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    From Meniverse to Youniverse: Welcome To Planet taz

    Friday, October 30, 2015, 4:15 PM [General]

    Let me tell you about a little image that all-of-a-sudden

    popped into my mind one sunday afternoon some time

    ago and that struck me with its sheer beauty.

    It started with the well-known question

    "What the heck IS the true meaning of life?"

    Quite a difficult and individual one, i know.

    But again i was in the mood of looking out

    for meta-patterns.

    So I precised the first question to "What is life?"

    and of course instantly focusing on my personal

    interest "What is human life?" and "What is a

    human entity?" and "What is an entity?"

    I reduced the term "entity" (from which "human"

    is just a subdivision) to the most basic abstraction

    i found: a round sphere - which kind of represents

    the "perfect sole entity" to me, being some kind of

    "multidimensional circle".

    And of course you find the sphere-concept

    everywhere in nature when looking around -

    more often than any other shape as far as

    I experienced (even more often than the spiral,

    another interesting shape i´ll have to think about

    in future).

    Though the round sphere seems to me the most

    featureless, unindividual and "natural" sole body

    it still has some important features: i.e. a border

    that divides the inner universe from an outer universe.

    When catching on the term "universe" i suddenly found

    myself thinking about planets. A planet too is a

    round sphere with inner life and an outer universe.

    So i wondered - if "human" and "planet" do have

    some metaphoric connections - what might happen

    if i try to perceive a human entity in the way i perceive

    a planet entity. Then something said BANG in my head

    and what i received was this intuition i happened to call

    "Welcome to Planet Me". It goes like this:

    PHASE ONE: Basic settings

    Imagine the human mind being a planet like earth.

    There are landmasses:

    reliable massive slow-moving belief-alike things

    where something can be build on.

    And there is an ocean:

    impulsive, chaotic, able to shape the continents


    And there is an atmosphere:

    a kind of catalysator that makes oceans and

    landmasses interact in a lot of ways (i.e. rain).

    So far for the basic setting. Now let´s have a closer

    look at the continents.

    PHASE TWO: The continents

    To make the image work as an analogy i first had

    to find out which features enable us to live as humans.

    I found four basic functions that from my point might

    completely describe the human processes: They are


    (By the way: This is a point where - not only here but

    especially here -i veryvery much would love to get

    some corrections if i left something out...). 

    Let us pretend those four functions do represent

    four continents. We´ll find out that they provide

    quite liveable biotopes with their own special

    lifeforms and geography.

    On THINKING the dominating lifeform are

    "The thoughts". THINKING is a place i perceive

    like the himalaya region - with clear cold air around

    enormous mountains that reach up to the sky even

    higher than the clouds. It can be very exhausting

    to climb up there but you might have a wonderful

    far-looking perspective if you are lucky with the

    weather. Let´s put this continent in the Northwest

    corner of the planet.

    In the Southwest, just under THINKING, there is

    the continent ACTING. The dominating lifeform here are

    "The actions". it is a steamy jungle region pulsing with life -

    both beautiful and dangerous. And out in the woods there

    seem to roam huge wild beasts you might hear howling

    from time to time in a tone of desperate hunger that could let

    your blood freeze. But on the peaceful coastline lots of butterflies

    fill the air. 

    Let´s now move over to the Southeast.

    We´ll soon reach the continent FEELING. It reveals a

    warm volcanic landscape where huge amounts of hot

    lava flow around, cooling down slowly and by then

    leaving a rich ground full of minerals essential for seeds.

    Of course the dominating lifeform here are "The emotions".

    But they live quite endangered and have to be aware not to

    get burned by the hot unstoppable lava streams all around.

    The next stop would be the continent LEARNING

    up in the Northeast. What we have here is wide plains,

    taigas and painted deserts. The landscape seems to be

    quite monotone and lifeless, moving through it is a task

    that is not very comfortable. But on the way you will

    surely meet a lot of the dominating lifeforms called

    "The experiences"  if you look out for them - they use

    to hide out there under big stones - and some of them

    are quite poisonous.

    So this is a basic scribble of the continents.

    Now what about the big ocean that surrounds

    all the continents?

    PHASE THREE: The ocean

    Lets pretend the ocean is the representation of any sudden

    short-term impulses (our animal heritage#). It knows nothing

    from future or past. It has no time-standing survface where

    something might be "inscribed"It always looks basically the same.

    It only follows the actual circumstances and is both life-giving and

    life-taking without reacting to anything else than the present situstion.

    And of course - when getting whirly and wild it can bite off

    great amounts from the continents. But if going into the

    atmosphere as rain it will both provide essentials of life

    to all the lifeforms around AND will retreat at the coastlines,

    thus even enlarging the continents providing space for even

    more and new lifeforms.

    PHASE FOUR: The atmosphere

    The atmosphere is the element that holds everything together

    to work as a proper ecosphere. It floats far above the surface

    as a higher principle and allows all the lifeforms on Planet U

    (thoughts, actions, emotions, experiences) to stay alive,

    reach out and develop. It offers basic mechanisms that use

    the uncontrollable ocean for good and transport the elements

    necessary for life towards the continents.

