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    From Meniverse to Youniverse: Welcome To Planet taz

    Friday, October 30, 2015, 4:15 PM [General]

    Let me tell you about a little image that all-of-a-sudden

    popped into my mind one sunday afternoon some time

    ago and that struck me with its sheer beauty.

    It started with the well-known question

    "What the heck IS the true meaning of life?"

    Quite a difficult and individual one, i know.

    But again i was in the mood of looking out

    for meta-patterns.

    So I precised the first question to "What is life?"

    and of course instantly focusing on my personal

    interest "What is human life?" and "What is a

    human entity?" and "What is an entity?"

    I reduced the term "entity" (from which "human"

    is just a subdivision) to the most basic abstraction

    i found: a round sphere - which kind of represents

    the "perfect sole entity" to me, being some kind of

    "multidimensional circle".

    And of course you find the sphere-concept

    everywhere in nature when looking around -

    more often than any other shape as far as

    I experienced (even more often than the spiral,

    another interesting shape i´ll have to think about

    in future).

    Though the round sphere seems to me the most

    featureless, unindividual and "natural" sole body

    it still has some important features: i.e. a border

    that divides the inner universe from an outer universe.

    When catching on the term "universe" i suddenly found

    myself thinking about planets. A planet too is a

    round sphere with inner life and an outer universe.

    So i wondered - if "human" and "planet" do have

    some metaphoric connections - what might happen

    if i try to perceive a human entity in the way i perceive

    a planet entity. Then something said BANG in my head

    and what i received was this intuition i happened to call

    "Welcome to Planet Me". It goes like this:

    PHASE ONE: Basic settings

    Imagine the human mind being a planet like earth.

    There are landmasses:

    reliable massive slow-moving belief-alike things

    where something can be build on.

    And there is an ocean:

    impulsive, chaotic, able to shape the continents


    And there is an atmosphere:

    a kind of catalysator that makes oceans and

    landmasses interact in a lot of ways (i.e. rain).

    So far for the basic setting. Now let´s have a closer

    look at the continents.

    PHASE TWO: The continents

    To make the image work as an analogy i first had

    to find out which features enable us to live as humans.

    I found four basic functions that from my point might

    completely describe the human processes: They are


    (By the way: This is a point where - not only here but

    especially here -i veryvery much would love to get

    some corrections if i left something out...). 

    Let us pretend those four functions do represent

    four continents. We´ll find out that they provide

    quite liveable biotopes with their own special

    lifeforms and geography.

    On THINKING the dominating lifeform are

    "The thoughts". THINKING is a place i perceive

    like the himalaya region - with clear cold air around

    enormous mountains that reach up to the sky even

    higher than the clouds. It can be very exhausting

    to climb up there but you might have a wonderful

    far-looking perspective if you are lucky with the

    weather. Let´s put this continent in the Northwest

    corner of the planet.

    In the Southwest, just under THINKING, there is

    the continent ACTING. The dominating lifeform here are

    "The actions". it is a steamy jungle region pulsing with life -

    both beautiful and dangerous. And out in the woods there

    seem to roam huge wild beasts you might hear howling

    from time to time in a tone of desperate hunger that could let

    your blood freeze. But on the peaceful coastline lots of butterflies

    fill the air. 

    Let´s now move over to the Southeast.

    We´ll soon reach the continent FEELING. It reveals a

    warm volcanic landscape where huge amounts of hot

    lava flow around, cooling down slowly and by then

    leaving a rich ground full of minerals essential for seeds.

    Of course the dominating lifeform here are "The emotions".

    But they live quite endangered and have to be aware not to

    get burned by the hot unstoppable lava streams all around.

    The next stop would be the continent LEARNING

    up in the Northeast. What we have here is wide plains,

    taigas and painted deserts. The landscape seems to be

    quite monotone and lifeless, moving through it is a task

    that is not very comfortable. But on the way you will

    surely meet a lot of the dominating lifeforms called

    "The experiences"  if you look out for them - they use

    to hide out there under big stones - and some of them

    are quite poisonous.

    So this is a basic scribble of the continents.

    Now what about the big ocean that surrounds

    all the continents?

    PHASE THREE: The ocean

    Lets pretend the ocean is the representation of any sudden

    short-term impulses (our animal heritage#). It knows nothing

    from future or past. It has no time-standing survface where

    something might be "inscribed"It always looks basically the same.

    It only follows the actual circumstances and is both life-giving and

    life-taking without reacting to anything else than the present situstion.

    And of course - when getting whirly and wild it can bite off

    great amounts from the continents. But if going into the

    atmosphere as rain it will both provide essentials of life

    to all the lifeforms around AND will retreat at the coastlines,

    thus even enlarging the continents providing space for even

    more and new lifeforms.

    PHASE FOUR: The atmosphere

    The atmosphere is the element that holds everything together

    to work as a proper ecosphere. It floats far above the surface

    as a higher principle and allows all the lifeforms on Planet U

    (thoughts, actions, emotions, experiences) to stay alive,

    reach out and develop. It offers basic mechanisms that use

    the uncontrollable ocean for good and transport the elements

    necessary for life towards the continents.

    I realized four different sections - one resting over

    each continent.

    The atmosphere above THINKING i called enlightment,

    the continent ACTING is covered by the atmosphere lust,

    the continent FEELING is supported by love and of course

    on top of LEARNING there is understanding.

    So love and lust, (the two in the warm south) as well as

    enlightment and understanding (the two in the cold north)

    make our continents run as liveable ecospheres. We might

    even pair them the other way round: enlightment and lust

    are the western, outwards-interactional oriented principles

    while understanding and love seem to work as the eastern,

    inwards-intraactional oriented principles.

    And what we´ll find now is that there are four polar regions

    on this planet - not only Northpole and Southpole, but even

    a Westpole and an Eastpole which influence the continents

    movements and growth direction.

    Let´s have a closer look at them.

    PHASE FIVE: The poles

    I imagined the four poles being some kind of force field

    centers somewhat similar to the magnetic fields of earth.

