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  •   I feel asif I am going to implode.Life just keeps pushing me now in a corner how do I react to the latest push. Today I was told to ... more
  •  to be able to talk to my children.  I  would never take the little stuff for granted dirty clothes in the floor.  O how I miss book reports. 
  •  what a day I am in really good spirits today.  I opened  my store that feels really good,   matthew ,joseph,lucinda and kevin mama ... more

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    Christian Glitter by Happy Birthday..hope you have a special day. Your friend from beliefnet! God Bless, Roxanne

    July 27, 2008
    4:12 AM
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    July 25, 2008
    12:34 AM
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    Christian Glitter by Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you today. I will email you at the emai add. you sent to me! Much love always!

    May 26, 2008
    4:22 PM
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