Archangel Michael:Make the Compassionate Choice

    Saturday, October 17, 2009, 3:29 PM [General]

    by Eileen Smith

    Michael is referred to as the greatest of all angels in writings. He is charged with being the Protector of Earth. He will not return home to God until every being has evolved and every consciousness on the planet is returned to its perfect state.

    He is the master of the First Light Ray and helps us all speak our truth. Michael energy is assertive and protective, and carries his flaming sword of power and strength, the power of it derived from love and compassion.

    This month our beloved champion of Earth, Archangel Michael, teams up with Mother Mary (as they often do) for this month’s channeled message.

    To be honest, there has been an urgency with the Archangel and Ascended Master’s messages lately. Including Michael’s. It’s like they are saying, “Okay people of Earth, you really have to get it now. Time to make the right choices for your life and for the world.”

    But Michael and Mary tell me, the choice that is to be made is the COMPASSIONATE CHOICE. Both for yourself and in any given opportunity with any living thing in your daily life. They tell me it’s very important we do this now.  As a matter of fact, they wanted me to emphasize certain words or “coined terms” in this channeled message which I’ve done by using capitalization.

    For example, a friend of mine was driving to work and saw a cat hit by a car. The driver who hit it kept going, but she pulled over, saw it was still alive and called the police to get veterinary assistance for it. Yes, it made her late for her day, but she made the Compassionate Choice. But fortunately for her, the police officer made the Compassionate Choice in assisting her, and her boss made the Compassionate Choice in not only understanding, but being totally on board with, and understanding such a choice.

    We all lead busy lives, but in the grand scheme of things, God’s angels tell us to think on what is truly important. Make the Compassionate Choice.

    Making the Compassionate Choice for you is also important. Michael tells me that if you are having any issues with being able to give and receive love and compassion due to current or past emotions, it’s time to heal. It’s important that you do whatever you need to do to get help for it now, so you can be in your heart space more often. He says for example, if you have been thinking about seeing a counselor to receive healing, do it.  Make the call.

    Yes, Michael seems to want us to take ACTION now, not to mull over changing our lives for the better. Take a step, even a small one, and do it without delay.

    Another issue Michael talks about this month is grounding. He tells me that many of us, particularly healers and teachers and other Lightworkers are in need of grounding and keeping grounded. He tells me the Lighworkers are holding the space for the ascension of Earth and everything on her, so your grounding is really being worked for everything it’s worth. So many of you are experiencing aching in the feet, calves, knees and hips.

    However, the old style of grounding he tells me, is no longer sufficient and actually taxes Earth. She has a lot going on so pulling energy from her to ground yourself is no longer helpful to you or Her. That is one reason you are having issues feeling grounded. Your doing what used to work.

    Michael tells me to instead, imagine all around your feet like a Christmas tree skirt, but made of points of light. And that the light then comes up into your legs and into your root chakra.  I will be giving a teleclass on if you’d like me to take you through this new way of grounding. Sign up for my newsletter at my website to be alerted as to the date.

    Michael also tells me exercise, massage and especially foot massages are very helpful for grounding as well.

    Mother Mary and Michael have also told me that many relationships are transitioning right now. Especially friendships. This message inspired me to create an Ascending Earth teleclass which I will be teaching on Oct 27th.   (Click here to register.)


    Many of you are evolving into your true self, but if the other chooses not to advance, the friendship is falling away. The two of you no longer mesh, but the friendship clings due to memories of wonderful moments and understanding shared in the past.

    Mary and Michael say this is necessary to those who choose to step into their ascending, evolving selves. But it can be done with love and honoring the wonderful times from the past. Keep the memories and most importantly, the love when the rest seems to be falling away. The love can always remain.

    Copyright 2009 Eileen Smith The Path of the White RoseTM All Rights Reserved

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    Archangel Ariel: Take Action to Change Your Life

    Saturday, August 15, 2009, 1:11 PM [General]

    Archangel Ariel: Take Action to Change Your Life

    Lioness of God"

    Virtues Courage, focus, healing, awakening

    In Charge of: Earth, Air, crystals, animals , manifesting, The Nature Realms, All things Earthly.

    Ariel's message to you channeled through Eileen Smith:


    "If your praying to me, and the Lion image or lion symbolism comes to your vision, or a strong wind, or a gentle but fragrant breeze, that is me. I am saying I have received your messages and am aware of your needs.A sign that I am with you.

    Accept the healing I am offering you, or be on the look out for the divine signposts to steer you in the way you wish, will be totally up to you now. I cannot choose that for you, you have to walk in the direction I am pointing.

    Many of you become frustrated at the angelic beings because you say you pray to us but nothing is changing. If that is happening, it is because your missing the signs. Many times your minds are in a ever revolving cycle of negative thought or anxiety and fear that you can't see, hear or feel our guidance.

    For we are truly partners with you in the answering of your prayers. But like any partnership, you must do your part. We are with you, supporting you, guiding you.

    If you find that this is the case with you, that you ask for Divine help but feel it is not given, then we ask you to seek help to stop that cycle, and sooner than later. Or whatever your experiencing will continue.

    If you want change, you must take action to help yourself. In whatever way that is. Counseling, healing energy or bodywork, exercise, meditation, chanting..whatever you can do to get your mind and heart out of the looping movie it's in. Then you will be hearing and feeling the prayers that we have already answered."