    Therefore the opposite poles build a contrast pair.

    Each pole is essentially integrated in the whole picture and

    therefore has to deal somehow with the bordering areas

    & atmospheres. I will show the mechanics behind it later on

    but for now let´s just pretend that in an optimal situation

    the continents tend to grow together with maximum speed,

    thus trying to form a single landmass.

    If this is the case, the poles might represent some kind

    of magnetic principle the bordering areas tend to follow. 

    Let´s try to find out what might be behind it.

    Let us start our pole-visits in the North.

    This pole is located between the areas of THINKING

    and LEARNING and as well between the principles enlightment

    and understanding. A person who "thinks" in order to become

    "enlighted"  needs the same tool as aperson who "learns"

    in order to get "understanding"; both need to be as reflective  

    as possible in order to be as effective as possible - therefore

    let´s call the North pole the Pole of Reflection.  

    The more reflective one thinks and learns, the more

    rewarding it will turn out to be.

    Now let us do a great pole jump, landing at the South pole.

    What do we have here? The South pole is located between

    ACTING and FEELING as well as between lust and love.

    Therefore let us call the Southpole the Pole of Passion.

    You may use the operational thought i offered to describe

    the North pole here as well to check if it might be a fitting label.

    The more passionate one acts and feels, the more rewarding

    will it turn out to be.

    We move onward to the West pole.

    It is located between THINKING and ACTING and it is where 

    the principles of enlightment and lust meet. What could it be?

    Well, I thought that the most satisfying kind of enlightment

    would be the one that seem to have no holes at all, providing s

    ome kind of "final answer". And i thought that the most satisfying

    action would be the one that is performed without errors, in perfect

    harmony (imagine the feeling i.e. playing a difficult songbit on an

    instrument and finally getting an"errorless" sequence of sounds).

    So i found the West pole to be the Pole of Precision. 

    The more precise you are, the more rewarding will your thoughts

    and actions be.

    Now we will go for the fourth, the East pole.

    It is located between LEARNING and FEELING. 

    Now what would that pole inbetween represent?

    Right, you guessed it - it is the Pole of Empathy.

    And as well this works together with Precision, for Precision

    goes for absolute values, while Empathy always takes attention

    to circumstances and therefore goes for relativity. And the more

    empathic one deals with emotions and experiences, the more

    rewarding will the outcomes tend to be.

    PHASE SIX: equatorial lines

    I found that we even have two equatorial lines connecting

    Reflection and Passion as well as Precision and Empathy.

    The equatorial lines build a rectangular cross, dividing the

    planets surface into four equal parts.

    They represent the orientation line each continent tries to

    reach by growth to meet there with the continent(s) from

    the other side. And for my behalf the connection between

    Reflection and Passion can becalled "Ethics" (i.e. religion)  

    while the connection between Precision and Empathy

    represents "Esthetics" (

    These are two values that all humans follow and react to.

    These are the two values every single human finds some kind

    of instinctive truth in (everyone knows by heart what appears

    "right" or "wrong" to him and everyone knows by heart what

    appears "beautiful" or "ugly" to him).

    One can develop those on his own without the need of a

    social field around, so there seems to be something essential

    in them.

    As i just tried to show they might be understood as the results

    of the interacting pole force fields. Of course, they are

    completely individual in their actual realizations, but the basic

    declaration fits to every single human entity.

    So far for it. Now you got the basic pattern of human minds

    as i see it  and might even draw a map for yourself or take

    a short toilet break ...


    O.K.,you are back. Fine! Now i´m going to describe the

    consequences that rise from taking on the analogy of

    "Planet We".

    PHASE SEVEN: Going for growth

    I already stated that continents are growing.

    What does that mean?

    Well, i thought about what the continents status might be.

    Have they been there all the time? Are they developing?

    Soi tried to imagine what kind of planet a newborn

    human mind might be.

    See, a baby to me seems to be motivated just by sheer

    survival instinct. It longs for food, warmth, air, attention

    and is driven by the basic instincts imprinted in his genetic code. 

    So the newborn baby appears to me as a little planet totally

    covered by ocean.

    When developing the baby starts to learn.

    The range of possible actions grows by almost every day.

    It´s feelings will develop and spread. And thinking schemes

    will form. Shortly spoken: The landmasses slowly begin to

    emerge from the ocean as the baby follows it´s development

    path. And the more use he can make out of his four behavior

    areas the faster he will grow mentally, revealing space for even

    more of the continents dominant species.

    This of course implicits some kind of "the more, the better"-rule,

    which does not work in real geography but seems to be a good

    idea when realized on thoughts, experiences, actions and feelings. 

    So in an optimal situation the continents grow as fast as possible,

    using ethics and esthetics as their guidelines (well, they just can´t

    help it, actually).

    PHASE EIGHT: Longing for unity

    If now the continents grow along the highly attractive

    guidelines of the ethic and esthetic equators what would

    happen if two (three, four) of them meet?

    I found to feel that it might be the optimal situation if any

    lifeform of any continent would be able to reach any point

    of the surface by foot, without getting drowned in the ocean.

    But what would that mean in every-day-life?

    Well, it would mean that a highly developed individual with

    optimal connected continents would be easy to recognize:

    his thoughts would support his actions would support his emotions

    would support his experiences and-so-on.

    This individual would behave in a highly transparent way:

    He would think the way he acts, feels and learns.

    He would act the way he thinks, feels and learns.

    He would feel the way he thinks, learns and acts.

    He would learn the way he feels, acts and thinks.

    He would not surprise you - if you come to know just his

    i.e. emotions, you would easily be able to make reliable

    hypotheses about his future behaviour in thinking, learning

    and acting. This would be a person i call "wise by unity".

    And as you might see - for a "wise and united" individual

    there would be no need of knowing whether there really is a god

    or not. He would have no need of impressing or suppressing

    others. He would take no one´s resources away because he

    would knew he already got all he needs. He would have the

    deepest respect for any form of life. And he would know that he

    lives along ethical and esthetical guidelines that provide him

    with unity thus give him inner patience and fulfilling satisfaction.

