Tuesday, March 4, 2014, 2:04 AM [General]


    Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra


    Songbird of the country

    Please sing your tunes tirelessly

    On valleys and hills

    Sing afloat your theatre of amusement!


    You are forever rewarded

    With rice, shelter, care

    By humble folks who truly cherish you.



    Sing for them! – the poor and wretched—


    They who were left forlorn

    By trusted lords

    By false guardians of welfare

    By deified magnates;

    They who are now casting

    New lives for themselves

    New hopes toward betterment.


    O! Songbird so dear!

    Lift them up from slumber!


    [Writ. 26 May 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]



    I never ceased to marvel over songbirds perched on trees nearby my residence, their songs serving as balms that can sooth inner wounds. As part of divine grace on Terra, we are o! so blessed with so many songbirds. In the early morning, they role-play as my alarm clock, wakening me through their sweet melodies.

    Aspirants in the Path ought to meditate on the sublime meanings of the songbird. Upon advancing in the Path and striving to contribute to the Work, the Aspirant better face people like a songbird does to the folks. It is necessary to provide service to those who are in need, as well as to those who thirst for knowledge and wisdom, service being the 6th Ray of divinity.

    Be like unto the songbird, who dedicates melodies so unselfishly to those who can hear, especially the marginalized peoples. Those deified magnates who quack service by engaging in humanitarian pursuits for posterity and fame, those who are undeniably Service-for-Self or SFS persons, will be taken out by Gaia from Terra post-2012, and will be transferred by the Spiritual Hierarchy to a world that befits their egoistic nature.



    March 2011

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    Tuesday, February 25, 2014, 2:36 AM [General]


    Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra



    Is never allowed to be dormant

    Among children

    In whose currents it

    Freely flows

    When it erupts

    Like sunbursts

    That all other cosmic bodies

    Gladly accept

    As life blessings.


    [Writ. 09 Oct. 1987, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]



    A person who is truly in the Path of Light, in thought and in practice, will naturally turn out to be cheerful. If a person refuses, consciously or unconsciously, to release dense energy blockages from within, then higher Light cannot flow down the lower self as much as it should, thus causing a state of ‘grim and determined’ mood.

    As a social activist of long standing, I had deep scorn for fellow activist leaders who were ‘grim and determined’. They turned out to be fanatical hardliners, and were defenders of social tenets as stiff dogma. When they spoke before the public, they discoursed in the ‘brimstone and fire’ manner, lacking humor and life.


    Strive to release dense energies from within you, caused by very long conditions of psychological disorder that you may have possessed for so many lives, so as to effectively let higher Light flow through you. There are meditation tools available to achieve results.

    Do not be imposing your presence upon a guru of the Teaching by stubbornly sticking on to your dense states of disordered selves. Being so, you will lack the cheerfulness that is expected of any worker of Light, and will dogmatize the Teaching as well as make a cult out of the founding Master of the group or teachings represented by your guru.



    March 2011

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    Wednesday, February 19, 2014, 7:28 AM [General]


    Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

    There can be

    no savoring the foods

    offered by Terra

    without working hard for their generation;


    no consumption of bounties

    in torrential showers

    without striving

    for their production;


    no recital of flowery

    words about justice

    without active contention

    for their fruition;


    no pleasant rest

    of mind and body

    without processing by

    the sweatshops of labour;


    no blissful state

    of realized utopias

    without rendering sufferings

    from waylaid obstacles.

    [Writ. 27 Sept, 1987, University of the Philippines, QC.]



    The poem was largely my crafting of the virtue of labor in the poetic form. At the time of my writing this piece, I was largely enamored to the labor theory of value, which I hold on to this day.

    Any spiritual Aspirant ought to realize the wisdom behind labor as way to reproducing in the self the power of creation of the Prime Creator. Being thus a reproduction of such divine powers, each of us is a co-creator of the Almighty in the lower dimensions of reality.

