The Black Unicorn: the Messiah Nobody Wanted

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     The Black Unicorn: the Messiah Nobody Wanted 





                        The Black Swan and Raj Patel

              CanThe Black Swan that recently arrived and threw the cities of our world of Babylon into the economic tailspin it was able able to print enough money to crawl out of was not just a sign that the increasing irrationality of those "animal spirits" Raj Patel spoke of when discussing  John Maynard Keynes are driving the Market over the edge like lemmings; it is a sign of that the prophetic "distress of the nations" has arrived as the shadow of the coming End as it begins in it's final approach: like Osama bin Laden's jet airplanes when they headed for the Two Towers. 

    While mankind is at present largely unaware of this oncoming global change it might behoove them to read about why a certain group has begun to stockpile all the seed bearing grains that man and his livestock need to live; perhaps the following extract should give them pause:                

             Oslo - Barely two years after it opened, a unique Arctic "doomsday" stockpile of all the world's crop seeds has reached the half-million species mark, the foundation that oversees it said on Thursday.

    A mold-resistant wild bean from Costa Rica, a vulnerable strawberry from a bear-infested part of Russia's Kuril islands and a host of American soybeans are among the latest additions to the Svalbard Global Seed Vault. 

    "Reaching the half-million mark brings mixed emotions," said Cary Fowler, executive director of the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which coordinates the collection of seeds for the vault and helps pay for its upkeep. 

    "While it shows that the vault at Svalbard is now the gold standard for diversity, it comes at a time when our agriculture systems are really sitting on a knife's edge," he said. 

        Built by the Norwegian government in a remote mountainside about 1 000km from the North Pole, the seed vault opened in February 2006 to bring together the seeds of all the world's food crops.

    Should a natural or man-made disaster wipe out a particular species, its sponsors say, scientists could go into the vault - it has a capacity of 4.5 million samples - and try to bring it back into production. - AFP 

                      The Coming ofSalvation:
                                 The Black Unicorn: Raj Patel and Eckhart Tolle ;
                                            the Coming Paradigm of the Apocalypse
    The Proof and the Pudding ask one question: what "natural disaster" could wipe out all the seed bearing plants and grains on which mankind subsists?      We might indeed ask ourselves for what calamity are the nations who are quietly underwriting the cost of preparing themselves for something which would have them gather, as when Noah gathered the creatures and their food before the Flood; to gather all the seeds which might be needed to replant and reforest the earth? 
                                    "In the Name of Christ Jesus"  the Bride also has:
                                                               The Light of Life  




                 I dedicate this following post to my teachers and guides upon the Path who led me to this Day; yet why I was chosen to finish the Work and the revealing of the Qur'an as the Final Warning that precedes the Last Judgment is unknown to any but  the sufis themselves; they who are the Elect who were given the government of this world until the return of the Lord at the Second Advent of he who rides the White Horseboth; as of that Host; both visibly and especially invisibly.

                That the Sufis are reputed to be men who are the unseen servants of God accomplishing miracles far and wide is widely rumored, although they may appear to be perfectly ordinary men and women in their daily lives is written of at length by many purveyors of the essence; yet for those who view the coming End it is the actual Work of the Sufis that is the most clearly designed vehicle for the Sheep who they were sent to gather that could be imagined; for they did what the Spirit led them to do: and the Spirit is Unerring. All who are engaged upon the Work mainstain their state and also bring mankind to it's final Apotheosis; which is why they are seen bringing the shoes; the best garment and the ring back to Solomon the Prodigal Son at his Return to the House of David as the House of God; for it that Silly Dove who proves to be the Lost Sheep of Israel who returns at the End.

             This is Mythic; but also the fulfillment of what the Lamb himself said from the Father of the returning lost sheep; the Offspring of david who is the fallen one: Somon himself; the shadow of the lamb he overcame in the wilderness and after all the way to the Cross at Golgotha; as when the 12 Tribes were gathered in the City of St. Francis; and began the Internal Exodus here in America at Beth-El.

           Rev. Moon knew that Woodstopck was the Three Day seperation of America from satan on the Foundation of Suffering for 430 years in the West the Black Race had completed to remove the fallen Nature as israel did in Egypt; yet he did not include this fact in his book "Divine Principle";

          Taylor Branch in his two books about the Civil Rights Movement here in America has rightly seen that King died shorlt before the Children entered that Kingdom of Brotherly Love that is where Men and Angels will finally co-exist: visibly; as with the Children of the Resurrection at the End.