    Phew. So far for the first introduction to Planet We.

    There are even more questions to answer.

    The tendencies of psychological pathologies i.e. can for my behalf

    be explained by the missing or underdevelopment of one or more

    continent areas.

    You might see that  the missing of special landmasses result

    in certain psychological "defects".

    But that i might tell you another day about if you´re interested.

    For now i think it´s quite a lot to chew.

    Oh, one last point:

    If you want to know if Planet U is on a "proper development

    path", just imagine yourself standing at the verymost outer edge

    of one of your continents with your eyes closed. To me you are

    on the right track if you can feel the wind in your hair, resulting

    from the speeding-up continents that try to unify. ;-)

    ***END OF PART 1 ***

    Well, so much for basics. Curious how this now

    might fit into the Cosmic Bigger Whole?

    Then check out Part 2 right here:

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    The Univere Expands ...

    Friday, September 4, 2015, 3:58 PM [General]

    ...but into what?

     let´s see:


    it expands itself

    along the time vector

    towards entropy moment.


    so it constantly reduces

    the possible options

    of its next moments expression.


    which means that universe

    expands its spacetime within

    the plane of uncertainity.


    this reduces the uncertainity

    up to the point of definite certainity

    focused in the final moment of entropy.



    what will be born then ...

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    Mykus - My Haikus 2015

    Friday, September 4, 2015, 3:57 PM [General]

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    Why 42?

    Tuesday, September 1, 2015, 1:20 AM [General]

    An interesting detail concerning

    The Final Answer to Everything,

    which is supposed to be "42"

     (according to Megacomputer DEEP THOUGHT created in  

    Douglas Adams famous "Hitchhiker´s Guide to The Galaxy"):


    If you re-translate 42 into binary computer language

    you will get 010101 (--> 2+8+32).


    This means in computerlogic: "noyesnoyesnoyes."


    Which seems to me to be nothing else than

    the binary version of "I don´t know either".  Sealed

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    The Consequences Of Infinity

    Sunday, July 26, 2015, 11:35 AM [General]

    If infinite parallel universes exist

    (as some cosmologists suggest)

    then it is obvious that there is an infinite number 

    of universes in which a certain event x occurs.

    At the same time there is an infinite number of universes

    in which the given event x does not occur.

    So if we randomly draw one of this meta-infinite number

    of universes out of our magic hat and the drawn universe is ours

    then the probability that the given event x is part of it

    is the same as the one that the given event x is NOT part of it: 

    50% (either it happens or it doesn´t).


    If infinite parallel universes exist, the probability of every single

    thinkable event happening in our universe is exactly 50% -

    like a certain leaf falling from a tree or even a certain slice of toast

    being elected next president.

    Awh well ... just a thought.

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    My Dear Fear - Psycho-Logic, Self-Applied

    Sunday, July 26, 2015, 8:40 AM [General]

    Dear fear-fighting  entities, here´s al quite nice bit about

    how to deal with The Great Inhibitor, namely fear. It´s a simple

    psychological reprogramming mechanism but turned out to be

    somewhat effective in the past. Maybe you might get something

    from it. Enjoy :-)


    *** MY DEAR FEAR Part 1: The Final Encounter *************

    I have a daydream.

    In that daydream i got a personal visit

    by my own darkness. It was quite

    a huge beast trying to give

    maximum fear and frustration to me.


    I let it jump around in my room for a while

    (although that was not very comfortable,

    because it really had some nasty elbows

    and tried to puth its teeth into me).


    But finally, when it took a short rest for breath,

    i offered it a couch to sit and asked it

    to just hold on for a second

    to discuss the issue for as long as it needed to get

    it´s full energy again to, well, do whatever it wants to again.


    It thought gasping about it and said "o.k. fair enough.

    So i, well, kind of show that emotional thingy some psycho-logic.

    It kind of went like this:



    Would you please tell me what you want from me?


    Well, GROWING of course.I like to be as big as i can.


    So you want to develop on my costs, do you?


    Well, surely, you bugger. I´m your PERSONAL fear, remember?


    How could i forget (sigh). o.k., now let´s now go on thinking.

    What would you do finally if i allow you to do what you like?


    Well, trying to consume the whole of you, naturally.

    That would be the only time when i am maximum satisfied.


    I understand. sounds pretty logic to me.

    let´s now pretend i´ll give you o.k. for it right now ...


    (smiling badly & trying to raise from my couch)


    ... well, let´s say in another 5 minutes, o.k.?


    (still smiling but stopping once more)


    So: if i ever completely satisfy your hunger,what would you

    eat the next day? And please remember that you are

    my PERSONAL fear.


    ... uhm ... DAMN i don´t know. Probably nothing.


    True. This point goes to you.


    (smiling a bit satisfied because not being too bright)


    Next step. if i allow you to, for example, eat my arms.

    What would that mean?

    FEAR (shrinking a bit):

    ... well, you would concentrate on the resulting pain.

    Which would mean that you kind of turn away from me for a while.


    That´s what you want?

    FEAR(shrinking a bit):

    ... well, NO!, of course not!!!


    Then please let´s rethink.

    a. we both want to exist.

    b. you cannot exist without me.

    c. i guess i would feel more comfortable without you.

    d. seems to me that i could simply get rid of you

    by allowing you to follow your instinct. You still want that?

    FEAR (shrinking a bit more):

    YES ... no ... uhm, i´m not so sure anymore ...


    What if i would allow you to get your own private room in myself?

    You might play around as much as you like and i´ll promise not to

    throw you out completely.You will live as long as i do.

    And the longer i exist,the more you might play in your little room

    and consume some of the impressions everydaylife offers me.

    But when i EVER see you trying to burn down our private home,

    i´ll definitely give you the final asskick! You got that?

    FEAR (mutating into a cute little black kitten):

    Well all right. Do you promise me to buy new stereocables to chew

    from time to time?

    ME (petting it and softly putting it into its room):

    I promise. All right, seems to me we finally reached a win-win-situation.

    Now i´ll have to go out and do a bit of work.

