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    Hiya TiffoneyG. I'm Melissa. I live in Burlington, NC. Been here almost 10 years now, originally from Miami, FL. My Mother and I live together as well as my eldest niece along with her family, husband and daughter, 1 year old who is also the Queen of the pack! My sister and her family of 6 is here. Just 2 brothers and there familes are in FL. I am engaged to be married in May, '11, great guy! As far as me personally, thats mainly in my profile. Hopefully I will have the rest of it set up when you read this, LOL. If not, Wait a few and it will be. :-) I went to send a prayer for a dear friend of mine and I saw your prayer. It brought me to tears. It was lovely and heart felt. Blessed Be. God Bless.

    June 15, 2010
    2:30 PM
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    I too firmly believe in Angels..and I know I have two of on each shoulder..and they guide the Holy Spirit guides me...and God loves us all. God bless you and your loved ones and have a blessed, safe and happy Memorial Day weekend! david

    May 29, 2010
    11:57 AM
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