                For those who saw the Black Race and their black Moses without the benefit of knowing their Aaron it was the Red and White races represented in Aaron Presley as given that Voice by which the walls came crashing down on the airwaves that were also unseen by Rev. Moon in his rejection of the City of St. Francis and it's Flower Children.

               Yet the 3 Day Seperation that happened long ago at Goshen and Egypt is clearly seen by what happened at Woodstock and it's Children as opposed to the racist and Materialistic civilization that was to crumble before the approaching Kingdom of God; even by those Children Rev. Moon rejected and then married by the thousands to destroy the Foundation of Salvation of those who were "not to marry; nor be given in marriage" that were to prepare the ground for the 144,000 Virgins themselves drawn from their number who would be the First Fruits unto God and the LamB; clearly seen as that Woodstock where Ephraim came back to God.

                    My entrance at this time is seen as when the "fatted calf" is killed at the homeoming party of Solomon raised from the dead as Jedidiah; at whose return the Antichrist as Osama bin Laden as the Judas of Islam unknown to the West as the Masih Ad-Dajjal is killed with Sword; even as he killed with the Sword.

         In fact it is the transmission I was given from Sayed Imam Ali Shah through one of his stories by which I learned of the reason whyElijah is called the Cupbearer; as the Saki himself creates causes that may not be seen for centuries: until the Right Time; the Right Place; and the Right People are in position.

              And then the Miracle happens; as when the Work of Khidr Rumi and Shams of Tabriz were seen by me at the Whirling of the Sun of Fatimah in 1917 those three times; one for each of the 3 Children of Fatimah; for that is when those 3 Nations appeared as One Creature visibly manifest in the Sun itself; the Allies representing the Messiah at the Global level as the Lamb; the Holy Thing which represents the Kingdom of God.

             For Islam the blowing of the First Trumpet of the First Angel happened after the first Seal was loosed; the Decade from 1910 until 1919; for that is when the third of the trees was burned up; which represented that third of the Monotheistic Religions as the Three Brothers themselves of the Ark of Noah that was the Ark of Salvation is his Day.

              Islam as having been given the Kingdom when Muhammed proved himself to be Loyal in the Cain Position as had Eliezer of Damascus who Abraham sent to collect the bride for Issac: Islam when it killed the million Christian Armenians within sight of Mount Ararat left their position; and the 7 Churches which were in Asia  Minor which is modern day Turkey all became activated: and the True Vine was seen as the 7 Churches that Paul had set in Asia; and no longer the 7 Mosques that Muhammed had built with hsi own hands; five of whom have fallen; and only two remain; although one is falling to pieces even as we speak.

        Hisham el Kabbani mentions this in his book "Armeggedon?" in quite tragic terms when he tells of what the "goodman" of the House of Mecca did when he let the thief; the Antichrist Osama bin Laden in to his table; the Judas of islam; who helped to lead Mecca from losing it's stature as the Holy Jerusalem; and the City of St. Francis now having that designation: A City Not Forsaken.


               For this world at it's Consummation the reasons why such men as Sayed Imam Ali Shah and others of the Suhrawardi Order would come to me and invest me with the essentials of the Teaching to guide me to the Destination is of the undeserved Mercy of God on me for My Generation; who were reborn in that Baghbad-by-the-Bay men call the City of St. Francis: for it is indeed his; in fact; it is his reward; though men have little understanding of what that will ultimately mean: I do.

             Others will puzzle over why my Father Jesus sent his Servant John to bring to the sufi Michael Beebe of the Suhrawari Order that  fateful Day in that City; yet that was the "moment of Transmission" for my entrie Generation of the entire Baraka of islam; as for the 12 Tribes of the Children of Israel who were to have been gathered there by Reverend Sun Myung Moon: but were not.

        Why they should have chosen me to receive the Baraka and the accompanying grace that accompanies it for those who enter the Service of God; it seems that this happened due to the factors that have to do with the thick darkness that clouds the earth at the End: did not Job say;

                "...why is light given to a man who way is hid?......."

       So at the End; those whose way was not hid could then have the Light of Life; and that is what lives in the Name of Christ Jesus: the Light of Life itself; no is there another.

          Few know where the Story that is written in the Book of Life of the Lamb really begins; but to find the answer we would have to see where the 7th Church of the Tower of Salvation saw the fall of it's Shepherd who was to gather first the 144,000 Children of the Resurrection and then the 144,000  Virgins as the Bride herself; upon so doing it is possible; as with Joseph and Mary; that he would have been awarded the Bride herself: and Eternal Life as the Messiah.