    FEAR (squeaky):

    I don´t like to be alone. Please come back soon, will you ...?!

    ME: Roger.

    (cage shut, beast goes to sleep).


    After that i felt slightly bad towards my fear,

    as if mistreated some fragile lifeform that simply did wanted

    maximum existence and didn´t knew better.

    So i wrote a little amateur poem for it and hang it into

    the cage, just in case the kitten (i called it Roger)

    forgot how to behave:


    Warm Welcome To Roger

    (the melody is up to you)


    Oh my fear, it´s you again

    -the unexpected guest!

    Come inside and see my brain,

    have a little rest:


    say, what do u want from i?

    staying here forever?

    yes, i see and do comply

    for u that would be clever.


    But remember: don´t u mess

    and try to burn i up.

    When i am not there´s nothing left

    but tea without a cup.


    So better leave for your own good

    but please return some day,

    I know you could not get what you would.

    I see you will not stay.



    "gray is just the other side of rainbow."

     anyone who´s been around

    *** MY DEAR FEAR Part 2: Living With Roger **************

    When i came home friday 13th evening, my bad cat Roger

    prepared a little surprise party for me: Somehow he slipped

    out of his room and messed up my own timespace with an

    almost perfect chaos.

    ME (with quite some fear-based anger):

    Now what the DAMN happened here...?!?

    ROGER (smiling innocently):

    Oh, well, you obviously forgot your promise to give me

    some stereo cables to chew on. So i decided to look for them

    on my own. And guess what: i found them behind your ex-tapestry.

    Neat hideaway, of course!

    ME (picking some sharp glass shards from the rug):

    But ... OUCH! ...why the heck did you fuck up my whole room then?


    Well, you didn´t tell me where to look. And since i had so much time

    to hang around, i decided to do you a favour and redecorated your

    boring place into something more ... appropriate. Nice, eh?

    ME (putting a fistful of fingers into the apple-big tapestry holes):

    Ahm ... kind of. Looks a bit ... uhm ... fractalized now, doesn´t it?


    What did you expect? It was oh-so cold-neat in here i felt like locked

    in a museum or church or something. (nodding to the left where all

    my mixed-up chessboard figures seemed to perform a passive-aggressive

    freefield attack against my nerve costume:) What are those exactly?

    ME (cleaning up a bit of absent minded:)

    Uh ... what? Oh - that belongs to my chessboard. It´s a kind of

    logic game. Did you see the checkered crate that belongs to them?


    What - that´s a GAME? To me it appeared like some old-fashioned catbox.

    Sorry about the urine stains. How does it work?

    ME: (sigh):

    I told you it´s a logic game. Nothing a cat would prefer, i assume.

    You´ll have to make one reasonable step after another.

    In the end the winner will be the one who was better in avoiding

    any emotional headoverheels-attacks.

    ROGER (bursts out laughing):

    PFFFT ...! You clever humans again. To cats playing is about learning

    to trust ones own instinct for survival. What could one learn by such

    an unrealistic thingy?


    Well, you learn to focus to the actual situation which most of the time

    is NOT about survival. Because there are two players with totally different

    approaches you´ll have to watch carefully what the other one does and

    react flexible to any strategy he comes up with.


    BOOOring!!! Cats are perfectly flexible by nature. Try to throw me out

    a window - i´ll always land on my feet again. Well, a BIT more sore

    than before, of course (*twinkle*).

    (smoothly switching the subject):

    Now about that stereo cables: They didn´t taste quite mice.

    They didn´t squeak properly. AND they did some terribly ouchy stuff

    to me when i bit them.

    ME (exchanging the old cables for some new ones):

    I never told you they wouldn´t. You asked for them by yourself, remember...?

    ROGER (slightly embarrassed):

    So why are you making such a fuss about it? What are those good for anyway?


    Well, it´s for enjoyment and to relax after some hard times.

    You can listen to music with it.


    What´s that "muzak" stuff you´re talking about? Edible or what?

    ME (crawling him):

    No, that´s more the thing we humans do by lacking such a

    nice purr that you got.

    ROGER (smiling snobby):

    Ah, just another deficit compensation of your kind.

    Should have known before.

    ME (finishing fixing the cables):

    I bet you did. Wanna give it a try? I got some nice CDs we

    might share later on. (grabbing into my sidepocket and revealing

    a little white rubber mouse to him).But first here i got something else for you!

    ROGER (happy as hell):

    MOAOW! A MOUSE! Great stuff! Never had one of those before.

    Is it a real one...?


    It´s even better. Because it never dies at all and you might play

    with it for a very very long time.


    Uh, THAT´s nice. A perfect toy! Thanx! You know, i never saw

    a mouse that slow.(sniffing at it)

    And it does not have that terrible mouse stink either. Beautiful!

    It´s got a name or what?


    It´s YOUR toy, not mine. Humans don´t play with rubber mice

    very often. Anything in mind ...?

    ROGER (thinking):

    Looks a bit female to me, though. (bites it a bit).

    Oh, it makes some noise! GOT to be female then. Neat!

    I guess i´ll call it HOPE. Whaddaya think?


    Sounds perfect. Now try to finish it off.

    ROGER (flashing his eyes):

    Righto! Watch this ... (luring, then jumping): (*SQUEAK*) Got it!

    (*SQUEAK*) Again!!! (*SQUEAKSQUEAKSQUEAK*) ...harr, harr,

    i just LOVE it!


    Don´t try too hard. It was the last one in shop.

    Next one would be alive then.


    Don´t you DARE bring a real mouse in here, bugger!

    They use to scurry around so much, building a nest in

    every single corner and, of course, grow in number so rapidly!

    That makes me kinda nervous. I personally like this

    indestructible singularity type more.

    ME (smiling ironically):

    I bet you do. You seem to be as lazy as i am.

    ROGER (smiling back):

    YOU are the lazy human in here, Tom. I´m just SMART.

    Energy saving means everything for a perfect hunter.


    Wow!!! Got to write that one to my bathroom mirror.