    I realized four different sections - one resting over

    each continent.

    The atmosphere above THINKING i called enlightment,

    the continent ACTING is covered by the atmosphere lust,

    the continent FEELING is supported by love and of course

    on top of LEARNING there is understanding.

    So love and lust, (the two in the warm south) as well as

    enlightment and understanding (the two in the cold north)

    make our continents run as liveable ecospheres. We might

    even pair them the other way round: enlightment and lust

    are the western, outwards-interactional oriented principles

    while understanding and love seem to work as the eastern,

    inwards-intraactional oriented principles.

    And what we´ll find now is that there are four polar regions

    on this planet - not only Northpole and Southpole, but even

    a Westpole and an Eastpole which influence the continents

    movements and growth direction.

    Let´s have a closer look at them.

    PHASE FIVE: The poles

    I imagined the four poles being some kind of force field

    centers somewhat similar to the magnetic fields of earth.

    Therefore the opposite poles build a contrast pair.

    Each pole is essentially integrated in the whole picture and

    therefore has to deal somehow with the bordering areas

    & atmospheres. I will show the mechanics behind it later on

    but for now let´s just pretend that in an optimal situation

    the continents tend to grow together with maximum speed,

    thus trying to form a single landmass.

    If this is the case, the poles might represent some kind

    of magnetic principle the bordering areas tend to follow. 

    Let´s try to find out what might be behind it.

    Let us start our pole-visits in the North.

    This pole is located between the areas of THINKING

    and LEARNING and as well between the principles enlightment

    and understanding. A person who "thinks" in order to become

    "enlighted"  needs the same tool as aperson who "learns"

    in order to get "understanding"; both need to be as reflective  

    as possible in order to be as effective as possible - therefore

    let´s call the North pole the Pole of Reflection.  

    The more reflective one thinks and learns, the more

    rewarding it will turn out to be.

    Now let us do a great pole jump, landing at the South pole.

    What do we have here? The South pole is located between

    ACTING and FEELING as well as between lust and love.

    Therefore let us call the Southpole the Pole of Passion.

    You may use the operational thought i offered to describe

    the North pole here as well to check if it might be a fitting label.

    The more passionate one acts and feels, the more rewarding

    will it turn out to be.

    We move onward to the West pole.

    It is located between THINKING and ACTING and it is where 

    the principles of enlightment and lust meet. What could it be?

    Well, I thought that the most satisfying kind of enlightment

    would be the one that seem to have no holes at all, providing s

    ome kind of "final answer". And i thought that the most satisfying

    action would be the one that is performed without errors, in perfect

    harmony (imagine the feeling i.e. playing a difficult songbit on an

    instrument and finally getting an"errorless" sequence of sounds).

    So i found the West pole to be the Pole of Precision. 

    The more precise you are, the more rewarding will your thoughts

    and actions be.

    Now we will go for the fourth, the East pole.

    It is located between LEARNING and FEELING. 

    Now what would that pole inbetween represent?

    Right, you guessed it - it is the Pole of Empathy.

    And as well this works together with Precision, for Precision

    goes for absolute values, while Empathy always takes attention

    to circumstances and therefore goes for relativity. And the more

    empathic one deals with emotions and experiences, the more

    rewarding will the outcomes tend to be.

    PHASE SIX: equatorial lines

    I found that we even have two equatorial lines connecting

    Reflection and Passion as well as Precision and Empathy.

    The equatorial lines build a rectangular cross, dividing the

    planets surface into four equal parts.

    They represent the orientation line each continent tries to

    reach by growth to meet there with the continent(s) from

    the other side. And for my behalf the connection between

    Reflection and Passion can becalled "Ethics" (i.e. religion)  

    while the connection between Precision and Empathy

    represents "Esthetics" (

    These are two values that all humans follow and react to.

    These are the two values every single human finds some kind

    of instinctive truth in (everyone knows by heart what appears

    "right" or "wrong" to him and everyone knows by heart what

    appears "beautiful" or "ugly" to him).

    One can develop those on his own without the need of a

    social field around, so there seems to be something essential

    in them.

    As i just tried to show they might be understood as the results

    of the interacting pole force fields. Of course, they are

    completely individual in their actual realizations, but the basic

    declaration fits to every single human entity.

    So far for it. Now you got the basic pattern of human minds

    as i see it  and might even draw a map for yourself or take

    a short toilet break ...


    O.K.,you are back. Fine! Now i´m going to describe the

    consequences that rise from taking on the analogy of

    "Planet We".

    PHASE SEVEN: Going for growth

    I already stated that continents are growing.

    What does that mean?

    Well, i thought about what the continents status might be.

    Have they been there all the time? Are they developing?

    Soi tried to imagine what kind of planet a newborn

    human mind might be.