    Copyright 2009 Eileen Smith The Path of the White RoseTM All Rights Reserved

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    Monday, July 27, 2009, 2:16 PM [General]

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    Archangel Haniel: Caring For Yourself in these Challenging Times

    Monday, July 6, 2009, 10:44 AM [General]

    Archangel Haniel: Caring For Yourself in these Challenging Times

    July 5, 2009

    by Eileen Smith

    Who is Archangel Haniel?

    Haniel’s name means ‘Glory of God’.
    Haniel governs the ancient magics of healing and feminine power, and the energy of the Moon.

    Not many are familiar with this incredible being. Although archangels are androgynous they do have an energy more often projected as male or female so that people on Earth can more easily identify with them. Haniel more often appears as a female.


    She has a very different energy, as you can see from this month’s White Rose Path channeling. To me she felt very wise, very knowing, very “Earth mother”, but with humor, a twinkle in her eye. If she was human, I could see her as a rock star or on a motorcycle. What a joy it was to connect with her very refreshing, Earthy energy and bring it to you.


    Here is my channeling of Archangel Haniel’s message to you:

    “Are you so very tired lately, cranky, impatient, aching, not knowing names, dropping things, not the epitome of Grace?

    I am here to tell you that you are processing through your sacred feminine side, the ascension of your planet. But also too, the chaotic energy that is occurring now around you  as well. I know you feel it. You may not have been able to pinpoint it, why it is, what exactly has been a little off. That is why.

    Now is the time to go more into that feminine wisdom that ALL of your carry within, be you male or female. Now is the time for you to nurture and care for yourself as if you were very pregnant. Because you are.

    You are holding the space within you for the Light to be more present here on Earth. It can be physically uncomfortable, and emotional as well. You will handle it better by being in quiet , restorative places and doing more restorative things for your body and mind, and of course your spirit. You live in a busy time, the fastest, busiest time ever seen on your planet, so you are used to trying to keep up with a pace  that your body and mind were never meant to keep up with. Your spirit however, is more than up for this task.

    But your body needs assistance in all of this. Water, water is so very important right now. As is sleep. Deep, restorative sleep at the time your ancient DNA wants, and that is from a few hours into the evening until early morning. Not the current sleep schedule dictated by electrical lights. So try to get more of that. Even one hour earlier to bed and rising will assist you.

    And the water, take care of your life blood on Earth that is your waters. Mother Ocean and her bloodlines that are your rivers. She needs you, needs your help.

    And then you can help each other as you wash away the harsh energies occurring now, with the waters that feel your help to keep her clean and alive. A thank you in return.

    And time away. Honor this feeling you have of wanting to be away from the hectic pace, not being as sociable, not being on the phone, even if people do not understand it. You have a responsibility to yourself to honor what you need to be healthy and feel balanced in this way.

    Many of you are so used to ignoring this need that you don’t even know you need it. And so your soul and your mind and your body is trying to get you to recognize this need through discomfort, the unclear thinking and emotions that seem high and then low and all over the place.

    Look to your beautiful, gentle moon in the sky, so beautiful but yet many of you hardly remember to see such beauty offered to you. Do you know you are one of the few planets to have such a beauty in your night sky? Stop and be in a moment, look up and notice GOD in your life, in your world, and call upon me while your looking and I Haniel, will help you”

    Copyright 2009 Eileen Smith The Path of the White Rose

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    Invocation to Archangel Raphael

    Tuesday, June 16, 2009, 9:38 AM [General]

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    Invocation to Archangel Raphael

    by Eileen Smith

    Archangel Raphael (meaning “God has healed”)

    Raphael is charged by God to heal the earth “I am the Angel Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the throne of God.”

    Quick Raphael Facts:

    • Master of healing the Earth
    • Extremely healing to all living beings, plants, animals, humans, and non-human.
    • Guide to nurses and physicians and of travelers
    • Raphael also grants courage
    • Encourages scientific breakthroughs and knowledge in general.
    • He is associated with Spring and rebirth.

    Essene prayer: “Raphael, Angel of Sun, enter my solar center and give the fire of life to my whole body.”


    Archangel Raphael Invocation

    “The Universe has all the health, wealth and laughter in abundant supply and is ready and willing to send it all to me as I AM a child of God and my body is God’s Divine perfection.

    I forgive myself and let go of any and all actions, feelings or thoughts that have created this condition.

    I Am a Master in All that I Am and call upon Raphael to invoke the Divine Blueprint and Perfection of my true Divine Self, God’s perfection.

    I am ready to live my fullest potiential. I am ready to be a Light in this world. I am ready to fulfill my mission here on Earth.

    I am ready to let go of that which has investments in my remaining in an unhealed state as it no longer works for the Master of Life that I AM.

    I choose Life and the dissolving my illusions. I choose Health. I choose Abundance. I choose to fully participate in life. I choose love.

    Archangel Raphael, heal me in every way that is needed and anything for which you know needs to be healed at this time.

    And so it is, already done. Thank you. Amen.”


    And so it is! ~Eileen

    Join me on June 26th at 12academy for a channeled meditation with Archangel Raphael.Click here to register.

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