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    Sunday, October 21, 2012, 9:53 PM [General]

    In 1976, I was in my uncles Cephas house waiting to catch a bus to the airport.I had just joined the navy. I was sleeping and I heard three voices all different calling out to me. WAKE UP. You know how someone wakes you up and you don't stir for a few minutes then get up, that was it. But when I looked up before I got up I saw three angels they were child size one about 3 feet one about 4 and the other 5,  The tallest was in the middle and the others on either side. I got up just in time to catch the bus which i would have missed. I went to C school at great lakes ill. When got there I met some brothers who were asking for prayer for another. So I went with them and we were about 4. I started to prayer for this brother he said he felt sad and confused; as I started to prayer with my eyes closed I saw and angel to the left of me. He was sitting on a big white rock and he was huge a giant he was sitting down and yet his head was at the ceiling of the room we were in which had a high ceiling. While I was praying with my eyes still closed his lips were moving also. I could see it, as I prayed he prayed and in front of my was the brother I was praying for I was the one praying. Then I saw what I would describe as a Methuselah a lot of snakes moving all over his head.  And as i prayed they faded away,  they just faded away. In 1977 I finished C school in the naval as a gunners mate and was reporting to my ship. The USS Albert David. I was riding in a cab from the airport, you can see the horizon from all sides looking around. I could see with my eyes open escalators all around me all across the horizon. And they went from the ground to the sky and the steps were moving and their was and  angel on each step and on the other side of the escalator their were angels coming down the escalator as others were going up. And their were escalators everywhere hundreds if not thousand of them. I had just came from my leave and from home.

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