunday, November 16, 2008, 6:24 AM [General]

    I remember reading a criticism of the doctrine that all "this" is illusion. The text pointed out the damage done to lost nihilists, moping about without a sense of purpose or reality that they doubt even their glimpses of. The text pointed out the importance of understanding that "this" is as real as "this" gets, as real as "this" reality is. - interesting thought.

    My daughter was just asking me about differences in the experiences with various entheogens, how similar, how different. I started talking about what the medical community calls "kindling". The phenomenon where an emerging psychosis ( in the medical model ) repeats itself more easily after it has happened once. - It led to a discussion of the experience of disintegration. She said she had studied that term in class, the disintegration of ones sense of reality. I said, yes that one, but understand it's the same thing as from the other perspective, the disintegration of and reformation of reality. - And that having experienced it, you can't convince me that it was merely my sense of it within some external continuum. - In that place between worlds where manifestation is apparently fluid and independent of history, it is clearly a reflection of the heart. - { for instance if you fear you see demons, etc. - "learn to love in hell and you will be in heaven" - etc. } - Upon returning from such a state or journey, the same principals basically apply, but the manifestation or illusion seems to coagulate into more of a conventional "reality". - You just can't convince me anymore that there is actually any external reality, and where it settles is (not arbitrary, but determined by the creative laws of the heart.) or could be anything. I confess this is the nature of my psychosis ( in the medical model ) - She asks, " But don't you eventually recognize and remember the context and history and pre-existing nature of the world to which you return?" - Well sure, but memories are as easy to manifest as substance. It's kind of like that episode of the Simpsons where Homer's toaster turns into a time machine and he travels back in time, alters some condition and returns to find a wildly different world. He keeps trying again and keeps altering different things and retuning to different worlds.

    Actually, in that state, as well as in normal waking state, what it depends on is the condition of the heart, the will, the soul. I don't think of it as willing evil in an imperfect world, but as not quite having strength and presence for better. - That's where i love this conclusion, "In the meantime, In-Joy."371d36d75e05eda735858f8e467be99c
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    People, and some people's kids

    Friday, October 31, 2008, 8:46 AM [General]

    McCain says "Obama wants to re-distribute the wealth." As if it's obvious that is a criticism. - My co-worker says, "Ya, of course it is."

    Driving home I notice the bumpersticker ahead of me, on a one ton truck,
    "I do not go green. I support global warming. So take that all you whacko liberals."

    At home I ask why the recycling is all mixed into the garbage and I hear,
    "The only energy I'm interested in conserving is my own." - I say ya, it's your energy, it's your planet. But ...  "And I hate those compact florescents, they hurt my eyes. Don't buy them anymore." ... But ...

    My other friend is wearing a T-shirt that says "Redneck? You say that like it's a bad thing?"

    I ask why is the thermostat turned all the way up to 80. - "It wasn't warming up fast enough."

    Back at work they want to print out the report from the paperless information system so they can fax it, even though there's a send by email button right on the page. They say it's just simpler that way.

    Another friend: "I hate the way those self righteous vegetarians say they won't kill animals or eat anything that has a face. How do they think a carrot feels? They kill vegetables too. Who are they to say a carrot doesn't have feelings?" - But ... I think quality of life is more important than death. It's easier to keep a carrot happy in the garden than a pig happy in the barn.

    Someone said, "All that forgiveness crap is well and good, and I'm full of unconditional love, but it has to be earned."

    Adversary: "Hans I can't stand you, you're such a pig, a #&%@!, you don't do anything right, It's like taking care of a perpetual two year old." Defender: "Hey I don't need anything from you." Wise One: "That was really a mean thing to say Dad." Defender: "Me? I just said she's zero, she said I'm negative." Wise one: "You both need each other. If you don't think she needs you, why do you think she's always telling you to do stuff?"

    Another wise one: "Hans, you have to get things in perspective. Look at that tree. Do you think it cares about nuclear disarmament? They'll be fine. We're really just talking about people, and they'll get what they deserve."

    Well, yes the trees would probably survive. And the earth will too. But I still think they care. It may be more about healing ourselves than healing the earth, but think of it, mother earth, what would hurt a mother more than watching her children die.

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    I agree

    Saturday, October 25, 2008, 8:25 AM [General]

    I agree.
    Poor Poly-Anna me.
    I agree.
    With thee and thee and thee.

    What we are taught,
    and what we see,
    all perspectives on thought,
    have all validity.

    Where are the lines
    between all this is illusion
    and all reality?

    Lines between each other,
    or one moment and the next,
    of one thing I'm certain,
    I am certainly perplexed.

    This is illusion,
    that is real,
    with all the confusion
    about what we feel.

    That is illusion
    This is real
    Draw your own conclusions
    But just shut up and deal.

    Shut your mouth
    when you're talking to me
    Get out of town
    but remember you're free

    Unless of course you aren't
    Then as far as I can see
    All I can say is
    I agree.

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    Just another Eeyore day

    Friday, October 17, 2008, 7:22 AM [General]

    From this place on the hill
    with the world spinning round,
    I see the wind in the trees,
    I hear the stars twinkling sound.
    through the cool dark of night,
    and the moon shining down.

    I think to myself
    what a wonderful world,
    it's so easy to dare,
    the wonderful words,
    and the will to share.

    When a dog licks,                                ( read carefully )
    when a bee sings,
    when I'm feeling glad,
    I simply remember my favorite things
    and then I can feel so sad.

    Food for the hungry,
    Sight for the blind,
    Solice for tragedy,
    People being kind.

    I lay resting my head
    on a blanket of moss
    and I would sleep on this bed
    but I ponder the loss

    I would bury this hurt
    I would rest my soul
    in this deep rich dirt
    and return to the whole.

    with the sorrows we know
    in this common ground
    there are lightyears to go
    before we lay them down.

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    Wednesday, October 15, 2008, 7:15 AM [General]

    Since I am somewhat given to magical thinking, I've wondered when I might get an irrefusable call to leave my home and get to work. A few weeks ago, amidst other fits of syncronicity, I was listening to an interesting song on my way to work, repeating "Hang on to what you know you've got. Bless the road son, ready or not." ... When I got to my job, a little early to wrap up a high presure development project with end of month financial summaries, I found the computer-server it ran on had hard drive failure and that months of development-maintenence work needed to be replaced or redone while rugling to replace the server and get it's users back on-line. - Managers, frustrated with economy have not seemed to understand why it isn't going smoothly, since they were serviced quickly enough that they hardly knew it was due to hardware failure. It is working itself out now, and I am wondering if the forces at play will need to resort to complete economic colapse, since I can't take a subtle hint.

    Such is my fantasy. I have an Airstream travel trailer that will be easier to hang on to than my house, but harder to store everything in. I would really like to finish construction/development on the house, turning it into a community habitat.

    Home is where your heart is. Staying there is just another road you can take. Bless your home.371d36d75e05eda735858f8e467be99c
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    Carpentry hobby

    Tuesday, October 14, 2008, 11:32 AM [General]

    Pictures on facebook.

    This started as a one year preoject which changed to 2, 4, and probably 10 or just plain ongoing hobby. I would like to make of it something more than merely a home equity builder. I imagin it becoming a community center of some sort, there on the bluff overlooking the river.

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