An Easter Message

    Sunday, April 20, 2014, 4:21 PM [General]

    Jesus came as our Creator in an earthly body.  His earthly body suffered and died.  Was that the end?  No, because His resurrection, attested to by so many in history, showed a glorious victory over death.

    For many, the term death sounds like the end of things.  It is the end of this earthly life.  Each has to consider whether they have any concepts beyond this earthly life.  Even for those who believe in reincarnation would have to see that this earthly life has not been getting better, because it is filled with so much more wars, diseases, hunger, and strife.  But of Jesus, attested to in the Gospels and elsewhere in the New Testament, as our Creator, why would He come to us, suffer, and die?  We are all such miserable sinners.  We could say that He died for us.  Why was that deemed necessary?  Because of our sinfulness, the price had to be paid.  We could not afford to pay it.  Our only expectation could have been that the price would have to be our own punishment which would mean eternal separation from our Heavenly Father and His eternal LOVE.  There is nothing but torments in existence without our Creator’s LOVE.

    Does that mean that we are WORTH that much?  It absolutely does not mean that we are in our own selves as sinners of that much value.  It means that in His LOVE for us, we are worth that much to Him.  We were worth that much to Jesus because of His LOVE for us.  How much are others worth to us because of our love for them.  Jesus loved and died for us in spite of our wicked condition.  Can we love others in a wicked condition?  Can we remember that we were loved by Him in our own wicked condition?  Can we remember that even after knowing Him and His LOVE, that it doesn’t mean that we are now pure and perfect?  He may accept us as pure because of His forgiveness, but we are still in this earthly, fleshly body that is pulled so much by this world.  If He has so much LOVE for us, how much love can we find for one another?

    Try making a list of people that you love that you would be willing to be spit on, beaten, and hung on a cross for them.  Now make a list of all your enemies that you would be willing to be spit on, beaten, and hung on a cross for them.  Our sins made us as enemies to our Heavenly Father, because He is opposed to sin, and our sins are as a rebellion against Him.  Even so, He loves us so much.  Now, consider the people you believe you love and people you see as your enemies.  How much can you measure your love for others, friends or enemies.

    We don't have to understand it- only believe and in believing accept and strive to grow in that LOVE.

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    Blind Leading Blind

    Sunday, April 20, 2014, 12:50 PM [General]

    This began as a comment on a dear friends post on facebook, but I got carried away and it became lengthy.  Still, I hope the thoughts may be eye opening to someone.  (Eye-opening as in the blind having their eyes opened to see- you’ll see the pun intended by this parenthetical comment if you read the post).

    A lot in the Bible talks about signs of the times.  Many speak of 'signs of the times' as some religious omens.  That may be true, but there are many who don't comprehend that it also means in everyday secular life.  People can read about the cycles of governments, power, and corruption and not really see how these cycles from ancient times to the present play out between the oppressor and the oppressed and rise of nations to the downfall and utter destruction of nations.

    Many who are oppressors don't even recognize that they are, because for a lifetime they grew up being taught what they were taught, and simply see as they see without understanding (as in the Bible, those with eyes who don’t see).  Many who are oppressed don’t understand so much that they are being oppressed because they simply grew up thinking that things are just the way they are.  Many accept suffering without understanding that it was never intended by our Creator to be that way.  So they don’t understand that there is life beyond this one where, as Jesus taught, the wicked oppressors the oppressed would find their rewards.  Those who really chase after the material things of this world and accept them as rewards from their “GOD” without realizing that this world is so temporal may (as the Bible teaches) have ears to hear, but never hear (understand) the real message of those (as the rich man and Lazarus) who find beyond that those who have their rewards in this life have traded that for eternally being separated from a loving Creator; and others who had no substantial material rewards in this life would find eternal love with their Creator.

    Even if 'signs of times' were never mentioned Biblically or in a religious sense, the truisms would still be there.  Nations rise and fall, and the subtle characteristics of people in power and the development of the greed leading to oppression would inevitably (even if there were no one who believed in any religion) lead to chaos and destruction and more suffering.  As the Bible teaches, there are many who think they see so clearly, but are blind and don’t see the truth.  This is why the Bible can teach that in the last days there would be many teachers (/preachers) who could get rich by teaching what people with ‘itchy ears’ want to hear.  So many people want to hear about progress without seeing that it is a false progress that will soon be corrupted by the greed so the blind leading the blind fall into the ditch together.  So many people want to hear beautiful words about love, but in their own desire to be ‘loved’ they don’t see how that love should reach out to those with real needs, so teachers/preachers can get rich teaching people to love themselves which diminishes the true meaning of genuine love for others, as it promotes ‘self’ as opposed to being promoted by others, as people from love should seek to promote one another’s well being.

    HaSatan/Lucifer as the ruler of this world system has destroyed so many people with half-truths that sound so good to the ear.  Many may see the catch phrase “Do No Harm” as a good thought, yet it is strategically lacing in content.  Doing no harm does not necessarily mean doing good.  One may go around thinking, “I’m doing no harm,” and think themselves as good.  Yet if you don’t “DO GOOD”, then “doing no harm” has no real value, and benefits no one, except maybe self, and that goes back to “being lovers of selves”.  The ruler of this world is a master of deceit, and many are fooled by thinking they can see, but are blind.  In this, many think they can “SEE THE TRUE LIGHT”, but are really “BLINDED BY A FALSE LIGHT”.  So many governments, religions, and even churches calling themselves Christian, but are blinded from true Christianity by their own philosophies are soon to fall into utter destruction.  People are individually responsible for searching for the TRUTH- that TRUE LOVE and that TRUE LIGHT that can only come from our Creator.  If they are led away by false teachers/preachers getting rich on a smearing on of half-truths and twisted truths that are really not true, but appear to be because of blindness, then they are responsible, because rather than seeking what is real, they accept ‘pretty’ words from those who teach what their itchy ears want to hear.  By accepting what they want to hear, that shows they are selfish and greedy, as any selfish person grabs and holds on to what they want, whether in philosophies or in materialism.

