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    Hi Theo ~

    September 3, 2011
    2:44 AM
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    Your question might seem complicated because we look for complex answers. In fact the answer to your question is quite simple. The Tetragrammaton, Ineffible and Unspeakable Name of God ... cannot be phonetically pronounced. It is indeed poor scholarship that suggests "jehovah" as the pronunciation, simply because there is no "J" sound in ancient Hebrew. Also, quite simply, the particular combination of the ancient Hebrew letters Yod, hey, vav, hey has a multitude of proper pronunciations, none of which can be properly judged as exclusively correct when compared one to another. Just as no one can give an exclusive definition of God no one can give an exclusive proper pronunciation of God's Name. As a starter, I suggest The Wisdom In The Hebrew Alphabet, Rabbi Michael L. Munk; Mesora Publications, Ltd.

    August 7, 2010
    11:57 AM
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    Hello, Theo. I am Mormon and not offended that you are not. Neither am I looking for a theological or philosophical debate with you. However, I am interested in "friendship." (In qyotes cause we'll never meet.)

    October 25, 2009
    8:13 PM
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