    Being so, we strive to enact co-creation in the realm of practice. We were sent here for a higher purpose, so we maximize our presence in the dense spheres to labor as a sublime expression of the powers of creation. Even our sojourning the Path is a matter of engaging in work—in spiritual work—as we put into practice the principles of higher mysteries.

    As we move on in our journey living highly productive lives, so does Divine grace come forth, showering us with blessings. Till finally one becomes Self-realized, a process that is itself brought forth by a combination of our efforts (25%), our guru’s intervention programs (25%), and divine grace (50%).


    March 2011                                        


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    Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 2:22 AM [General]


    Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


    What is

    the promising denouement

    of aspirations for betterment

    by all the Earth’s dispossessed

    if not that

    the fidelity

    to the visions

    they’ve conceived

    can unfold

    in their nonpassive



    Yes, the future

    has shapes and forms

    that can be exquisitely


    [Writ. 27 Sept. 1987, University of the Philippines, QC.]


    As a youth I was attracted strongly to humanist, Enlightenment ideas about progress and the possibilities of recreating worlds. From the Eastern masters did I learn more recondite thoughts about progress and the continuous growth of the Spirit in daily life, thus ensuring a better future for us all individually and collectively as humans.

    Along the mystical Path did I grasp the knowledge that even the Earth itself—endowed as it is with higher intelligence—is capable of uprooting itself from eons of stasis and propelling itself to a higher dimension. That sublime intelligence is Gaia, the divine being that had made Earth as her material vehicle.

    What we are today is what we have made of ourselves based on accretions of experiences from diverse embodiments. We can choose the Negative Path, or the laggard’s way of stasis, or the Positive Path of ascension back to the Godhead. The decision about what Path to take is ours to make, our future then expectedly a product about that decision and the compass of our sojourns.

    The future, in other words, is not a fixed condition of life that an external intelligence has assigned for us. We are free will beings, free to chart the contours of our “what-can-be” from the momentary context of the “what-is”.


    March 2011


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    Tuesday, February 11, 2014, 1:41 AM [General]


    Erle Frayne  Argonza

    The BRA (Britain-America-Russia) ‘triumvirate of alien researchers’ holds something so special in their respective vaults of knowledge that each power held as top secret for many decades now. It has a great deal to do with the Extra-Terrestrial Intelligences or ETIs, the results of which were actually inferred through systematic research and interaction with ETIs. 

    The question that the rest of us Earth humans or Earthans are asking now is, why has there been so much secrecy regarding the ETI phenomenon? Does it suffice to claim that humanity is not prepared yet for the knowledge about the ETIs, and so the policy of the BRA Establishment is to keep mum about the matter? Or is it because the knowledge derived from the research is of military significance, and anything militarily-oriented is classified information?

    We could say that all of the above reasons held true last century, more so in the decades after World War I. Humanity was still mired in superstition and Victorian mindsets than, the level of knowledge was still in the level of the Enlightenment Era and was pathetically narrow to comprehend ETIs, and the military information given by the ETIs whom the BRA interacted with were pure and plain classified.

    But that was true for the 20th century though. Mankind had moved on since those early exploratory decades. It may be time to make public pronouncements about the ETIs.

    Fact is, the Nazi Germans were the first to study the ETIs intensively and may have received knowledge from some ETI groups. The same knowledge may have been used to design the nuclear bomb, and were it not that Allied onslaught wiped out German military production altogether, the same Bomb could have been dropped on Germany’s enemies, permitting Germany to establish its 1000-year Reich. Japan and Italy could have benefitted enormously from the 1000-year tyranny, thanks to ETI technology.

    It did not happen that way though. The BRA countries, which were the core leaders of the Allied Forces, also had their own intensive R&D done on the subject, at the same time when relativity theory and quantum mechanics were revolutionizing the sciences. They later got hold of Nazi scientists who were ETI researchers, and secretly employed the same in their own research pursuits.

