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    Even though Red57 chose to bow out of Beliefnet, I will still remember all the good works she did. Many blessings to you Red.

    October 24, 2008
    9:44 AM
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    I am hoping we can at least get some activity on the prayer requests chain. I know that I will commit to posting and praying for people and am going to send a few private messages to those that have expressed and interest. I am going to visit my husband in the morning for an overnight family visit so I will not be back here until Saturday evening. I will check in once i settle down. I do hope we can be a source of strength and conduits for the power and love of the Source of All. red

    June 18, 2008
    4:55 PM
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    I'm so slow at getting back, sorry about that, I want to thank you for writing. I do wish the very same for you and your family, and I hope that the new year brings your cuppeth runneth way over!! GB, Suzie :o)

    February 13, 2008
    3:13 PM
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