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    Followers of the Urantia Book/FOUB

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    This is the Followers of the Urantia Book group on beliefnef!
    This book is for urantia book readers but is geared toward new readers or interested parties and general questions and discussion! I welcome everyone interested in the UB, helping new readers out, networking and fellowship with readers at all levels, and positive communications only please!

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  • Welcome to the new F.O.U.B./followers of the Urantia Book Forum! My name is Daniel, I've been a longtime reader of Beliefnet and have ... more

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    Hi Daniel, I am a fellow Midwesterner (K.C. metro area). I was delighted to hear that you'd initiated this discussion group & also that you'd been invited to the Omaha area Jesus' Birthday celebration. I hope someday our paths intersect. : >) I grew up in Iowa as a Lutheran, which is where I met Jesus. In the mid-70's, when I discovered the UB, I read Part IV & immediately felt that "burning" of recognition in my chest (like the time after the resurrection, when the men walking from Emmaus eventually realized through a burning in their chests, that it was the risen Master who had been with them). One thing I love about the UB is that people are generally either struck soundly by its truths, or they aren't. In other words, no one can talk you into believing it--which is one reason why meeting other readers is always so inspiring! You know that the book feeds them, and isn't an inherited belief system or anything like that. I pray this forum really takes off--not only among current readers, but also for the sakes of those who may be seeking elevated truths such as the UB offers. Thank you so much for starting this forum! Godspeed to you, Daniel. In Father's love, Lee

    August 11, 2009
    6:14 PM
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    Hello Daniel, Wow, how timely. I was just trying to create a new group today for I am also a second generation Urantia Book student, like Alex. I've been reading the book since I was a kid, but not all the way through until later. I also attended "The Boulder School" for students of The Urantia Book many years ago. I am an interfaith pastor, and writer/speaker. Welcome to the growing family of Urantia Book students. Would love to hear more about how you found the book and where your discoveries are taking you? Blessings Flow, Spirit.friend

    August 11, 2009
    2:08 AM
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    Hi Daniel, I saw your invite at UBRON and thought I'd come here to discuss the UB. I'm a 33 year reader. And I was born into a family of UB readers. I'm glad you found this book! And I'm happy to discuss anything you might be interested in. Thanks! Alex

    August 5, 2009
    10:45 PM
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    Looking forward to meeting other people interested in the Urantia Book!

    August 5, 2009
    11:18 PM
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