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    we will be praying for individuals as well as for World Peace, the lonely , sick ,those who are subject to violence , the abused children of this world , and for all who have No Faith

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    Lord I place these problems in your hands because; I do not know what to do. I am under a forced Housing Preservation Development order to vacate my apartment because it is illegal. I will be homeless after July 27, 2011 and I don’t have any monies to find a new apartment. Please pray for me to receive financial & housing assistance and relocation. I am disabled; veteran and college student and I live on a fixed income. My landlord owes me 2 months security deposit, which his has not returned. This money will help me to secure a new apartment. I am afraid to go into the shelters because, they are dangerous and dirty. But, the HPD told me that is the only housing available to me. I feel this is unfair, for them to place me in the street, without any type of support group to help me. Please pray for me to receive help before it is too late. In Jesus Name I Pray, AMEN.

    July 25, 2011
    2:57 PM
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    I believe in my spirit, that prayer is the most powerful weapon known for the soul and the heart. There are often times when we grow weary searching for answers, but nevertheless patience is the key. I believe being a apart of this group will strengthen my prayer life and bring a greater form of peace to me.

    May 28, 2011
    10:47 AM
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    I have join this group because I believe that if a lot of people join on our prayers the better. I would like to pray for my son. he is mentally ill and substance abuser. He can't accept that he is an addict so he doesn't accept help. Only God could help him by giving him a new heart. Please pray for him. Thank you

    February 10, 2011
    6:24 PM
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    I would like to request prayers for my family. We are about to go through a divorce. I think it's worth saving no matter how mean and awful my husband has been. He is a good person. He has worked out of town and lived in hotels for 7 years and has worn thin. His soul is torn. If he had a job closer to home he would not be lonely and forlorn and we would not be fighting over things to the point of a divorce. Our family is in jeopardy, and I think it is worth saving. Can you pray he finds a job closer to home? And that we will work this out in counseling and be ok? Please, I beg. And I truly appreciate this! Thank you!

    February 9, 2011
    8:09 AM
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