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    The Children of God

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    We are a group that will share our greatest wise knowing and understanding of our human existence. As a group of “like hearts and minds” we will look deep inside and examine who we really are "as perfect reflections" of God's Grace upon the planet. We will hear our voices; singing out clearly in one unified resonating tone for the manifestation of healing and unconditional love energy for the use of our dear planet Earth and all of her creatures; for our individual and collective lives. Our personal or collective religions, Beloved Messiahs and master teachers are not our only focus; here our inner sacred heart and our heart chakras will speak divine truth with clarity for all that care to listen. Some of us in our group will provide information given/channeled/telepathically communicated to us by God/The Creator/The MotherFather, God's SELF, The Holy Spirit, The Christ Spirit or Christ Mind/Heart, and/or from our brothers and sisters from The Divine Universal Sister-Brotherhood called Our Brother and Sisters of The Universe or angelic kingdom. Still others of us will share information and wisdom that we have received in moments of meditation, prayer or quiet-heart from our wise ancestors and other loving multi-dimensional beings. Words of wisdom both ancient and new age will be given, shared and pondered. We will speak our real hearts and divine minds as one great voice calling ourselves The Wise Children of God. We will support and counsel one another, as well as, share prophesy and predictions as given in the highest light of Divine Understanding and Love as we have come to know and receive it.

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    You know, I really think you are on to something. I briefly viewed your recording of the effects of words upon water. Some time ago, I became acquainted with Dr. Emoto's research. There is so much to be absorbed. Thank you for what you are doing.

    December 10, 2010
    4:37 PM
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