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  • Hello all of my Guru-dites!Guru-dites. That kind of looks like crudités. Though my devoted Guru-dites are very different from your ... more
  • Hello Blog Dawgs!It is I, the Love Guru, bloggin' in for my eleventh entry. In the spirit of complete and pure honesty, I cannot believe ... more
  • I can't believe I made it to 10 whole blogs! What a crazy high number. I mean, it's not as high as 11, and definitely not as high as 98. ... more

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    I am sure this month, can be compared to an accountant's tax season!!! Everyone wants love in their life, me included. So, I won't keep you any longer, from your job at hand! Love & Light, Susan Comments & Myspace Layouts

    February 1, 2009
    3:45 PM
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    January 3, 2009
    8:38 AM
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    Just dropped by and saw tomorrow is your birthday. I want to wish you a very Happy Birthday and New Year's and may both be all you want them to be. Peace and happiness always. Blessed Be, Cherokee aka Lesley

    January 2, 2009
    1:18 PM
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