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  • Is finally coming home to stay!I am soo happy and excited! I hope this helps our relationship!
  • As much as I love god I strayed.Im very disappointed in myself!!! Iam ready to get back on track though because I love god with all my ... more
  • welp today i decided that i will be going back to where i was, just a few months ago. Before i strayed a lil.i wasnt doing anything ... more

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    Blessings to you pretty lady. God is good and is always there for you. My name is Murphy also so we have something in God is a Big God and he loves you and me ! We must be pretty special, huh? He holds the whole universe in His hands and keeps the world spinning in its place so I believe if He can do that He can take care of us too ! Nothing is too hard and nothing is impossible. Faith in God is positive. We serve a positive God who has given us a purpose for this life. It's up to us to grow and mature into what He has provides for us. The word says God gave us a new commandment to love others as well as love ourselves. We will receive what we give out so we must plant good positive loving seed out there in this world. The results will be fulfilling and peaceful ! God is our refuge and strength so put ALL your trust in Him even when you can't see the results, He has a plan !!! Be blessed in all you do.... Gerri

    August 26, 2008
    10:17 PM
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    May 21, 2008
    12:34 PM
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    Thanks for the add - and thanks for joining us in our journey of faith and understanding. We look forward to hearing your thoughts!

    May 2, 2008
    1:42 PM
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