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    support for those hurting by any type of eating disorders

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    Support for all types of eating diorders, under weight to over weight, ANY issues around food, exercising to much or to little, obcessing and complusive eating, what ever the need we are here to help! share ideas and resoures, knowing your not alone and have nothing to be ashamed of. just talk and listening with someone who lives with daily.

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    How do people go about focusing on getting unwanted pounds off when they are depressed about having those unwanted pounds to begin with and they turn to excess food for comfort? How does one get out of this cycle? I seriously need to drop 50-60 pounds for health reasons but I am depressed and overwhelmed by the whole idea and I have been for a looooonnnnnnnngggggg time and the days and weeks and months are ticking away. I was in OA for 3 years, I've had therapy and I'm still stuck. I just feel hopeless and as if I have some kind of block or something that I can't break thru.

    April 12, 2010
    10:50 AM
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