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    Religion Question

    Saturday, January 2, 2010, 4:05 PM [General]

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    I have attended many different churches and bible study groups.  I have participated in Pagan rituals and have sought knowledge at the temple of all religions.  I don’t know if anyone is right or wrong, but I crave a deeper understanding of devotion and why people believe the way that they do.  I want to understand this more than anything.  Perhaps I am too skeptical or cynical or maybe I just think too much.  What I would like to do is ask a series of questions to friends and strangers alike—the more the better!  I would like for people to answer these questions as honestly from the heart as possible.  I am not going to refute your beliefs or tell anyone that they are wrong, but I do request the ability to use these answers (with or without names) to further my research and potentially use in a published work.  Please do not respond if you do not wish your answer to be used, or respond anonymously, so that I can use it without ever knowing who you are.

    Please send all responses to

    1.       Do you believe in God?

    2.       Do you believe that you are right and that others are wrong?

    3.       If you do believe that others are wrong, why?

    4.       What or who is God?

    5.       How is salvation attained?

    6.       What is your first memory of a religious experience?

    7.       Has your faith ever faltered?

    8.       Do you find that there are things within your religion that you do not agree with? Please explain.

    9.       What would you say to someone who told you that you were wrong?


    Feel free to distribute these questions where you see fit.  And once again, I am not trying to question anyone’s beliefs or prove that anyone is wrong, I just want to understand why we believe what we do.  Thanks!  Hope everyone had happy and blessed Holidays!!

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