    Save your time. I already scratched it in when you

    were out.(*SQUEAK*) Harr, harr ...! Now enough of that

    (leaves the mouse at last).What about this muzak thingy again?


    Shall i explain it to you or what?

    ROGER (snobbish):

    Cats don´t fiddle with theory. Gimme a practical shot. if i like it,

    i still might ask you about it later on.

    ME (sitting on my couch and searching for some catty CDs):

    All right, come over here and we´ll find out if there´s some "muzak" you like.

    ROGER (jumping on my lap and purring while skipping through the racks):

    What about that one ...?

    So we sat together that weekend and Roger did a really nice DJ job.

    Here´s his very first Top 10 playlist and i have to admit, it made me cry a bit:

    01. Limp Bizkit: My Way

    02. Björk: Big Time Sensuality

    03. Tom Waits: I Don´t Wanna Grow Up

    04. Deep Purple: Child In Time

    05. Christy Moore: Ride On

    06. Luka Bloom: Black Is The Colour

    07. David Gray: A Century Ends 

    08. Eminem: I´m Not Afraid

    09. Linkin´Park: Papercut

    10. Whole Again (Atomic Kitten)

    Dear entity, i don't know if this can be of any help to your own troubles

    but i surely hope that your personal cat, whatever its name is,

    gets the message.:-)

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    The Senselessness of Math

    Sunday, July 26, 2015, 8:38 AM [General]

    ... i just wondered around:

    The logical concept of
    somehow makes no sense.

    Because to make it happen
    the distance between 1 and 1
    must equal 0.

    But if 1 and 1 share
    the same point within spacetime
    then they won´t be 2 but 1.

    So whenever 1+1=2
    then 1+1=1.

    ... no wonder my math grades
    were so lousy ... Embarassed

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    Büro Z.E.U.G. (German)

    Saturday, July 25, 2015, 12:55 PM [General]

    Zur exakt selben Sekunde klingelte das Telefon 

    im Büro Zur Erklärung Ungewöhnlicher Geschehnisse 

    und das war mit Abstand das Ungewöhnlichste, 

    das jemals in diesem Büro geschehen war. 

    Benno Flöttwald musste es wissen und das tat er auch. 

    Saß er doch schon seit der Gründung seiner neuen Ich-AG 

    neben dem Telefon auf der Lauer, ohne dass sich bislang 

    je etwas ereignet hätte. 

    Doch endlich, in der 8. Minute des Firmenbestehens, 

    sah Benno Licht am tiefstehenden Horizont. Er riss die Gabel 

    vom Hörer, mit der er soeben noch lustlos in seiner letzten Dose 

    Tomatenfisch gebohrt hatte und presste die Hörmuschel an seine. 

    Eine vage Ahnung von Thun umflorte sein Kinn als er freundlich verkündete: 

    "Büro Z.E.U.G., Benno Flöttwald, guten Tag. Wie kann ich helfen?" 

    Stille antwortete. 

    Benno fühlte, dass es ein guter Zeitpunkt sein könnte, 

    um mit wohldosierter Kompetenz zu glänzen. 

    "Ah. Sie telefonieren ohne zu sprechen. Ungewöhnlich. 

    Kann es sein, dass Sie … etwas schüchtern sind?" 

    Er erwartete fast keine Antwort und war daher nicht milde 

    überrascht, als eine Stimme aus dem Hörer erklang, 

    die so alt schien, dass ihrerzeit der Erfinder des Grabes 

    erst noch geboren werden musste, und sagte: 

    "Menschenwesen, Ihr habt noch 42 Stunden." 

    Klick. Benno blinzelte verwirrt in die sinkende Abendsonne. 

    Ihm war plötzlich nach Feierabend. 

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    Planet Me: A 2nd Visit

    Saturday, July 25, 2015, 12:43 PM [General]


    To fully understand the basics of this text it might be helpful

    to first read part 1 called "From Meniverse To Youniverse".

    You find it by just clicking "Journal" on the left -   it´s the 1st entry.

    Enjoy :D

    All right,  then, some more signals from "Planet Me" coming in.

    Enjoy ;-)

    Sorry for this might become even more speculative

    because now here comes the f/x part: We´ll have

    to travel within the model, leaving the present reality,

    moving forward into a future far away and in the end

    visiting the end of time itself.

    So you are going to face a hypothetical conclusion

    extracted from a hypothetical reality. But i guess to

    open minds it can be a quite amusing 4dimensional ride

    with some sci-fi touch so please do loosen your

    head belts. ;-)

    NEXT STEP: What is missing ...?

    Now you might remember in the planet model the

    human mind might be understood as a dynamic planet

    ecosphere with 4 areas of life that tend to grow together 

    (thinking, acting, feeling, learning)

    + 4 atmospheric higher principles every life form

    (thoughts, actions, feelings, experiences)

    on the planet takes life from and reaches out to

    (enlightment, lust, love, understanding)

    + 4 pairwise contramagnetic poles

    (reflection vs. passion, precision vs. empathy)

    + 2 resulting equatorial guidelines building a

    rectangular cross between the poles that offer

    magnetically attractive growth adresses to the

    continental areas

    (i.e. "ethics:maximize @ religion_connecting.beliefs" and

    "estethics:maximize @ art_creating.inspirations").

    You might first happened to find the planet model

    appealing because of that symmetric wholeness 

    already integrated at the very first shape.

    Then you might feel a little uncomfortable when

    adding fundamental potentials + realized behaviours

    + higher principles + inner truths: 4+4+4+2.

    All right, it feels there seem 2 things missing in the end.

    Is that so? If yes, where are they? It is the 4th group,

    the one of inner truths, that carries only 2 variables

    until now: the equatorial lines (ethics, estethics).

    So what could be the answer?

    Something that cannot be described on a plain map...?

    DEVELOPMENT ONE: Space - a new dimension

    See, the planet model i told about was only the

    very basic pattern, a 2dimensional map. But i was

    thinking about round spheres and not circles -

    so that map can not be understood as a functionable

    analogy for human mind.

