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    Join us in The Library to discuss books you are reading, books you are writing, and to start up discussions that generate Book Studies. Feel free to discuss Sacred Texts; the Apocrypha; any Religious Studies you are involved in; World Travel; Classic Literature, Interior Design; Architectural works; and any Recipe Books that have captured your attention. Be creative and innovative in "The Library" ~ This is an OPEN Group, soon to be filled with many interesting people of various backgrounds. ALL are welcome to join ~ Come on in!


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    Welcome jdrose! WE are glad you are here in The Library. Your book selections sound very interesting, and you are right about the Bible and your view. I agree. I also find nothing wrong with studying other sacred texts and wisdom literature. I'm looking forward to reading what you will be sharing in The Library! Blessings to you ~ Ordained

    August 27, 2013
    3:10 PM
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    Hello , I just joined The Library. I like to join book groups mostly to get new ideas on what to read. Looking forward to some interesting discoveries. I mostly read fiction and recently finished the Girl With the Dragon Tattoo series. On the spiritual side I find Debbie Mac Comber Knit Together memoir to be inspiring. In general I stick to the Bible for any christian topic. I find the truth there and don't need a lot of other texts trying to explain things in or away from it. I do like to learn of art , world history and classic literature. I love my Library in my home town and will actually have withdraws if I don't visit it often , LOL :)

    December 28, 2011
    8:20 AM
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    Let our December be full of Knowledge, Wisdom, and information that enlightens each of us. I'm looking forward to all posts, forum discussions, new books, videos and photos... How is everyone doing? Give us a shout out ~ Love, Ordained

    December 8, 2011
    1:19 AM
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    Reach6 ~ You said so much for us to digest that I am bringing what you have shared with us here into this box... "Thanks for the welcome. About regenerating communities: In my town we have several programs set up to support local organizations. I belong to a knitting group that works on knitted items that are sold at our annual sale. The profits go to the library in town. (last year we made a couple of thousand dollars) We meet every week and catch up on what's happening locally while we knit. I also participate in a program to support a local farm. You get a share of the recent pickings, and can either pick-your-own or pick up a prepackaged box weekly. There are local farms even in the Winter months participating. It recirculates local dollars while giving support to a local business. I think a good part of the spiritual unease in this country comes from the isolation that the electronic age engenders. These activities get you involved with your community again, and you help each other at the same time. Can you imagine if more of these things begin to happen? We might not be so afraid of the "strangers" out there, because now they have faces and names, and you might even know them! Local economies waste less money on gas for transporting goods, reinvest profits in needs of the community, and foster communication between neighbors. We don't need to be trapped by corporate decision-making and greed anymore. Several communities in Vermont have stimulated their local economy by sharing resources with each other. This generates new jobs, increases profit, and cuts down on overhead expenses. I look forward to the day when our young people spend their time interacting with their neighbors in community centers such as these, instead of waiting in line for unemployment checks. That is a lonely and discouraging world!" ~ Reach6 Everything that you mentioned in terms of involvement in the community and regenerating the community is well noted. I particularly perked up when you mentioned the knitting...I really like the fact that you meet every week -- that is AWESOME! How nice to have something that not only inspires people to utilize their craft, but also fosters relations in the community, not to mention it supports the local library, and keeps dollars circulating within the community. You are so right about the internet, and how it engenders isolation -- and in many ways distant communication (if any at all)... I do so remember the good old days before computers were even invented, and there was no such thing as a cell phone -- (Remember those days Reach6 and all members here in The Library?)...smiles...That was when people spent more time doing things face to face. But alas, still, I am very glad to have the opportunity to meet everyone here in the Library from around the globe! Aren't you? Love,

    September 4, 2011
    12:02 AM
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