Tuesday, November 25, 2008, 7:08 PM [General]

    A listening mind is a quiet mind.

    Remember that you are happiest when you are slowly detailing.  Be a detailist.  Detailing means listening.  Cleaning.  Attending.

    My communication and work is perfection.  It is composition.

    If you or someone else is having a freak out, come back to your own ground.

    Is "giving love" to others impossible if one is not grounded and composed in one's own life?  I am thinking that the attempt to be loving to others is useless if one is not living from their own ground.  It ends up being some kind of idealistic theater act.

    Nothing ever ends and nothing ever begins.  It is just an ongoing process.  You don't end relationships, you move in a different direction and maintain harmony within yourself.

    Do not over extend yourself beyond your ability to compose and be composed.


    Do not plan your whole life out.  Just take the next step.  Do not look beyond the next step.  

    What worked yesterday will not work today.  Today is different.

    Do not introduce thoughts of distance to get from here to there.  There is nowhere else to go or become.  You can relax.

    Don't ever sacrifice your own balance to go for what you think you are wanting.  

    Always work from the ground up.

    Be complete in all you do.

    There is no urgency in my life.   No time table.  Just let it all happen at its own pace, in its own way.  Trust.  Success is not as important as moment to moment wise living.

    When working, be smooth, be neutral and engaged.  Don't be urgent and rushed.   Just apply yourself.  This is a different kind of happiness.   This makes you feel better about yourself and less flaky and scattered and drifty.

    Fear is nothing but a habit. The antidote is listening.

    If it is not working, let it go.

    Antidote for everything is to clear the space.  Less is more.  Just simplify.

    Working with fear:

    Know that you are in the right place at the right time.

    Know your intent.


    Ask for help.

    Appreciate what you have first and you will attract more.  Be specific in what you do want in your life, but always have appreciation.  Appreciation is not possible if one has a cluttered and conflicted mind.  A listening mind is a quiet mind.

    Work from the ground up.  Clear your plate entirely, take a shower, arrange

    your work space, etc before you start working.  Eat, sleep, drink water.  Go from the foundation and up.  This creates balance and composure, so you have a firm footing.

    To ground myself:

    1. Clear the space
    2. Inwardly reach out
    3. Take a little nap
    4. Meditate
    5. Shower a little
    6. Drink some water
    7. Reduce stimulation in environment
    8. Take another nap
    9. Surrender

    All relationships are good.  There are no failed relationships.  Keep the ones you like alive, let the rest go.

    Contribute.  Do something of actual use.

    Solution to violence in the world:

    1. See that all emotion seeks a target.
    2. Speech that sources itself from emotion seeks a target.
    3. To calm emotion, there must be an inward silencing.
    4. Humans need to recognize when their speech or opinions are arising from emotion, and retreat back and calm the emotion.  This way there is never any targeting in speech or in energy coming from one human to another.

    Addition by subtraction:

    Ask yourself what you can get rid of, to create that sense of simplicity, vastness and peace.  No need to always add what is new.  Subtract what is old.

    "There is no complexity in happiness, for simplicity is its one essential ingredient.  Rejoice then, in the factual nature of your true essence."

    Just keep your composure and live a simple, retiring life, where things are not looking like some kind of continual martyrdom.  You give what you can, and maintain your peace.  Don't join the whirlwind.  Let it go and create your own style of being.

    Remember that being alone only means loneliness if you need a nap or need to clear something or are off balance.  Rest and rest and just take care of you.  Everything else flows from there.  Don't worry so much about hurting people's feelings if you need to be alone.  And just recognize that you are here learning and being alone is not so bad.

    I am imagining my absolute freedom from the need to chase this and that .... it is all here for me and I am going to rest.

    If I make any kind of statement or proclamation about who I am, what I am doing, I am immediately enslaved and burdened by that proclamation.

    There is no cost of freedom.  There is no price to pay, no karma to work through, no path to an end.  Just hold that feeling of freedom, that we are totally free, and let it manifest in the material world.  We are free.  There is no need to ask for it or earn it.

    When you're burdened with obligation, you cannot feel your own desire to connect.

    Just keep kind of quiet and soft and sit back.  Don't talk so much.

    I drink lots of water (very important).

    Don't react to others' heaviness with heaviness.  Listen to them and connect with them and to yourself bless them.

    I have been conditioned to sometimes think that people don't like me when they actually do, however, because I start acting as if they don't like me, it presents a dilemma for them.   My overlaying perception is changing my reality.

