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    The Sufi Seekers

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    Sufism is a mystical school of though that has its roots in the religion of Islam. The Sufi seeker travels a journey to Divine Love and Wisdom through the personal experience of God.
    Depending on who you believe, Sufism is either a particularly Islamic science, akin to, say, Hasidic Kabbalah for Judaism, or essentially an open worldview that provides a universal key to unlock the secrets of the Divine, irrespective of the particular religion or cultural background. Some say Sufism is all about the dissolution of selfhood into God, others are not so sure.
    Whatever your interest in Islamic and Abrahamic mysticism, this new forum hopes to grow a discussion like grapes upon a good vine. And then onwards, to produce a Wine of Truth!

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  •     Bismi-llāhi ar-raḥmāni ar-raḥīmi (in the name of God, the Most Gracious, the Most Merciful) ... Dear all, ... more

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    Bismi Allah ir Rahman ir Rahim. I am a bearer of witness that nothing would exist if Allah didn't create it. And Allah alone is the Lord of all the boundless universes. as Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahman tu Allahi wa Barakaatu. I must inform everybody that Christianity made me a better muslim. And Islam made me a better christian. But Edgar Cayce made me a stronger believer in Allahs truth about the prophet Issa. Edgar Cayce wrote "A Search for God" and it has helped me with my meditation, my salaat (prayer), and my dzikr.

    July 20, 2009
    8:43 PM
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