    But another world power, the Vatican, silently observed those occurrences during the past decades. Little did the world outside know that after Vatican II, the church installed its own ETI research bureau, headed by a cardinal and staffed with scientist priests and lay. The bureau was instrumental in collating previous data and evidences, the most baffling being some skulls of unusual shape—deposited in Vatican relics—that do not at all cohere with any of the hominoid and hominid skulls known to man. These were alien skulls right inside the Vatican!

    As the Vatican ETI bureau did its work silently, only occasionally coming out with seemingly independent views by church members, it also secured its own information about what the BRA ‘triumvirate’ was doing about ETI and their state-of-the-art technological applications.

    Now that the planet had entered the starting phase of its post-industrial, Information Age phase, humans are simply ready to accept knowledge about their own brethren beyond our star systems. The Vatican was expecting that the secular BRA triumvirate, reinforced by UN and international scientific circles, should make the pronouncement now, at this very moment, when people are looking for some hope to be able to get out of the growing global chaos.

    But the BRA officialdom failed to do its part, for one reason or another. And this could have prompted the Vatican hierarchy to do the first salvo of revelation, by utilizing an astronomer priest to pronounce the official policy about ETIs. Accordingly, God created many life forms and life streams, including human-related beings, and so ETIs are well within the ambit of the integrity of Creation. 

    What a bombshell this revelation is! A true bombshell! Now the Vatican is examining the public feedback from the pronouncement to see if there are hostile or antipathetic thoughts whatsoever. And there are none! Which now empowers the Church all the more, mandating it to make the official heraldry about ETIs in the next couple of years.  

    There’s no way that the BRA countries would counter this move with PR slanders against the Church for the latter to keep its mouth shut. No force on Earth can do that on the Vatican, remember. Or else the Church will mastermind the economic collapse and fragmentation of the world power involved, this being its sanguine leverage against any arrogantly abusive power.

    [28 May 2008, Quezon City, MetroManila]

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    Tuesday, February 4, 2014, 3:40 AM [General]


    Erle Frayne Argonza y Delago


    O! Aspiration!

    You majestic road

    To where all are brought

    To fate’s myriad conclusions,


    You are beheld

    As a plane in Pythagoras’ universe

    Contained in Euclid’s space

    A foot away to grasp in an instance.


    Yet how come that you,

    In each one’ pathway

    Seem millions of miles away,

    Far beyond anyone’s reach?


    O! Aspiration!

    Please don’t appear as any

    Unconquerable chimera

    To willful beings

    To the willful.


    [Writ. 26 May 1988, Proj.8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


    This poetic piece is about building one’s life based on dreams or goals. “A man with a dream cannot be denied,” thundered a former labor leader in the USA who shifted later on to network marketing—he did succeed in the latter though he was denied by potential markets or sponsored distributors hundreds of times before his new business matured.

    Having turned into a human development practitioner during my professional career, I did realize the profound wisdom of propelling yourself to achieving higher levels of “self-actualization” (using Maslow’s term) with your chief dream as your empowering propellant.

    In the Path of self-realization, it is important to engage in pursuits of “right livelihood” (Buddha’s maxim), this being a 3rd Ray work of perfecting your craft. Such craft or profession will aid you in meeting your needs to be able to fulfill your highest goals of spiritual liberation.

    Go ahead and build dreams in your daily life. Set goals, identify the means or strategies to attain those goals, and ensure that they tie up with your very long term goal of self-realization.


    March 2011

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    Monday, January 27, 2014, 2:45 AM [General]



    Erle Frayne D. Argonza / Ra

    [Manila, January 2014]



    Divine Wisdom or theos Sophia is the wisdom of ascended beings or masters. Previously taught in secrecy only to the elect, it is now disseminated and taught openly. Also called the Teaching, the Brothers of Light decided to keep it secret for a long time during the Kali Yuga (Dark Age), as it was abused and used for ulterior or evil motives by the unprepared and the Evil Ones. Kali Yuga is now over, the Golden Age of Light has begun, and the Teaching had since its open dissemination impacted decisively already so as to lift up humanity to where it is today: the Ascendant arc of evolutionary path.