    I deny the very existence of chaos in any form.  It is merely a perception.  All that exists is the pure perfection and love.  I ask for assistance in changing my consciousness to perceive this perfection, this beauty.

    Do not ever judge a situation as out of control.

    When someone is freaking out and blaming you, do not come from your emotions when talking to them.  Do not get gushy and apologetic.  See the situation as not a problem.  See it as already resolved.

    Don't counter dramatic extreme language with more of your own.  Just talk.

    Don't make meditation into a thing.  Meditation is an unthing.  It is a peeling back.

    Count your blessings when you start to feel lack.  Find one thing to be grateful for.

    Don't get lost in it.  Just work.  Just live.

    Don't make the world into your problem to solve.  Make it my playground to contribute, to give, to appreciate in, to reach out in small ways.  Don't concern yourself with others' problems so much.  Reach out to them and create a good thing and know that there is no problem.


    Deprogramming patterns that are in the brain.  The brain is like a computer.  Journalling is a good way to dump things that you don't want.

    1 Journal:  "Patterns I learned in Childhood"

    Write down all the things parents, siblings, friends doing when you were a child.  Do this for 45 days.  Then you burn it or shred it and say I do not choose to retain these patterns anymore.  This forces the brain to look at the patterns.

    2 Journal: "Patterns I do choose to have."

    Write down new patterns and affirmations.


    Is this what the holidays are all about?  Getting together with friends and getting satiated?  Food, drink, etc.  Is this it?  Wine and dine, talk.  Watch a movie.  Hang out.   I want something different.  What?  Space. Clarity.  Simplicity.  Groundedness.  Do I want a family?  Not if I don't have space.  Simplicity.  Perfect order.  Peace from the ground up.  The satiation part feels sloppy and dull.


    Work epiphany - the simple daily game plan.

    Truth is, I had been becoming bored with my work.  I had been having trouble keeping myself focused.  I have been working in a more scattered, less methodical way.  Just wading in, and it is just an unpleasant way of of working because their is less sense of direction and elegance.  I had been feeling overwhelmed, and now with the use of to do lists, I am having more fun with it.  I like creating order and detailing.  I get deflated when I feel like things are getting away from me and my work does not have a certain elegance in it.  Then I start drifting away from my work, having trouble staying interested.  I had lost that recently, and it was feeling like I was in a struggle with everything.  This is why I started "whining" to Mary about being burned out.  Am I actually burned out?  Or was I just in need of a shift in the way I approached work?  I was burned out on my own approach.  I can handle the workload.  I was just maybe burned out on my own approach to life in general, which had become rather like wading in and just doing doing doing, without a simple, daily game plan to refer to.  Applying management tools, like organized to do lists, is making me feel more sane with it.  I am learning how to enjoy work, and not always be looking for some kind of escape.

    There is an empowerment in "My whole life is work", because I get paid enough to comfortably pay my bills, and have money leftover to save or to improve my house.  This reduces stress greatly.  

    Sometimes I get in a personal crisis that says "Is this it?" and I want some fantasy life, some family life, and I start to feel like I am missing something.  Then I get to feeling resentful about working so much ... but I think this is a kind of illusion.  No matter what, there is always alot to do.  This is a rebelliousness against the challenges of life, which is a theme that arises every now and then with me, and I have learned not always to take it as meaning that something has to change, outwardly.  It could mean that I just need to settle in and enjoy myself.

    Work with disorder by learning to be still and not seek a memorized outcome by practicing a memorized action.

    You become dull and unavailable when you do a memorized action toward a memorized goal.  This makes you relate only to images in your mind, not in the actual of what is going on, moment to moment.

    Notice when you swim in your own memories.  Stop and listen to a moment.  Be still.

    The mind is calm, the form is balanced.  The life is balanced.

    I will not use the words "I want" anymore.  Just "I choose".

    Choosers can't be beggars.

    If you pay attention to something that is discordant, you have fed it.

    If you pay attention to something that is positive, you have fed that.

    Don't feed emotions.  Whether positive or negative.  Experience it and let it go.

    If you choose, you are in balance.  If you shut something out, you are acting from fear.

    It's very easy to go in directions that are convoluted and chaotic.

    Do ... or do not.  There is no try.

    What you do is not so important.  How much you accomplish is not so important.  Be totally present while you are doing it.

    Your ambition for yourself is far less than what you would become if you ceased trying to become anything and just sought to be totally present with whatever you are doing.  Just be, without becoming, and you will become much.

    I like to think of meditation as communing, rather than practicing, because practice is a repetition of something that is planned.  Communing is more of an open exploration and checking in with the reality of life.

