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    The Theravadin Practise

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    This is about the practise itself. "Hands-on" buddhism so to speak.

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    I thought I'd take an opportunity to introduce myself to this forum/group. As you will see from my profile, I am in the UK and have for some 6+ years being learning and trying to live the Buddhist dhamma but have more recently decided to learn morre about the philosophical culture in which Buddha reached and taught the dhamma. I doing this, I am finding much that resonates with me in my own spirtual journey and my own experiences in both my meditations and my observations as I try to live my day-to-day life more mindfully of the lessons taught through all Indian philosophy. I have the sense that Buddha was indeed perhaps expanding upon Advaita Vedanta philosophy in his own teachings and am interested to know what others more knowledgable about both traditions may think of the similarities and differences between both of these traditions. Many thanks for any help anyone may be able to give me in navigating my own joourney towards truth.

    May 12, 2012
    8:20 AM
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