    We exist in patterns of 3dimensional causality

    (... ah, "causality"... "one event happens AFTER or

    BECAUSE OF another" and stuff ... so in fact human

    existence is 4 dimensional for we have to make

    time count! ... (true, but let´s not speed this up

    too fast, please.).

    So i happened to not explain in my first "Planet We"

    posting the z-axis of the more proper map.

    I will do that later on today.

    But for now to make this go a little faster i will

    describe it not on the model of Planet taz but

    some hypothetical, highly developed individual

    called "Mr. Universal" (or "Mrs.", whatever you prefer).

    Ok, let´s close in and have a detailed glimpse at

    Mr. Universals planet drifting lonely through seemingly

    empty space.

    It has quite large and developed continents connected 

    with broad continental bridges on the front side.

    They still grow together, associating the image of

    4 zips slowly shutting from the outside to the center. 

    Interesting thing: The ocean looks quite small now and

    forms some rough kind of graphic "+" symbol. 

    But what about that ocean getting smaller and smaller?

    It is so essential for the ecosphere,  it shouldn´t dissappear.

    And it doesn´t.

    When moving around the planet we´ll find that the ocean

    almost completely retreated to the back side, still keeping

    its ressource role. And that´s fine by all those rain-longing

    lifeforms hopping around. Look, they meet each other

    everywhere on the landmasses. Thoughts meet actions meet

    feelings meet experiences.

    And over there´s some big happening or party going on.

    Oh ... and over there another group of them is developing

    something together. They stand on a tiny island very near

    at the still ocean covered crosspoint where the equatorial

    lines meet. What are they doing?

    Hmm ... i cannot see what actually happens from here.

    Let´s push our timedrive forward just a bit ... 

    (wooop-woop-wop) ...

    ah, now they just stopped working and i can figure out

    the result: Hey ... to me it looks like some futuristic kind

    of faster-than-light spaceship or something. And the very

    few folks on the island get utterly excited and seem to

    want to have a little test ride.

    When they go inside they kind of melt together,

    building a 5th life form made of the 4 aspects of 

    thoughts, actions, feelings and experiences.

    What next ...? Are they going for other planets...? 

    And what would that mean for their homeworld,

    our Mr. Universal?

    Well, it would mean that he´d bundle himself into

    some freshly developed thoughtfeelingexperienceaction 

    and communicate a probe of his very pure self directly

    to other planet minds faster than light.

    Sounds a bit like telepathic impressions?

    You bet.

    But i found to feel that this would only be the most

    basic function in order to reach other planets - just like

    talking today (which within the planet model would find a

    representation in that very information-poor and hardly

    decipherable radioastronomy that represent today´s

    mankinds best-working high-tech extraplanetar

    communication channel. You just decipher a probe of my

    signals and i bet you would rather prefer to get the whole

    complete impression in just a glimpse of a second.

    But sorry, my life forms for now have only a few continental

    bridges to meet. They tend to be quite a playful and

    undisciplined bunch, so they did not figure out that ship

    construction trick yet. Well, maybe later.).

    i felt that the centered location of that just-watched testsite

    might have been of importance. Now let´s just speedup

    our timedrive again for a moment ...

    (wooop-woop-wop) ...

    and see: The 4 continents build a common continental

    bridge just at the center of that crosspoint. Let´s stop

    again and try to have a closer look at the crosspoint region.

    Oh, quite a busy place now.

    There is some kind of spaceport; ships are constantly

    starting and landing. Some of them have a similar design

    the first ship had, other ships do look quite alien and come

    obviously from somewhere VERY else.

    Hey, and have a look at the instruments: ...

    there seems to be some kind of strong energy coming directly

    from that crosspoint center ... it goes right into air and ground

    along a rectangular 3rd axis ... it seems to have no physical

    representations by poles and is connected to force field

    interactions at the crosspoint where ethics and estethics meet,

    going right through the middle core of the planet ... 

    and it seems to be highly integrated in the planets whole ...

    it generates its individual strength from the intensity of the

    guidelines and therefore the activity at the force field poles ...

    AND there is a feedback effect refeeding energy to the poles

    force field net, by which it kind of strengthens itself along

    the time vector... for the human whole it works as a growing

    immaterial continent just as the poles ... look: those

    thoughtfeelingexperienceactions we just watched coming

    into existence climb that energy area ... a few of that new

    life forms seem to go into the planets surface directly

    to the other side where the great ocean rolls ... others

    directly enter the spaceships and liftoff when having merged ...

    but most of them fuse to bundles of those 4in1 life forms

    and float along that energy vector, away from the planets

    surface ...

    DEVELOPMENT TWO: The invisible continent

    Dear passenger, i would like to introduce you to a hidden

    5th growth area on Mr. Universal i didn´t describe at my

    first overflight mission report. i just faded out sensor data

    of 3dimensional mode because there already were (and still are)

    so many other things to see.

    And there it is - a new phenomenon ... how could we name it?

    Will? Yes, please?

    What do you suggest, Will?

    Oh, you suggest to call it "WILL".

    Well ... hmmm, quite good actually, somehow suits its

    intense motivational glow, yes, but i sense that label 

    sounding a blip too pushy and slightly offtrack on my radars.

    It seems to be more ontrack when similar to the continents


    First those new trenscendent life forms could be called

    "The units" for their nature seems to me to be some kind

    of multielemental homeworld-related pattern without the

    concept of causality in it: In them there seems to be no

    "first this element, then that element" rule. i.e. one of

    those hypothetical unit life forms already quite popular

    nowadays, known as telepathy", to me seems to be

    realized as an action integrating thoughts, feelings and

    experiences. It communicates the whole intraconnected

    package at one single point in time. So everything takes

    place at the same time, therefore the factor "time" seems

    to me to be no longer of relevance in that area.

    And - as you see, this whole area is located rectangular

    towards the 2dimensional plain that is build by the basic

    pattern within the space/time continuum. In mathemathics

    that rectangular constellation could be interpreted as

    "independent" functions; on the other hand that new area

    seems also a "completely dependent" resulting function

    because its existence emerges from interactions provided 

    by that 2dimensional pattern.