    The mandated releases to humanity are divided into batches called dispensations. Three (3) dispensations have already occurred, as follows:


    • 1st Dispensation: 1860-1914
    • 2nd Dispensation: 1919-1970
    • 3rd Dispensation: 1974-Present (ongoing)


    Below is a listing of the names of the Initiates who were tasked to channel the Wisdom or Teaching from Mahatmas (Perfected Ones). Spiritual masters who released related writings were also included. Any seeker or aspirant can then openly research on the writings of the identified Initiates that are now available on the internet (most of them are free sharewares, while some others are for purchase).


    The said Initiates/Masters and their respective works are the most urgent ones to read or study. The writings contain many methods and tools for attainment or spiritual advancement. An aspirant can go ahead and read the works of masters other than those identified below, and then use the 7th Ray and 12th Ray to integrate all lessons and practices thereafter (see Joshua David Stone’s Ascension Manual).


    Any beginning seeker must strive to accomplish the ones labeled ‘urgent reads’ during the first 2 years of studies. From there on, the seeker can proceed to study the other materials.


    1st Dispensation: Foundations of the Wisdom/Teaching


    Helena P. Blavatsky

    • Urgent reads: Secret Doctrine, vols. 1 & 2

    Annie Besant

    • Urgent reads: (a) Ancient Wisdom, (b) Avataras

    Rev. C. Leadbeater

    C. Leadbeater

    Col. Olcott

    A.P. Sinnett


    Related works:

    Rudolf Steiner

    • Urgent reads: (a) Cosmic Memory, (b) Knowledge of the Higher Worlds


    Note: As an introductory foundation for all the 1st Dispensation writes, read A. Besant’s Ancient Wisdom. All mandated messengers were founders of the Theosophical Society, with Blavatsky’s works as most pivotal. Steiner began with theosophy, though he later declared independence and founded anthroposophy. If you encounter difficulties with terms or concepts, clarify the definitions in Blavatsky’s Theosophical Glossary. Mahatmas who channeled the wisdom: El Morya, St Germain, Kuthumi, Serapis Bey.


    2nd Dispensation: Expansion of the Wisdom, Christ’s Return


    Alice Bailey & Dwjal Khul

    • Urgent reads: (a) Externalization of Hierarchy, (b) Initiation: Human and Solar

    Guy Ballard & Edna Ballard

    • Urgent read: I Am Discourses

    Mark Prophet & Elizabeth Prophet

    • Urgent reads: Lost Gospels of Jesus, vols. 1-4

    Geraldine Inocente

    Nicholas Roerich


    Related works:

    Paramahansa Yogananda

    • Urgent read: Autobiography of a Yogi


    Note: 2nd Dispensation works are expansions of the foundational Teaching. The beginnings of strong resonations about the return of the Planetary Christ are reflected in Dwjal Khul’s channeled messages thru his chela Alice Bailey. Earth was almost destroyed by the Evil Ones (Hitler, Mussolini, Tojo), the Teaching releases thus including tools to spread Light & Love in most rapid fashion to “seal the door where evil dwells” (Great Invocations). Accordingly, the ‘accelerated method’ to one’s Path were also released. Paramahansa Yogananda belongs to the Kriya masters, with important contributions adjusted to modern times.


