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Posted by: Fenny on Apr 22, 2010 at 04:19:21 PM

Hi everyone,

It is a bit hard to navigate this site...but I am trying to post my first of hopefully many. I am a tad disappointed as it seems that this group is not really alive and kickaing. I have already come across a couple of sites re Bipolar with the same problem. My desire is to connect to others like me.

So, I'll introduce myself:
I have been diagnosed with BP in January 2007, but looking back I had my first major depressive episode when I was 15. I am pretty sure I have showed symptoms before then, but since I am disconnected with my highly dysfunctional family, I can't go ask. For me it is partly genetic, my mother and her mother are undiagnosed BP's. For years my GP thought I had just depressions. No-one noticed the hypomania's. It was after I got diagnosed