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    Exploring Unificationism

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    Unificationism refers to the teachings, religious devotion, and way of life inspired by the Reverend Sun Myung Moon of Korea. The teachings have their roots in Christianity and the acceptance of Jesus' messianic role, but also see God's hand behind all faith traditions. According to Unificationism, God's grace and effort down through the centuries is finally opening up an era when it will be possible for all of humanity to leave behind the history of war, disease, and suffering. People of faith should lead the way by cooperating beyond the boundaries of religions, enabling a world of peace to open up in which all can be as brothers and sisters under God, our Heavenly Parent.
    This group is open to all who wish to discuss in an atmosphere of mutual respect the teachings which inspired Unificationism. Some of the possible themes that can be discussed include:the nature of God, His relationship to humans, the purpose of human life, the nature of spiritual reality, the identity of Satan, the cause of human sin and suffering, God's providence in human history, the mission and life of Jesus, the meaning of salvation and resurrection, preparation for and purpose of the Second Coming, God's work through world religious traditions, world peace, the Kingdom of Heaven, predestination, ... The list could go on, but please stop by, and express what's on your mind!

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