    3rd Dispensation: Ascension, Earth Changes, New Earth


    J.J. Hurtak

    • Urgent read: Keys of Enoch

    Joshua David Stone

    • Urgent read: Ascension Manual

    Guru Krishnananda

    • Urgent reads: (a) 2012/End or Beginning, (b) Preparing for 2012
    • See:

    Sal Rachele

    • See:

    Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra

    • See: CosmicBuhay – (wisdom)
    • See: AscensionGuardian –

    [95 other Messengers – for identification/scattered across 180 countries/diverse languages used…]


    Note: 3rd Dispensation, which began when the Almighty Father commenced direct intervention on Earth in 1974, combines continued new releases on the Teaching and prophecies about the forthcoming planetary Ascension. They were writ by 100 messengers from among the 144,000 White Robes tasked to aid Terrans prepare for the shift in consciousness and reality (5th Dimension). Though very complex as the Initiates come from different wisdom traditions, aside from being indubitably staggering (coming from 100 thinkers!), there has been a convergence of the heraldries on the topic of Ascension. Since the Almighty Father has been intervening, in the last instance it was He who determined the landform post-2012 (landforms were retained), shift Earth to 4th Density without the catastrophe, and is expected to intervene again during the final ascent to 5th Density/Dimension.

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    Wednesday, January 22, 2014, 1:44 AM [General]


    Erle Frayne Argonza / Ra



    In times when mind’s soaked

    in an intoxicating concoction

    of rage and fiery resentment

    ought not battle against pitfalls


    that are really no pitfalls

    when gauged against virtues

    that they unintendedly unlock


    for such virtues are ever present

    in the labyrinth of pursuits

    awaiting to float to the surface

    of riverine Existence


    no matter how inconspicuous these are;

    they are stars that are forever

    habituating the firmaments

    in grandiose beauty,


    despite dark clouds

    despite dark clouds

    [Writ. 02 June 1988, Proj. 8, Quezon City, M.Manila.]


    I was still a young man when I wrote this piece, and was turning 30. It was a difficult time of transition, though I was already soaked in the vibrations of the Higher Mysteries at that time. The wisdom of recognizing pitfalls as springboard base from which to build virtues was already as clear as transparent water for me by then.

    I share the message to all enthused seekers and devotees of the Ascended Masters to welcome pitfalls that occur in their sojourns. Refrain from self-pitying when they come, welcome them as they are part of your molding in the Spirit, regard them as challengers that forge you into a far stronger Being than before.


    March 2011

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    Wednesday, January 15, 2014, 1:22 AM [General]



    Erle Frayne D. Argonza


    In this portion of the cosmogony articulations, a consolidated report on the Australia cosmogony is shared.


    The folk beliefs about the ‘sun’ and ‘moon’ endowed with consciousness signifies the role in antiquity of the ‘solar pitris’ and ‘lunar pitris’ (pitris = fathers) in evolving Terrans. Theos Sophia was clear in the thesis that nature unaided cannot evolve humans.


    Standard archetypes such as ‘sky’, ‘sea’, ‘water’, ‘egg’, ‘fire’, ‘space’, and so on. The faint knowledge of man evolving first as shadowy/etheric is reflected in the myths. From there on, divine intervention took place so as to improve humans to make them more morphous, bio-physical, intelligent, endowed with speech, more agile than the phlegmatic predecessors.


    [Philippines, 30 June 2011]