    See, a baby to me seems to be motivated just by sheer

    survival instinct. It longs for food, warmth, air, attention

    and is driven by the basic instincts imprinted in his genetic code. 

    So the newborn baby appears to me as a little planet totally

    covered by ocean.

    When developing the baby starts to learn.

    The range of possible actions grows by almost every day.

    It´s feelings will develop and spread. And thinking schemes

    will form. Shortly spoken: The landmasses slowly begin to

    emerge from the ocean as the baby follows it´s development

    path. And the more use he can make out of his four behavior

    areas the faster he will grow mentally, revealing space for even

    more of the continents dominant species.

    This of course implicits some kind of "the more, the better"-rule,

    which does not work in real geography but seems to be a good

    idea when realized on thoughts, experiences, actions and feelings. 

    So in an optimal situation the continents grow as fast as possible,

    using ethics and esthetics as their guidelines (well, they just can´t

    help it, actually).

    PHASE EIGHT: Longing for unity

    If now the continents grow along the highly attractive

    guidelines of the ethic and esthetic equators what would

    happen if two (three, four) of them meet?

    I found to feel that it might be the optimal situation if any

    lifeform of any continent would be able to reach any point

    of the surface by foot, without getting drowned in the ocean.

    But what would that mean in every-day-life?

    Well, it would mean that a highly developed individual with

    optimal connected continents would be easy to recognize:

    his thoughts would support his actions would support his emotions

    would support his experiences and-so-on.

    This individual would behave in a highly transparent way:

    He would think the way he acts, feels and learns.

    He would act the way he thinks, feels and learns.

    He would feel the way he thinks, learns and acts.

    He would learn the way he feels, acts and thinks.

    He would not surprise you - if you come to know just his

    i.e. emotions, you would easily be able to make reliable

    hypotheses about his future behaviour in thinking, learning

    and acting. This would be a person i call "wise by unity".

    And as you might see - for a "wise and united" individual

    there would be no need of knowing whether there really is a god

    or not. He would have no need of impressing or suppressing

    others. He would take no one´s resources away because he

    would knew he already got all he needs. He would have the

    deepest respect for any form of life. And he would know that he

    lives along ethical and esthetical guidelines that provide him

    with unity thus give him inner patience and fulfilling satisfaction.

    Phew. So far for the first introduction to Planet We.

    There are even more questions to answer.

    The tendencies of psychological pathologies i.e. can for my behalf

    be explained by the missing or underdevelopment of one or more

    continent areas.

    You might see that  the missing of special landmasses result

    in certain psychological "defects".

    But that i might tell you another day about if you´re interested.

    For now i think it´s quite a lot to chew.

    Oh, one last point:

    If you want to know if Planet U is on a "proper development

    path", just imagine yourself standing at the verymost outer edge

    of one of your continents with your eyes closed. To me you are

    on the right track if you can feel the wind in your hair, resulting

    from the speeding-up continents that try to unify. ;-)

    ***END OF PART 1 ***

    Well, so much for basics. Curious how this now

    might fit into the Cosmic Bigger Whole?

    Then check out Part 2 right here:

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    The Univere Expands ...

    Friday, September 4, 2015, 3:58 PM [General]

    ...but into what?

     let´s see:


    it expands itself

    along the time vector

    towards entropy moment.


    so it constantly reduces

    the possible options

    of its next moments expression.


    which means that universe

    expands its spacetime within

    the plane of uncertainity.


    this reduces the uncertainity

    up to the point of definite certainity

    focused in the final moment of entropy.



    what will be born then ...

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    Mykus - My Haikus 2015

    Friday, September 4, 2015, 3:57 PM [General]

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    Why 42?

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 1:20 AM [General]

    An interesting detail concerning

    The Final Answer to Everything,

    which is supposed to be "42"

     (according to Megacomputer DEEP THOUGHT created in  

    Douglas Adams famous "Hitchhiker´s Guide to The Galaxy"):


    If you re-translate 42 into binary computer language

    you will get 010101 (--> 2+8+32).


    This means in computerlogic: "noyesnoyesnoyes."


    Which seems to me to be nothing else than

    the binary version of "I don´t know either".  Sealed

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    The Consequences Of Infinity

    Sunday, July 26, 2015, 11:35 AM [General]

    If infinite parallel universes exist

    (as some cosmologists suggest)

    then it is obvious that there is an infinite number 

    of universes in which a certain event x occurs.

    At the same time there is an infinite number of universes

    in which the given event x does not occur.

    So if we randomly draw one of this meta-infinite number

    of universes out of our magic hat and the drawn universe is ours

    then the probability that the given event x is part of it

    is the same as the one that the given event x is NOT part of it: 

    50% (either it happens or it doesn´t).


    If infinite parallel universes exist, the probability of every single

    thinkable event happening in our universe is exactly 50% -

    like a certain leaf falling from a tree or even a certain slice of toast

    being elected next president.

    Awh well ... just a thought.

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