    Space and composition are the antidote for negative emotions.

    We only have each other.  We have us.  That bond is what is beautiful.

    Bob, be useful in a real, concrete way.

    Merit is not built by intensity.  Merit is built by just relaxing and living.  Letting yourself be.  Does this accumulate anything?  No ... because time is an illusion and accumulation over time is not possible.  There is just this.  Leave the intensity behind.

    It's simple ... I like to create space and simplicity and let go of the past -- even what happened two minutes ago -- clear the space.  The only kind of woman I would want to be involved with would ALSO like to create space and simplicity and letting go of the past.  That way I am not battling her.  This is what I choose.

    I am designing my sacred space.  My reality.  Journal about what is in your space, and make it complete.  Otherwise, you get half a space.  And when you have half a space, what do you have?  A leak.  You have a gap in you support system, and you go out into the world off balance.

    Don't apologize to people for things that are not your responsibility.  Don't say you're sorry.  If you do this, they may just pile it on, especially if they are in the habit of not taking responsibility for their own life.  Your apology will open the flood gates.  Don't take part in drama. To apologize to them is to agree with their drama.  Just be happy and take care of yourself, your life, your thoughts, your responsibilities, so that you don't get angry and end up blaming them.

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    Tips for Living

    Sunday, June 22, 2008, 3:38 AM [General]

    Nowhere to go ... nothing to do ... la de da ... no big deal.

    Always carry yourself in a way that is uplifted and composed.


    Don't lean toward the future or the past. 

    Live like a dog.  Sleep alot and lay around, and eat and be naturally sweet.

    Clear space.

    Life is only beautiful to a well rested soul.

    Beautiful order is an end in itself, not base to pile intensity on.

    Find a groove that is lazy and calm and has all day.  Not so much structure, but ability to apply yourself to what needs to be done.

    Live from the ground up.

    Take a nap.  Then take another nap.

    Clear away the extra.  Make simple.

    Live your own life.

    Don't follow others. 

    Let things die if they are dying.

    Take a nap.

    Eat the right food and drink plenty of water.

    Do one thing.

    Don't live according to a formula.

    Don't meditate if you don't like meditation.  Just be quiet.

    Be just you, because it is more than whatever you could try to be.

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    Tips for Living

    Sunday, June 22, 2008, 3:38 AM [General]

    Nowhere to go ... nothing to do ... la de da ... it is all good.

    Always carry yourself in a way that is uplifted and balanced.  Create beauty.


    Don't lean toward the future or the past.  Perch yourself presently on today, in Divine perfect balance. 

    Live like a dog.  Sleep alot and lay around, and eat and be naturally sweet.

    Clear space.

    Life is only beautiful to a well rested soul.

    Beautiful order is an end in itself, not base to pile intensity on.

    Find a groove that is lazy and calm and has all day.  Not so much structure, but ability to apply yourself to what needs to be done.

    Live from the ground up.

    Take a nap.  Then take another nap.

    Clear away the extra.  Make simple.

    Live your own life.

    Don't follow others. 

    Let things die if they are dying.

    Take a nap.

    Eat the right food and drink plenty of water.

    Do one thing.

    Don't live according to a formula.

    Don't meditate if you don't like meditation.  Just be quiet.

    Be just you, because it is more than whatever you could try to be.

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    Benu Notes

    Wednesday, April 2, 2008, 11:01 PM [General]

    Emotions are like buses.  Wait five minutes and another one will be coming along. 


    Create a self that you did not know.  A teflon self, one that nothing sticks too .. Compose yourself.   Allow affluence to come to you.  Value yourself.  Focus on how valuable you are.  Believe in yourself.


    My reality is what I choose for it to be.


     A thought that is sent out becomes reality.  Decide what your reality will be.  Do not buy into fear.

    The amount of energy or effort is not important.  Just the confidence.


    The emotions of others can totally drain you and exhaust you.  If you are picking up someone else's negativity coming towards you (feels like a sinking "here we go" feeling):  First learn to recognize it, and then say, "I choose to let go of that which does not belong to me."  And then drink a glass of water.

    Meditate.  Contemplate.  Create perfect balance.  Be perfectly balanced.

    The brain will keep running the old thoughts.  It does not like to allow new thoughts to come in.  It is completely, utterly habitual and lazy and resists changing to more positive patterns.  You need to be the boss and keep pushing those new thoughts in, and release the old ones that do not serve the positive that you wish to create.

