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    The Messiah will be born on Earth

    Friday, November 18, 2011, 1:25 PM [General]
    Posted By: Jalan

    For most Christians the return of Jesus and the ushering in of God's Kingdom are central to their faith.  And certainly there has been a high level of expectation that the time of Jesus' coming must be near.

    The Unification Church propounds what for many Christians is an unacceptable proposition-that Jesus himself cannot return again to this earth.  Jesus is a spirit, living in the highest realms of Paradise, surrounded by the spirits of devout departed Christians.  The body in which his disciples witnessed his resurrection was in fact his spiritual body.  In that sense Jesus is no different than any of us.   Once we go to the spiritual realm that becomes our home for all eternity.    Yes, it is possible that spirits can appear and give occasional guidance to people living on Earth, just as Jesus has done over the past 2000  years.

    In this respect, it's important to understand that the Messiah cannot come on the clouds of heaven.  While the verses implying the Lord will come riding triumphantly on clouds into this world are popular among Christians, it has to be admitted that there is the possibility that the clouds have a symbolic meaning.

    The Unification Church teaching is that in order to redeem the original sin the Messiah must be born again on earth.  Please consider Revelation 12:5.  It talks of a child who is born of a woman, who will be caught up to the throne of God, and who will rule all nations with a rod of iron.  Although some take this child to be symbolic of the church, the one who rules the world with a rod of iron (the truth) is clearly the Messiah.  If one is willing to put aside the concept that the Messiah must come on the clouds, this verse implies strongly that the Messiah will be born as a child.  Further, both Revelation 2:17 and 17:12 point to the Messiah coming with a new name, a name that only he himself will know.

    Yes, the coming of the Lord will be like lightning that all will see (Luke 17:24), but first the returning Lord may have to suffer many things and be rejected (Luke 17:25).  Why would the Christ suffer when he returns?   It could only happen if he wasn't recognized, at least initially.  If the Messiah comes on the clouds that is very unlikely.

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    Two Thousand Years of preparation for the Messiah.

    Friday, November 11, 2011, 11:47 AM [General]
    Posted By: Jalan

    Almost two thousand full years have passed since Jesus walked the face of this planet.   And during that time the hope of faithful Christians has been fixed on the day of Christ's return.  For when Jesus returns, the expectation is that the world of true goodness, the Kingdom of Heaven can finally be established.

    It is perhaps natural that many Christians hold the hope that the time we live in looks ripe for the return of Jesus.   We certainly have had our share of wars, rumors of wars, famines and earthquakes as Jesus foretold.  Further, Jesus' commission to carry Christianity to all the Earth has largely been realized.  Members of the Unification Church, that is followers of the Reverend Sun Myung Moon, believe the same thing.

    Broadly speaking, human history as traced in the Bible, can be divided into three great ages:1) 2000 years of the pre-Old Testament age from Adam to Abraham, 2) 2000 years of the Old Testament Age from Abraham to Jesus and 3) the 2000 years from Jesus to the present day.  (It should be noted though that the age from Adam to Abraham, while being calculated through the Bible as being close to 2000 years, was in reality much longer-perhaps many hundreds of thousands of years.)   Closer examination also reveals profound parallels between these three periods.  For instance, the approximately four hundred period the Israelites suffered slavery in Egypt corresponds to the four centuries of persecution of early Christianity by first the Jews and later the Roman Empire. 

    We are now in actuality living in the time of the Second Advent, but the reality is that Jesus himself cannot be the one to come back.  Christians have emphasized that Jesus was resurrected bodily, but that body was in fact a spiritual body.  God's principle is that  the spiritual body cannot reincarnate.  This applies to  Jesus as well.  That is why Jesus must anoint one person on earth to inherit and complete his mission.  The faith of Unificationists worldwide is that Reverend Sun Myung Moon is the one God has sent to take on and complete the messianic work of Jesus.

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    Jesus should have married

    Friday, November 4, 2011, 12:13 PM [General]
    Posted By: Jalan

    I've talked about how Christians can receive spiritual rebirth through Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Yet this rebirth does not cut the original sin, working through the physical body.  Christians continue to have susceptibility to temptation by Satan, and the children of Christians are born with the original sin.

    That is why Jesus said he had to return.  Jesus 2000 years ago was never able to receive his bride.  He was the new and victorious Adam.  But to restore the fall of Adam and Eve and start a new history there had to be a new Eve.   We know Jesus lived a single life for 33 years.   Yet, that was not God's original desire.  If there had been a foundation of sufficient belief then God could have brought about the Marriage Supper of the Lamb (mentioned in the Book of Revelation).  Jesus and his bride would have stood in the position of perfected Adam and Eve, and parents of goodness.

    Rebirth must come through parents.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are able to give spiritual rebirth to believers because they stand in the position of spiritual parents for humankind.  The key is that their love, in the spiritual dimension, is greater than the false love of Satan.  They have the authority to claim believers as their spiritual children, and rebirth (out of Satan's lineage) can take place.  Spiritually they are True Parents for humanity.

    Similarly, Jesus and his Bride would have been able to fulfill the position of True Parents, both physically and spiritually, had he not been crucified.  Through the recreative power of their love they would have had the authority to cut the original sin.  All sins and fallen nature sprout out from the root of original sin.  Only when the original sin is removed is it possible to overcome and remove all others sins once and for all.

    That is why Christ must return, and that is why he must return as a man in the flesh.  Also, that is why the Marriage Supper of the Lamb must be realized and True Parents for humankind established.  I want to explain more later, but for Unificationists Reverend and Mrs. Sun Myung Moon are fulfilling that role of True Parents, done with Jesus' full knowledge, anointing and blessing.

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