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    Dear Wange58, I will continue to pray for Court. I honestly believe you should have a family intervention. I believe it may be the only way right now.Then once that happens prayers will be in support of her prayerful progress. This is not an overnite thing. This will have to be a lifetime committment, and very difficult. She will need ALL the family's support and prayers. She also have to want this change to happen. Have u talked to her about it?? You see if someone is not hitting rock bottom, they don't see that they need any help. They just feel what u do now is something u SHOULD be doin, cuz you are her MOM. I know cuz it's happened to me, with a friend. It only lasts so long. The addiction is much worse than u could even imagine. I will ask Jesus to intercede for you but u really have to be dilligent about it, and you have to show her that prayer really will work. Don't just ask now that you are desparate, u have to pray always even when things are great or when they are horrible. You have to praise God,always no matter what.Ihope this will be of some help to u, Love & peace to u r Heart Sis Carol

    May 5, 2008
    12:47 AM
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