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    January 27th in church history

    Monday, January 27, 2014, 8:54 AM [General]
    Posted By: Jalan

    Reverend Moon lived a long and full life, and during the course of it there were many special and meaningful days.  January 27th should be remembered as one of those.  For it was on this day in 1951 that he finally arrived in Pusan, South Korea after an arduous and life-threatening flight from the north during the height of the Korean War.  

    During the period 1946 to 48, Reverend Moon built a strong church of several hundred members in Pyung Yang, the capital of North Korea.  This was at a time when the communist authorities were looking for all ways possible to suppress and finally stamp out Christianity, which although under severe persecution, was characterized by fervent faith and worship.  But ironically, it was Christian leaders themselves, jealous and suspicious of his ministry's success, who instigated the government to take action against Reverend Moon.  He ultimately was condemned to a long sentence at a death labor camp in the eastern coastal city of Heung Nam.  There prisoners were fed starvation diets and worked until they dropped and died from exhaustion.

    Miraculously though, while most prisoners died within a year, Reverend Moon was able to survive for more than two years there.  Near the end of that time the Korean War broke out.  By the latter part of 1950 United Nations forces were pushing back the North Korean military and started to attack Heung Nam.  The order was given to execute the prisoners, but the night before Sun Myung Moon's scheduled execution, an all-out aerial attack (led by future US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig) also struck the prison, forcing the guards to flee and allowing the prisoners still remaining to escape.

    After Reverend Moon had made his way back to Pyeong Yang, he eventually headed on foot towards the south with a few other members.  Often with the Chinese Army close behind them, this trek took them almost the entire length of the Korean penisula to where all were headed, Pusan.  Pusan is a port city at the southeastern corner of Korea.  And during the Korean War, it was the center of a small enclave of land that the North Korean and Chinese forces never were capable of taking.  

    For the Unification Movement then, and for God's providence, January 27th became the day that allowed the relaunching Reverend Moon's ministry.  He was penniless at that time, and initially had to beg for money.  But his conviction and spirit were stronger than ever before.  Even in the most extreme of adverse conditions and in complete poverty, God sent him special prepared individuals who would become the first members and the foundation for a steady expansion throughout South Korea, despite severe persecution.

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    February 22nd-A New Beginning

    Thursday, February 14, 2013, 8:57 AM [General]
    Posted By: Jalan

    Many know that Reverend Sun Myung Moon, the founder of the Unification movement, passed away last September at the age of 92.  However, the plans that he set into motion are very much alive, in the hearts of individual  believers, as well as in providential initiatives going forward on a global level.  

    It is the faith of those consider Reverend and Mrs. Moon to be the True Parents, which in essence also encompasses the mission of the return of Christ, that the unfolding of God's kingdom on earth can no longer be stopped.  How quickly the world of peace and goodness is manifested though will depend on each one of us.  We are the ones who can help shorten the time, or conversely, if we fail to recognize and support God's providential work, we could cause more delay.  But either way, the spiritual and substantial victories that Reverend Moon won during the last half a century now guarantee that the forces of evil must retreat.  Satan's realm is crumbling, both in the spiritual world and in this world.  We may not see it, but that is the reality.  I believe that the turmoil we see in the world today are signs that extraordinary things are happening in the spiritual dimension having to do with the battle between God and Satan-a battle that Satan is losing.

    For the world at large, February 22nd will likely be a day like any other.  But this is a providential day that marks the beginning of a new era.  It will be celebrated in the Unification movement as Foundation Day.  We believe that this year, 2013, will eventually be recognized as Year One of the Kingdom of Heaven.  Remember, as Jesus said, God's kingdom is like a mustard seed.  It starts out very small, so small that it is ignored or not even seen.  "The Kingdom of Heaven is within you."   But, when it is fully grown it is a tremendous tree.  

    The kingdom of heaven starts with each one of as individuals, when our hearts and lives are transformed by the power of the truth and God's love.  It must manifest further in families, for a family, in it's original form, resembles the nature of God himself.  Eventually, this kingdom will become visible, as even entire nations must kick off the structures of power linked behind the scenes to the "ancient serpent".  This process has begun and the Foundation Day of God's kingdom is upon us.

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    Reverend Moon's South Korean speaking tour

    Thursday, January 12, 2012, 10:40 AM [General]
    Posted By: Jalan

    On January 28th of this year Reverend Moon will be celebrating his 92nd birthday.  By Korean counting he will be 93.  Nevertheless, he has once again undertaken the arduous task of a public speaking tour, this time in South Korea.  Since January 8th Reverend Moon and his wife have been traveling and speaking in all the provinces of Korea.  These are not just small events held in local churches.  Some of the speeches are expected to attract more than 10,000 participants.

    Despite his age, Reverend Moon feels the urgency of God's heart at this time in history.  In his opening speech he called 2012 a "watershed" year in human history, and has been shedding tears while delivering his remarks with great passion.

    If you are among those who admire and support the work of Reverend Moon, please offer up your prayers of support at this time.  If you're not a supporter, please pray and reflect on what motivates a man of such an advanced age to push himself so, even getting by on two or three hours of sleep each night.  Let's pray that God's will can move forward greatly in this year of 2012.

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