    If you buy into fear-based living, you attract predators, and this is a false reality that you create for yourself.  Focus on love, beauty, gratitude and use common sense, and know that this is NOT a dangerous world.

    No "shoulds" tool:  Say to yourself: "I should.    I'm not.   OK."

    Be in gratitude.  Changes everything.  If you cannot be in gratitude for something that has happened, find something in it, or in our life that you can be in gratitude about.

    Surrender the good experiences and the bad.  Let it all go.  Keep rediscovering what you thought you knew, and it always stays fresh.

    Don't live in the past.

    My reality is what I choose for it to be.


    I am safe.  I am balanced.  I am in Divine flow.

    If someone around you is not being positive, bless them, they will learn from you.  No need to convince them of anything.  They will learn from you.  Focus on what you choose.  Be an example.

    I choose to receive more time.

    Get rid of everything that does not support you anymore.

    Do some journaling on what "play" is.  No guilt.

    Choose a mate that you share the same kind of spiritual journey with on a daily basis.

    When a Divine Compliment (a deep soul connection) walks away, it feels like abandonment, but rise above it and know that it is only temporary.

    The core essence of you, following your pathway.  Focus on that.

    No matter how grand your intentions are, you will not move forward if you are holding onto the past.

    The best way to get the most use out of your brain capacity is to think outside the box.  Don't allow yourself to just follow along with what others are saying.  Think, analyze, form your own thoughts and opinions.

    Anything that happens on this planet, you can deal with.  Just deal with it one moment at a time.  Stay present with it.  Stay in the now.  Clear the space.

    GROUP GLOM: When you have a group, or a system with an agenda .. which could be leading to some kind of "powerful" event, this is simply powerful for that agenda ... Within the context of that agenda.  Within that box.  But what you want to look at is each individual within the group and what their concept of what they are doing is.  The reality is in each individual's freedom or lack of it around agendas ... being empowered to act according to their release of agendas.  Then you have a powerful non-event,  according to no agenda, and outside the box, and unforeseen.  This is more natural.  Individuals create empowerment by being individuals, not by being part of a group's idea of empowerment (A GROUP GLOM), which has nothing to do with the members of the group and where they stand as individuals.

    Journal about what YOU believe.  Not what others have told you to believe.

    What you focus on expands.  Focus on chaos, chaos expands.

    Tribal beliefs = generally a repetition of negative verbage.

    If you choose the positive, you are going a bit against the grain.

    I choose love, I choose balance, I choose abundance.  I choose wealth unlimited.

    When you focus on what you choose.  Some people in your life are going to want to drift away.  Why?  Because they are not being positive and you are.  Because you are positive and loving and they don't want to be that way.

    Also -- work on gratitude.  Attracts more things to be in gratitude about.

    When you hold onto something, be it material or experience, that is fear based.  My thought: being materialistic is only harmful if it is fear based.

    Everything that is a life form has a voice and speaks.

    Tool:  I choose to bring someone into my life that can .... 

    If you choose something in your life, you get outside the box and open up to other dimensions if you say "this or something better."

    Better not to confront people and talk directly to people if they are not awake or aware.  Better to communicate by example.  Why?  Because they will misinterpret what you say and twist it around according to their limited view.

    Everyone simply needs to work on their own issues.

    People who are committed to being negative are repelled by positive energy.

    We are releasing the illusion of Karma.

    Focus simply means having no doubt.  Believing.  Having confidence.

    Teach by example, not by words.  Words are small, example is large.

    Focus on what you choose to have, not what you choose not to have.

    The more you choose what you want to focus on, everything else will fall away.

    Practice 100% positive thoughts daily.  Be present, let go of past.

    If there is something in your life that is not working, focus on what does work.

    Don't get caught too much in identifying yourself as "part of a whole".  You are an individual expression.  Do not identify yourself by comparing with others.  You are you, and you need to honor who YOU are.

    "Cancel clear" is a way to let go of any situation that is deemed negative or unpleasant.  Right then.  (Same as saying "Clear the space".)

    Designing sacred space = designing your reality.

    People who you are comfortable with will come toward you.  People who you are uncomfortable with will avoid you.

    When people around you are being difficult, or annoying, step out of the emotional body and into the mental.  They can only exhaust you in the emotional body.

    If you feel attracted to somebody, no re-decorating -- ""It would be great if they didn't do this.  It would be great if they didn't do that".  Say, "I like the energy I am feeling from this individual.  I am choosing to be in Divine flow."  If you are meant to be together, you will flow exactly on the same pathways.  You don't have to worry about that.  Remember, no makeovers. 

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