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    The God of Is-Real

    Monday, April 16, 2012, 12:46 PM [General]

                                                 The God of Is-Real

    O Lord, people are saying, You are just a prophet or just an allegory tail, they also say they are not worried or concerned about going to hell. Some say “there’s no God” and that I worship You in vain, they say if You were real, You would answer when they call Your name. Lord, I know You are real because only You can make it rain and thunder, but why others can’t see this is what makes me wonder?

    “Behold, whoever asks anything in My name is not asking in vain, to give man a sign was one of the reasons I came. All the things I did, I told man to write them in a book, but unless a man is born again, he cannot see a sign even when he looks. I showed man one sign when I walked on the sea, but many of them still doubted and did not believe in Me. There was once a man named Nicodemus who came to Me in the night, he could not see the Kingdom of Heaven though it stood right before his sight. Some people honor Me with their lips, but not with their hearts, they are just as blind as Nicodemus was when he came to Me in the dark. The Kingdom is like the wind because you cannot see where it goes, but the wind can be felt whenever it blows. O ye of little faith, even if I gave another sign this very hour, they still would not believe in the Holy Spirit’s power. Can man make the color of the sky? Or can he make the clouds that pass by? Can man make the birds and bees? Or can he make the flowers, grass or trees? Can man hold up the sun and cause it to burn? Or hold the earth in his hand and make it turn? Can he speak a word and make rain fall from the sky? Man cannot do these things no matter how hard he tries. Furthermore, I make the blind see and the sick healed, and by faith My people know that I Am real!”

    Job 38-39, Matthew 15:30-31; 16:4-19, Mark 6:49, John 5:24-27, 14:13-14, II Corinthians 5:7

    Tim Gillam

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    God Promises Not To Forsake The Needy

    Monday, April 16, 2012, 12:41 PM [General]


    Many say it’s a thin line between love and hate,

     and that good things always comes to those who wait.

    But I say help those who are economically disabled;

    invite the hungry to sit down for a meal at your table.

    Show the sick and poor that there is still people who care because it will make their burdens a little easier to bear. There’s not many who reaches out with love and concern, without them wanting something back in return…

     “Man was created in My image because I wanted him to love and share, helping the needy is like a breath of clean fresh air. Indeed, there’s not many who really care,  selfishness is one thing that even I Am unable to bear. I sent a flood because of the wickedness of man, but it still has not stopped selfishness from spreading throughout the land. I even showed My love when I died on the tree, but their hearts are still hardened and have rebelled against Me. If they have forsaken the sick and poor, they have also forsaken Me. Indeed, the earth is still full of wickedness as far as My eyes can. Wherefore, since they have done these things, there is something I most declare, I shall not forsake the needy when they call to Me in prayer.”

    Psalm 51:16-17, Proverbs 28:27, Isaiah 1:4-10, 41-17 Matthew 25:35-40, Luke 16:19-31

    Tim Gillam

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    The Word Search

    Saturday, April 7, 2012, 4:39 PM [General]

    The Word Search


    Lord, I need a little inspiration to help me through the day,  I know You have something encouraging to say.

    Just one Word from You will increase my faith, it will also comfort me and make me feel completely safe.

    A special word from You will  gives me strength when I’m feeling weak, I get so I look to hear from You 24 hours a day & days a week…

     “Behold, I am the good Shepherd who always feeds his herd,

    especially the ones who are suffering and need an encouraging Word.

     Surely, man shall not live by merely bread alone, I shall feed My hungry

    Sheep while I sit in heaven on My throne. Indeed, all My Words are

    Perfect and very good to eat, they have more nutrients than

    vegetables, fruits, and meat. Furthermore, My Words are like a

    garment covering from head to feet,  they are also like honey:

    pure, rich and sweet!”


                                                  Inspired By:

    Jeremiah 15:16, 31:33, Isaiah: 26:9, Proverb: 7:1-3, Matthew: 4:4, John 8:51


    Tim Gillam


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    The Bible Code

    Friday, April 6, 2012, 1:31 PM [General]



    O Lord, when I get ready to read the Holy Bible,

    I don’t know where to start reading first,

    the scriptures are so powerful,

    I simply love every verse.

    From Genesis to Revelation, I just love every story,

    I write about it to give You the Glory.

    It’s so amazing how the world is foretold,

    but how is this possible

    when the Scriptures are thousands of years old?


    “Blessed is the man that makes Me the apple of his eye, and exalts My name above the clouds in the sky. Genesis to Revelation all bears witness to Me, and because thou love the Scriptures, I shall answer the question for thee. For many years, I have sought for someone who would not turn from the true, but found none, the angels in heaven shall rejoice when I find just one. I did not say anything in the Scriptures in order to confuse man, all the things I proclaimed are so simple that even a child can understand. Did thou see how man exalted himself from Adam to Paul? There is no difference in today when thou see the wicked rise and fall. Not one word I said a man can say is untrue, I prophesied about the end times so no one will be surprise at what I Am going to do. Even if Moses and Samuel were living in this world today, these rebellious people still would not believe that I told them what to say. This is why when My Judgment comes, it shall not be a good day for man, many did not even believe that I gave Moses My Holy Command. Do thou not remember all the things I foretold? I said that in the last days the love of many shall grow cold. There shall be famine and disease in many different places, and the Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached to all nationalities and races. Thou shall see wars and hear rumors of wars, great tribulation man shall have to endure. Thou shall see and hear false doctrine being taught, and hear of conflicts and sorrows after nations have fought. Now when thou see all these abominations thou shall know it’s close to the end, and I shall come quickly, when I’m tired of seeing all this sin. But the end shall not come until all these things come first, I said the wickedness of each generation shall become worse and worse. See, I have told thee again about the end times, but woe to the man that does not take heed of these signs. Wherefore, if thou do not remember anything else just remember what I Am about to say, what I said Thousands of years ago was meant for today!”


    Featured Verse:

    Matthew 24:3-31,

    Inspired By:

    Psalm 119:1-8, Proverbs 7:1-3; 22:17-21, Exodus 34:1-35, Ezekiel 22; 30, Jeremiah 15:7-8, Thessalonians 2:3

    Tim Gillam

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    Jungle of Sin

    Friday, April 6, 2012, 1:25 PM [General]

    I’m trapped in a jungle where wild beast roam throughout,

    I have sought endlessly, but can’t find a way out.

    There’s poisonous snakes that can kill with one bite,

    and hungry scavengers that prey of the weak at night.

    All the animals fight for their own territory and space,

    it’s really a shame witnessing this land going to waste.

    I try to be grateful and keep a smile on my face,

    but God knows I wish He take me outta this place.

    God knows I struggle and wonder how am I gonna get by?

    But I became encouraged when He sent me a reply…

    “Blessed are those who endure to the end,

    Indeed you live in a jungle called sin.

    All the vicious scary animals are scared of Me,

    just mention My name and they shall all flee.

    Many animals appear to be harmless as a dove,

    they even prophesied in my name about peace and love.

    But do not be deceived by these vicious wild beast,

    unless repentance comes first,

    there shall not prosperity and peace.

    Though the lion roar he will not bite,

    though wild animals lurk,

    I shall make sure My sheep are not attacked at night.

    Though there’s great wickedness found in the jungle of sin,

    but the greatest source is found in the hearts of men!”

    Exodus 14:14, Psalm 27, Jeremiah 24:10, Matthew 10:22-25, Ephesians 2:8, 6:11-17, II Corinthians 3:17, Acts 26:15, Revelations 3:19-22, James 1:3


    Inspirational and Spiritual Poetry



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