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    Hi! Thank you for adding me as a friend on B'net. I understand your frustrations about not being able to update your profile pic. I've had so many technical problems with B'net since the "improvements" that I would have given up, except that the community here is so great - so I persevere. Love and peace, Paula. xxx

    October 18, 2009
    4:24 PM
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    Hello thelostrose, I enjoyed reading a little about you. I too am disable and have been since the year 2000 but wasn't approved until 2003. Now it doesn't take that long here to get approved or not approved for Disability. It was a big change in my life and was hard to get use to. I had worked all of my life and then something happen to me to slow me down, really down and after 4 months in the hospital, test done, blood work, seeing multiple Doctors,different medications, therapy, etc. etc., I finally got to go home. I had to go to all 6 Doctors with a 3 straight day time frame for test they did there. I was on sooooo much medicine that my husband had to take care of that for me. We really do not know what happened to me, but when it did, it did it for good!! I can no longer drive to which I miss so bad.... there are still lots of things I cannot do anymore and the entire ordeal has completely change my life... It was a huge adjustment to make in my life. I was on he go 24/7. I was working 50 hours +weekly, going to college in the evening, then help taking care of my Mother and then going home to study on my homework for classes the next day. So, I had thought and thought about it and I am thinking just maybe my blessed Lord had been trying to tell me to slow down. But somehow I did not receive his call, therefore I went as fast as I could go 24/7. But God has more power than I and I just pprayed and prayed for God to help me and reveal to me what I need to do. We got our grade report for the quarter and I was thinking, oh my goodness, I don't know about this right now. So, I did not look at it and started home. I really thought I may have failed some of the test in my classes which would have brought my grades down. I just ignored it and forgot about it. My nosey husband comes in and sits down and says.... well, let me see your semester grades. I fouled around with all my stuff and told him I would find it later. Well, he did not forget about it and asked again. So, i just gave in and let him see it. He said, well I am not shocked... it is very good.. you always made very good grades in High School. I just looked at him like he was crazy or something. So, i opened it and looked at it and I had all "A's" and was on honor roll again. I could not believe it..I thought I had really messed up this time for good!! So, it took a little longer to do and read, but I finally got adjusted to all of my medications and did fine from there on. Did you go to college? Did you get your degree? It sure is hard to get it!! I hate to see where you are frustrated, but you know what?????? I am too!!! It seems I stay frstated more than I ever have. The least little thing especially with the grandkids just frustrates me so much. I hope you can help yourself or get help with your frustrations because it can drive you crazy..... Maybe a friend who can keep things to his or her self the things you share with them.... So, you are not only disabled, you are retired. Where are you retired from? I see you like going to the movies also. We go to the movies all the time every single week. I love comedy's the best, because with everything happening with our economy, we need to be able to smile some instead of always sad all the time. Oh my goodness, you like motorcycles... ha ha. they scare me so much and they are so loud!!! Some of them show off on them. That is neat though..... Oh...... I read where you like to sit and do "The people watching"..... Oh, Oh, I love to sit in an area or place and totally love to watch people whatever they are doing or going or are who they are talking to. I see how they are dressed and score both people to see if I think the couple are a match. I love watching people and some of them are really funny to watch. I love to go to our Zoo and watch the Tigers. They are beautiful... They just finished remodeling at different areas of the zoo. It is a very nice place to go to visit. Well, I am going to go to bed. It is 2:45 am on Thursday morning and am getting tired. But, I am sorry this is so long. I get started and cannot shut up. But I have enjoyed reading all about you and hope to hear from you soon. Please take care and may God richly bless you..... Bayee

    October 8, 2009
    4:46 AM
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