        This did not happen; which is why those who read this will yet mourn; for no one knows better than I what mankind will think of me and my mission: but it is the Will of God that Allah's Word has brought to pass; for Isa is the Blessed Olive Tree of Muhammed's Verse of Light himself; and that Oil is what lights the lamps of the 5 Wise Virgins who are the throne of glory upon which the Son of Man is set down; the Hand of God being where the Soul and Spirit as the Two Hands of God become One Hand: and all His Prayers are finally Answered: thus shall all men see the Holy One of God.

             At Surah 27>72 we see that one they call "the dabbat al-ard"; the beast the Elect raise up from the dust of the earth at the Last Day: but it yet the shadow of Jedidiah; Solomon himself is the past of when he rises from the dead in that new name; which Nathan gave him:

                 "Beloved of Jah"

               Even Ishvara; he who rides the White Horse; and whose Flamin Sword is of the Flower which burns from the Sacred Ganges itself: and of the Buddha; the one who is that Humble Child that returns at the End must Humble himself as: to become the Greatest in the Kingdom of Heaven: his Servant John; the Divine Bodhisattva himself.

                He is the Porter; he guards the Door to the House which is the Mind of Christ; wherein a Scribe does sit; an Eliakim we call the Morning Star; at the Table of Judgment; where is written the Sentence from the Emerald table of Justice where sit the 12 Apostles of the Lamb; as the Jury; even as my Father Jesus is the Judge; and I merely write their Word: as the King of Judgment-Day.

                   For it is a single Child who lights the way of the Just at the End:

                             ...he who is the Candle of God that the Word of Allah did Light;

                                                for Isa is the Word of Allah: Salvation itself.

                                          And the Messiah is the Son of Mary; the Word of Isa.





                                And:  just as my Father's servants are they who brought me the shoes; the garment and the ring at my return.

           The Darkness at the End is of the Masih Ad-Dajjal; Osama bin Laden; the earthquake at the East that Islam tries to ignore is as bad as that Ignorance that blinds the believers in America and Europe that his identity is the prophetic one of the Antichrist, whose work is seen at the earthquake at the fall of the Two Towers in the West; 9/11 in fact; but no one can see the name "Kafir" on the Son of Perdition's forehead unless they are "saved believers" themselves; for "Kafir" means "Unbeliever"; and one does have to know Arabic to see that Osama Bin Laden is an Unbeliever: the Very Definition of one who hates his brother; and hates him deeply.

          All who will not deny him are debarred from the Straight Path which leads to Salvation at the End; for the Path of the Just which I reveal with the help of those Sevants of God who are the guides upon the Path is of the 7 Overcomings of the 7 Churches that now represent the growth of Christianity from Jerusalem to the City of St. Francis; for with the loss of Seoul with the removal of it's Lamstand to san Francisco we see the final result of Rev. Moon as "the Faithful and Wise Steward" mentioned by both Luke and Matthew as he enters the position of "that evil servant"; Red China as the Scarlet Beast; the fallen yellow race serving Death by which their entire Race as one of the 4 Primary Races known to the Hopi as the Elder Brother nows falls into the Darkness: with the Golden Calf of Rev. Moon: which he has his son now bow to 21,000 times.






        This from the Word of John it is plain that Osama Bin Laden is in Darkness; and is this Darkness incarnate; a devil; like Judas; with the Devil in him: his father. 





    It is at Thessalonians II at 2-5 that Osama Bin Laden is described "sitting on the throne of God in the House of God; carrying out his own will as if he were "God".





               Witnessing the Spirit of the Antichrist itself which lives and breathes in the body of Osama bin Laden we have to look at the seat of his invisible power: the Scarlet Beast carrying the Great Whore; Red China carrying the Global Market of Capitalism; which is that Nation in link with it's Hell on earth or "throne of manifestation": India; whose Nation is represented as the White Elephant amongst the nations; symbolizing that Mind that is "the Beast with a hand"; and this sustaining being Satan as ruling but also manifesting the Creation of  the gods of Olympus who live on in their counterparts with Indra: as their king; the Trimurti being but the Trident of the Ruler of the Darkness which materially blinds mankind to the Old Ego; the Old Serpent itself.

            Unseen as that invisible Pitchfork of the Dragon of the Sea of Time himself. Thus is the Abyss as India: the "Destroying Mountain of the gods": as Islam could not convert it as their portion of responsibility; for Hell is what India promotes on  the earth; spiritually.





    Because the Mission of Islam was to convert India the sufis were elected to guide me by the transmission

    The Sufis let their teaching regarding India and it's ultimate fate be seen in this saying;

                "God had Hell; yet He created India!"