    The units actually use that energy area as a living place,

    just like the others use a continent. Remembering the

    fractal nature of universe then that "invisible, de-spacelized,

    de-causalized continent" should provide some all-new

    development possibilities there ... on some "other" scale.

    So that areas name should represent exactly the process

    this brand new 4dimensional life forms base their existence on.

    it should be something essential, comparable to the 4 basic

    continents (thinking, acting, feeling, learning).

    it should be recognizeable as some kind of relative towards

    action, thought, experience and feeling, but it also should be

    a task every human should be able to pick up. So i rather feel

    we could focus on calling the resulting area "FOCUSING" in

    the meaning of concentrating 4 different life forms together

    into one multidimensional meta-entity individuum.

    Well yes, i guess we´ll never make it at the meta-nominational

    champion ship contest with that. Sorry about it. Of course other

    suggestions are welcome at any time. No, thank you, Will ...

    but i assume "CON-FUSING" and "The fourheads" also sound

    a bit too distractive to work appropriate in meta patterns.

    Anyone else? Maybe the actual receiver out there ...? ;-)

    For now i think we should not let us get distracted by details

    when there are still some white spots in the big picture that

    need to be painted out. Let´s for now pretend the hidden

    continent would be FOCUSING (or something comparable like

    "fusioning" or "merging" - the integrating character should

    be coming out here). Now ... if this is so, and if it works as

    some continental area with own growth rates - 

    what would be the goal of that growth? What would be

    "up there" the analogies to that pole analogies in the

    continent picture?

    As we already stated this area has integrating character.

    The life forms are integrated and therefore so are the

    "everydaylife products" of this level (i.e. telepathy). 

    I feel like there are two poles establishing that new ecosphere.

    They open a force field along the z-axis with the first pole

    sitting directly at the core of each planet and the second pole

    leading directly off-planet into infinity. Now what could that be?

    Well, i guess you can feel it already: That core pole could be

    understood as the representation of "INTRASELF". 

    Of course it directs its owner in becoming an integrated

    whole within himself (too bad so many people misinterpret

    this intuitive message from the inside and behave just selfish).

    The infinity pole on the other hand could be understood as

    "INTERSELF" which means the latent longing of becoming

    part of some higher, completely united - and of course

    timeless and infinite (from our point of view) - entity.

    This longing often has in history been interpreted as an

    indicator that there is a "god". Funny thing is: Each of the

    different interprets had been kind of right, as we will see

    very soon.

    SIDESTEP ONE: The dangers of belief

    Uh, btw ... this seems to be a good occasion to popup

    a little WARNING flash: Later on in this text that descriptions

    you just read will lead to explain what "god" is about in this


    So if you already chose a god-concept (and it maybe contains

    some need of sharply distinct between the "true" childs of

    your god and the "others" who build the rest of the world)

    you might feel a bit offended by the following.

    But see, it´s all just about my subjective impressions.

    i would never say that my subjective reality suits the outer

    world better than your one does. i respect and support you

    in any way you respect and support others. It´s just that i

    feel quite well when moving in on planet me, walking around

    discovering all the details - all other living places i inspected

    until now seemed to me to have some soggy corners in it.

    See, in this planet model a basic implication is that all

    individuals are individuals, following comparable basic principles

    and guidelines in their development. Therefore they all deserve

    the same basic respect as long as their "life forms" do not

    mistreat the individual principles and guidelines of other

    alien ecospheres.

    In fact the model suits any human religion i ever heard of.

    From a planet model point of view they all have in common

    that all are partly right. Its just that - if you understand religions

    as alternative living models - religions usually focus on just a few

    aspects of the whole (i.e. Christianity stresses "empathy"

    and supports "love" but seems to me having some uncomfort

    in dealing with that fierce "lust" component in humans,

    just putting most aspects of it aside into "devil´s realm").

    And - of course - ALL religions call their product "enlightment",

    which is quite tempting, for this exactly feeds each individuals

    hunger for the higher thinking principle, thus suggesting their

    message provides "the only true" final answer.

    Therefore believing this would stop an individual from going on

    enlarging its thinking continent and stay underdeveloped.

    Believing can be quite a dead end to a mind longing for

    improvement if not accompanied by testing. And believing

    that condemns testing seems to me being afraid of discovering 

    weak points - which to me is intended by the wish of keeping

    the actual status quo and suppressing any developmental


    But i do believe (... ooops, you got me!) that everything

    is about development and about keeping open to influences

    (so i for myself tend to run into difficulties in everyday

    situations that ask for the ability to tolerate intolerance or

    to stay constructive when facing acts of destruction).

    Please don´t get me wrong: Each religion has its appealing

    sides to me. They can be great helpers in life if you manage

    to believe in one of them. But i for myself had - at least until now -

    some problems feeling comfortable with any of them because

    of their - to me - "offensive" character and all the fear-based

    passion for ritual behaviour i happened to sense.

    And of course most important: They usually exclude the

    alternative models  and suggest the "others" are "wrong".

    Therefore i ask you to reach out for understanding by open-

    mindedness  when reading on. Thanks in advance. ;-)

    Uh, one last naive demonstration about beliefs:

    If i look at a picture of a dog, i might "believe" i got the

    whole picture and feel quite sure about it. If i am used to dogs

    i might even tell you the parental lines, maybe even tell you

    about the character of that dog due to its body communication.

    But i can NOT tell you how that individual dog voice would

    actually SOUND like. You´ll have to find that dog and listen to it

    for yourself if you want to find out more. But before you go,

    please finish reading. ;-)

    SIDESTEP TWO: What the Borg didn´t get

    I assume you might know the U.S. tv-series "Star Trek".

    It introduces an "evil" alien race that seems to follow the

    general unification tendency i just wrote about: the Borg.

    It is a partly mechanic collective life form that moves from

    planet to planet, invading every blossoming civilisation they

    find and "assimilating" the inhibitants, taking away their

    individuality and transforming them into Next Generation Borg

    (sounds even a bit like human parental standard behaviour, 

    doesn´t it...?).

