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    Let us all go on a spiritual journey together through the clouds, through the atmosphere into the universe and the otherworld (Heaven)and meet at the steps of the Healing Temple. We can enter to be met by Angels and Spirits..our guide on this journey will be from your own belief yet Angelic...We will be comforted and feel the surges of positive energy! We will be cleansed and then we will all debate amongst the Group what we gained from it..let us bring all our energies together no matter what faith or none..let us lift up as one our spirits in nature and being and repair as one spiritual Army the damage present and past and for the future..let us help the struggle of Spirit and Angel alike to enter the 3rd Chapter of Angel Intervention and our vibrations of thought and deed to the next level. Earth-Angel Ian
    (Mention of in journal and group has been in accordance with Beliefnet's instructions)

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