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  • dear God please help me, im so scared and alone and i need your help. i cant do this alone. please help me to get well and be able to do ... more
  • My prayer is that the world entire will come to know the One true God before the time of testing begins; a time much worst than the time ... more
  • This is worlds Idea of a good preacher nowadays.  I think he reminds me of the Devil himself.  People like this guy who tell you there ... more

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    I know I am probably wasting my typing time here, but since you took the time to post on my profile I thought I might as well respond. The reality is simple. We, humans, created religion and the books used to describe them. To take it a little further, we also created the morals espoused in these books. To quote scripture to a true atheist is like trying to say to me that “Santa really does exist, just read the fairytales written about him…that proves it!”. Quoting the bible to prove to me that your faith is not blind is not going to convince me of any thing...but thanks for trying ;)

    December 3, 2008
    4:14 PM
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    I like your "faith description" keep up the good works. God Bless!

    December 1, 2008
    1:52 PM
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