    From a consideration of the cosmogonic myths of Australia here outlined it would appear that a number of conclusions are justified. It has already been pointed out that a broad distinction may be drawn on linguistic grounds between the northern and central tribes on the one hand and those of the remainder of Australia on the other. Unfortunately, we have no myth material from western Australia, so that nothing can be said of its relations to the remainder of the continent. It is fairly clear, however, that the linguistic divergencies between the northern and central portions as contrasted with the southern and eastern districts are paralleled by differences in mythology. In the former region we find scarcely a trace of any myths of the source of the world or of a creator deity. The origin of mankind is either a coming up out of the ground or a spontaneous beginning as embryonic or amorphous beings, who are made human by one or another group of totem ancestors. The sun and moon are regarded as persons who, like other early mythical beings, emerged from the ground and later ascended to the sky, and knowledge of fire is said to have been taught to the ancestors in the underworld. In the southern and eastern portions of the continent we find, on the other hand, more or less definite tales of a creator-being and of a creation, together with myths of the origin of man-kind. Here the sun is often regarded as an actual fire kindled by an egg cast into space; here the sea (or water) is said to have been in the beginning either concealed or swallowed; and here a variety of origins are given for fire, its ownership by, and theft from, animals or birds being perhaps the most characteristic. Comparison with adjacent areas leads to rather contradictory results. In some particulars the northern and central type shows relationship to the largely hypothetical Papuan stratum in Melanesia, although some of its most characteristic elements, such as the origin of man from embryonic beings, have thus far not been reported from the Melanesian area. On the other hand, the southern and eastern type reveals points of similarity with the Melanesian stratum in Melanesia, although from the geographical stand-point, and known historical relations this would hardly be expected. On the basis of the cosmogonic myths alone these suggested resemblances are uncertain at the best; and we may, therefore, turn to the remainder of the mythology and see whether the same cleavage and the same affiliations occur there also.

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    Thursday, January 9, 2014, 1:59 AM [General]


    Erle Frayne D. Argonza


    Another tale from Victoria records the origin of woman as follows. One day Pallyan, the brother (or son?) of Pundjel, the maker of man, was playing in a deep water-hole and in so doing he thumped and thrashed the water with his hands until it became thick and muddy. At length he saw something, and parting the mass with a branch, he discovered hands and then two heads, and at last extricated two female forms, which were the first women and were given as wives to the two men whom Pundjel had already made. An origin of mankind from the sky is given by one of the tribes of the Northern Territory," who state that Atnatu, a self-created deity in the heavens, being angry at some of his children, threw them down to earth through a hole in the sky, and that these became the ancestors of the tribe. The dispersion of mankind was explained as follows by these same tribes. After men had multiplied, they became wicked; and thereupon Pundjel, coming down in anger from the skies, whither he and Pallyan had been carried by a whirlwind shortly after they had made the first human beings, with a great knife cut the people into small bits which moved and crawled about like worms. Then a great wind arose and scattered the pieces like flakes of snow far and wide over the world; and wherever they fell, they developed again into men and women. Although presenting some obvious features of missionary influence, the tale probably contains a nucleus of aboriginal thought.



    In the beginning of human history, two generic or ‘root-races’ of humans evolved, both of which were asexual in birth. This theme appears in many myths across the ASEAN & Pacific. It is also found in the Bible as Adam without Eve, the ‘deep sleep of Adam’. These phases of Pangaean races are signified by two (2) men created by Pundjel who had no wives.


    The advent of women signifies the arrival of sexually producing humans—of the mid-Lemurian racial families—whereupon birthing by ‘sweat-born’ and/or ‘egg-born’ ceased. Accordingly, they came from the water, ‘water’ here signifying the astral element, which means sexual reproduction evolved when Earth was still vibrating at higher frequency than today.



    Atnanu as ‘self-created deity’ signifies the Spirit-Force or Supreme Being/Godhead from which we all came. Atnanu’s ‘throwing of his children down to Earth due to anger’ is a direct referent for the descent of humans to more dense environments such as what Earth can offer, this being the devolution phase of human development.


    The beginnings of more individualized souls is also revealed in the narrative. The earlier souls were group-souls, the first minds were collective minds, first Thought was group-thought. That all changed with the coming of individuation, signified by the ‘cutting of humans into smaller pieces’. Theos Sophia or divine wisdom has clarified that process sufficiently.


    Current occult and mystical revelations in fact go more than that, as souls were accordingly sub-divided into ‘soul fragments’. This happened as Lucifer convinced mankind to evolve by controlling their passions, an option that backfired so badly as it fragmented human souls further. That was how humans descended so lowly to the physical plane, a descent that reduced life span and made humans dependent on the bio-sphere for sustenance.


    [Philippines, 30 June 2011]

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