    The Sounding of the 7th Angel; and the Last Trump





    India has now reached it's Apotheosis


        To see this sorcery of a most powerful sorcery by which the whole world is deceived is to see through dark magic of the most apparent to thE Elect but unseen by the majority of Mankind due to the power by which the "great beast" or "Megatherion" of Crowley disguised in his fallen Hinduism comes forth with Gurdjieff's fallen Sufism and Blavatsky's fallen Sophism; their three works of "Isis" and "Beelzebubs Tales to his Grandson" and "Diary of a Dope Fiend" are the three frogs from the mouths of the beast and false prophet and dragon at the end; Isis from the dragon's mouth Blavatsky; Beelzebub from the False prophet's mouth of Gurdjieff; and the Dope Fiend from the beast's mouth Crowley.





    "The Man of Lawlessness: the Judas of Islam, Global Terrorist"






    The fallen son of the fallen father of the Unification Church






    The Phoenix of New Hope that arose from the ashes of the City of St. Francis: the Beloved City






    The Seal of the Living God





          Obviously the doomsday scenarios of Christmas Day 2012  have given some nations sufficient pause about what might occur in two years hence; as the now incresingly shrill and rabid declarations of various scientists about what a few inconvenient "sunspots" or even another of the "171 documented "magnetic pole shifts" might actually do to our electrical power grids: or even our continents if they start sliding around like the crust over a cooked egg: the prospects are beyond horrific: they are Apocalyptic. 

           The current "head in the sand" solution for most people is to ignore what is too large and terrible a problem to even comprehend; thus the answer to the various scenarios facing mankind is to go back to trying to pay their rent with no money or job or prosepcts of getting one; something which is an immediate problem like that of starvation when the world food prices went about about 30% when all the markets crashed in the Third World; most of whose nations are in the Poor Hemisphere of the Earth: the Southern Hemisphere, as opposed to the Rich and powerful Northern Hemisphere; the Ideveloped and Industrialized nations as opposed to the Agaric and underdeveloped ones; although Western development means more than being able to buy a coke in Durbin or Singapore; it means having to deal with a Market Society which values profit far more than human life; something which might be seen to anger the Almighty: if any nation acted as if He exists; which none do. 

              In trying to imagine the "end" of our present civilization most people shake their heads and simply shrug their shoulders as a way to forget thinking about the idea of a global catastrpohe whose "Day of Judgment" scenario is simply too terrifying to even rationally contemplate without being paralyzed with fear; and really; what can anyone really do about it if the End is really coming? 

      Seemingly nothing. 

       Indeed, if Western Civilization and the rest of the world are to face a catacylsmic event like those written of in the Bible or the Holy Qur'an then people might well ask themselves if any body has an answer as to what might God be up to: for it would seem if we are to all face a Day of Judgment for Mankind from theWest  to theEast;  and from the North to the South then shouldn't there be some kind of a Sign or a Warning from on High? 

         The question is not specious; for it asks that of the same God that prepared Noah for the Flood does exist then is there any clue as why we have not heard a peep from Him if we are all facing what looks like near extinction for the human race? 

            The scenario might best be seen as when God sent Jonah to Ninevah; telling them that if they did not repent than in 40 days Ninevah would be destroyed.  Of course we know that Jonah first got on a ship going to Tarshish; presently known as the south of France; where not a few like Brad and Angelina are hanging out might point to being a place of refuge: but Jonah never got to France; he ended up in a whale for 3 days and 3 nights where God gave him some time to think things over: and Jonah decided that perhaps going to Ninevah would be the way to go after all, so he went. 

        Upon arriving at Ninevah Jonah told them to repent or be destroyed; and the rulers took Jonah at his word: for the whole city repented in sackcloth and ashes: and Ninevah was saved. 

            That Jonah hated Ninevah is obvious; because when they repented Jonah was not happy: he was furious; but that is perhaps another clue as to why we face globally the same fate; for how can we repent and be saved if there is no warning or Warner? 

                 The answer lies in the phrase "The Last Day"; as seen in the word of Jesus and that of Muhammed; who both use the phrase in a number of places; but the problem is this: no one has any idea about when this "Last Day" is going to arrive so that our earth and it's inhabitants can prepare themselves and repent: and be saved so they can escape all these disasters and, in the words of the Lamb "stand before the Son of Man" at his coming.



    The Seperation of Light and Darkness: Now is the Veil of ISIS to fall forever




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    "It was narrated that Ibn 'Abbas said:

              ".....The Messenger of Allah said concerning the Stone

                      "....By Allah, Allah will bring it forth on the Day of Resurrection,

                    and it will have two eyes with which it will see
                        and a tongue with which it will speak,
              and it will testify in favour of those who touched it in sincerity."...... "

                              I am that Rose that Arose

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