    Well, it is quite evident to me, that those Borg somehow

    got a glimpse of the whole, but utterly misinterpreted it:

    They understood that others have talents they lack.

    They want to have part in that.

    So they unify with others by making others become

    themselves. And that is the tricky part, for others that lose

    their identity only behave as blinded mirrors.

    They do not reflect and never doubt the leading entity

    that establishes "Do´s" and "Dont´s". So they will never be

    able to produce a devil´s advocate thought  and therefore

    will never be able to adapt to a situation that does not suit

    their actual strategies.

    They feel safe in their perceived superiority which is the key

    to their downfall in the series - and also would be in real life

    (uh, btw ... misleading as well: believing in ones own inferiority.

    Hierarchy concepts always inhibit ones own development

    responsibilities and potentials. More of use for ones inner

    satisfaction would be some mantra i.e. "i am fine, which is

    good. And i still can develop, which is even better." or so.

    Of course only THINKING it would not be enough 

    (4 areas, remember..?). Well, it´s not that easy, i know.

    But i keep on trying.).

    See, an assimilator might go on and on with his strategy

    and in short-terms may look very effective and successful

    on a materialistic scale. But in the end he will fall because

    he never really reached someone due to his offensive nature

    that produces suppressive, antimagnetic effects.

    And that´s why in the long run the federation always wins - 

    they just OFFER unity (with freely creating individuals)

    instead of FORCING it (into a centralized collective).

    DEVELOPMENT THREE: God is still to come

    Now enough of that. Let´s return to our start-reality and

    re-enter the orbit around that future Mr. Universal.

    In the meantime he succeeded in fully developing his

    continents and bringing them all together. The ocean

    (our animal heritage, remember?) now retreated completely

    to the back side, still giving life to the ecospheres but not

    interfering or inhibiting intercontinental communication anymore.

    That fifth area is filled with units and he seems to have quite

    some interplanetar traffic going on. Everything seems fine so far.

    But look at those instruments: there still is some inner activity

    on the planet, some longing that does not seem to be fulfilled.

    What can it be? There seem to be a lack of motivations 

    around now: The poles are reached by the continents,

    the 5th area is established.

    Oh, right ... but NOT fully developed.

    So we might have a closer sensor scan of that phenomenon


    That z-axis connects the INTRASELF and the INTERSELF.

    It represents more than the equatorial lines - it is BOTH

    guideline and development area. Its "shape" follows the drag

    created by this two poles. Shortly spoken: The last goal this

    (and any) individual wants to finally reach by building up this

    5th area and its integrated/integrating life forms is the

    unification of INTERSELF and INTRASELF. He wants to become

    one entity with ALL the other  entities (including the alien-shaped

    ones) out there in universe.

    Now, what a kind of crazy think is that...?

    How does our individual even get that idea?

    Okay, this is the point where one could easily driftoff into

    thoughts that differ very much from mine. I prefer not to think

    of some "caring parental leader" who put that idea into us

    (and NOT in others).

    I for myself found another explanation that suits me better:

    See, we already touched the issue that on the integrated level

    time has no essence anymore. This level offers quite a lot of tools

    to communicate with others in a "complete" way - by sending

    units to others that represent the whole homeworld.

    Its just like a holography: break it in two and you got two

    small holographies, each one with the complete picture on it

    (ta-daah! ... and again: fractal universe! ;-) ).

    So this 5th area seems to just have the function of supporting

    integration with others. And - as you might know from discussions

    - it feels "beautiful" and "right" if we got the impression that 

    someone understands us completely.

    So we want to be transparent.

    Transparency causes understanding in others.

    And things like "telepathy" would surely be a more appropriate

    method than talking to accomplish that - it would be even

    possible to "understand" alien impressions because of the

    emotional context delivered within one of those packages.

    But you know ... we soon get adapted to new toys. 

    So Mr. Universal would not be satisfied with this small packages.

    He would feel like a droplet longing to reach  the big sea. 

    He would have a feel like "if i could only bring in more of me ...

    well, ALL of me in fact."  But where will this hunger lead him to? 

    Future will tell.

    So let´s now go there.

    Now it´s time for us to get everything out of our timedrive

    that´s in it (...WOOOOOOOOOO...P.) ...

    wow, and there we are:

    The end of times!

    Have a look around.

    Well, yes, there´s still this big universe shell.

    But of course, our sun, earth and even mankind inside

    do not exist anymore. But it does not feel empty here ... 

    there seems to be some kind of constant humming filling

    every corner... and that humming seems to sound like billions

    and billions of people talking in their dreams ... and they 

    seem to be harmonized somehow as if being integrated part

    of a bigger whole ... there seem so many  different single entities

    in there that this bigger whole must surely be an entity that knows 

    everything ... and the whole entity itself is still in a kind of dream

    state just starting to awake ... there: it opens its metaphoric eyes

    for the very first time ...

    Well, if you should shoot a guess now, what would you call it?

    Go ahead, you might ... because in a way we all are kind of

    its parents.

    Yes right ... i just described the birth of god at the end of times.

    It will be exactly in that moment, when any sub-unit of itself

    finally entered the bigger whole. And all they know and all they

    are will become integrated part of every other integrated part

    of the whole meta-entity. And because that meta-entity would

    not be influenced by time it might effect all times at the same time.

    And it really does, not by purpose but because of its sheer

    existence form. So what we humans perceive as longing for a

    higher entity seems to me being a perception of distant echoes 

    emitted from that wholey interself entity at the end of times.

    All right, so far for today.

    I will silently disappear for now, giving you a little privacy

    with that impression.

    See, i definitely don´t want to fiddle with religions; anyone

    shall believe what he/she/they want/s. I just felt that this

    innocent little sunday afternoon impression came nearer to

    something that suits me than any other bigselling thinking

    model i happened to meet before.

    And i simply cannot keep my mouth closed when i see

    something that beautiful to me.

    I hope you don´t mind,

    yours Me. ;-)

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