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    Sadness is a wall between two gardens. ~
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  • I cried for the first time in weeks yesterday. Though that sounds like a good thing (not crying for weeks), it really isn't for me. I ... more
  • I started writing a letter to a once very good friend of mine. I haven't talked to him in almost 4 years due to my mental illnesses and ... more
  • My health is not good right not, spiritually, mentally or physically. I want to change that. I want get healthy in all areas of my life. ... more

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    Thank you again, I just posted on DD, no one has been there in 6 months. So we will see if anyone comes back, but it felt good to get what I said off my chest. You're the best TG. Love, Pat

    pat garrett
    April 3, 2010
    8:00 PM
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    HI: Hope you have a good labor day!! Don't labor too much, lol!!! Thinking about you and all of our good friends. You're in my prayers, things are going to get better soon. SUE

    September 6, 2009
    11:21 AM
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    I miss you ThickTigerLady, let me know how you are! Love, PAT

    pat garrett
    April 24, 2009
    7:47 PM
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