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    The two Articles to see disturb fa I have recently seen the master’s new article “What Does it Mean to Help Master Rectify the Fa”at, and at the same time I also saw Tang Qi published master’s new article “What Does it Mean to Help Master Rectify the Fa ”at duowei site, It is confused me that the same title but the former more than the latter at least 335 words,which one is real edition? However, from the habit of our master tone , tangqi’s is more like our master ’s tone than Minghui’s one . So, I can distinguish that the new article at Minghui is a sham, at least add or delete the new master’s version. In fact, it isn’t the first time that Minghui modified our master new article. It is said: "March 26, 2006 Master's 'Manhattan argument', it has been repeatedly altered and suppressed by Minghui for three and a half years, finally launched until September 12,2009,and Fa Conference in New York in 2008 ,delayed for more than 10 days before being published. For this brazenly tampering Master articles at minghui ,we must see through their disturbing Dafa’s nature, their aim is that make our master a mere figurehead and allow them do everything. I remember, in the early days, Master made us pass the truth with the Nine Commentaries, but Minghui let us not put the Nine Commentaries on principle when tell the truth; Master let us not bear, but insisted Minghui told us continue to endure ... Obviously,it is opposing to master .Nowaday,it also published the make-up scripture to us, then how do we believe that the master articles at Minghui is real verses. how many sham artiles are there at Minghui? So, I called up Dafa disciples to appeal to our master that rectify Minghui’s governor as soon as possible, otherwise how we can get the real master articles in future and how to help master recify the fa. Of course, no matter what happened, dafa disciples always listen to the Master, go with the master, and determined to help master recify the fa.

    July 9, 2011
    11:17 PM
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