    Many like to say they are successful because they give their 10% to “GOD”.  This is like a half-truth or twisted-truth.  Jesus asks us to give our total selves (100%), and 10% is not really very much (actually a meager pittance) in comparison.  Many people see that 10% as coming from material gain (income).  Jesus taught that the materialism is of this world (many illustrations, Biblically but one coming to mind is “Give to Caesar what is his and to God what is His”).  Blind people want to give 10% of materialism and credit God for material success.  That is Satan’s filthy lie, because that concerns this material world, and Jesus said to give your total being towards your eternal life, because those who are concerned with giving material gains for this material world would lose their eternal lives.  This world is blinded by Satan, yet they think they see, so the blind leading the blind are going to fall into the ditch.  This is because people are lovers of their own selves and they want to hear what their itchy ears want to hear.  So people think that wicked teachers are good when they teach people how to love themselves and people think that powers, rulers, governments, etc. are right when they are truly going to destruction because of false teachings and blindness.

    As I mentioned, even in secularism (even if there were no religion), an honest study of historical cycles in rise and fall of greed, powers, oppressors, governments, etc. would indicate the pure futility of the materialism of this world.  The blind who think they see will not understand how what so many see as good it truly filthy and wicked.  People don’t want to see the true filth and wickedness in this world because they would know this world is headed for destruction.  So they think they can ‘fix’ and ‘build up’ this world, and forget to wait in the patient expectation of that TRUE eternal world that our Creator wants us to search for.  In can only be found in the ABSOLUTE WAY, TRUTH, and LIFE that our Creator shared with us in appearing to us as our suffering Savior Jesus.  By giving His life for us and showing us to give ourselves we can learn to see the TRUTH and understand that in giving ourselves, we may suffer much in this world as our Savior did, and lose materialism of this world in realizing its transient and vain nature which has no real, true, or lasting value.

    Jesus said to expect this world to treat you as it treated Him.  How did this world treat Him; and how do you expect to be treated?  Jesus said don’t seek the material gain of this world, but seek that which has eternal value.  So who are these rich teachers/preachers that say, “Give your 10% and “GOD” will make you successful in this world.  Who are these blind people who think they see because they listen to what their itchy ears want to hear.  This world with all of its governments, religions, and people who call themselves Christian churches but aren’t true Christians because they are blind to the TRUTH will soon fall into torments.

    Sorry, Sweetheart.  Didn’t intend for this comment to get carried away and become so lengthy.  I wish to share your post and this comment as a post.  Love ya’, Dear One.  I believe in you because I believe you are a seeker for TRUTH.  As imperfect humans, we may disagree in many ways about the TRUTH, yet we can recognize what it means to truly seek the truth as opposed to those who don’t truly seek, but think they have it because they are blind.  Truly love ya’, Dear

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    Early Morning Thoughts (up way to late)

    Sunday, April 20, 2014, 2:43 AM [General]

    Many people think that being a man means standing up for yourself, but not defending yourself would make you a wimp.  There are various situations that could make many implications.  If one man hit a man, and the man that was hit retaliated with a fist of his own, that is not the same as "standing up for yourself".  Anger and rage can make a person appear to be standing up for himself, but it is a long way from the same thing.  Sometimes the strong person is not the one who r...etailiates, but the one who is willing to submit to something he doesn't necessarily wish for.

    Jesus taught turning the other cheek.  That does not necessarily mean in absolute submission to everything.  It does not mean to refuse to stand up for what is right and true when absoultely necessary.  I have known many that people thought were 'wimps' or 'sissys' that were actually very strong.  Sometimes strength means being able to take ridicule, abuse, various forms of mistreatment and continue without venting in anger, rage, and/or retaliation.  Retaliation may be seen as being strong to many, but as a reaction from an emotion, it is really a weakness to your own emotions whether anger or whatever.  If someone hurts you and you do not retalitate, others may see that as a weakness, but in reality, it requires much more strength to hold on to that sense of retalition (revenge/ anger/ etc.) and have power over your own emotions than to give in to them.

    Just some very early morning thoughts from an old man that is really tired and fixing to go to sleep.  Do your own thinking about it.

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    Passover and the Blood of the Lamb

    Saturday, April 19, 2014, 9:45 PM [General]

    Happy and blessed Passover for those who are passed over by the death angel because of the blood of the Lamb- Yashua Mashiach.  For any who do not know Jesus- prayers that you come to know Him and His LOVE.

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    Love ya', Sweetheart

    Saturday, April 19, 2014, 9:37 PM [General]

    Most everyone that knows me knows that when I'm talking to people, I call almost everyone 'Sweetheart'  (of the feminine gender that is- that's who I like talking to the most) and often say, "Love ya' ".  99% of them like this and think it's sweet.  There is always that 1% that think it's offensive and say, "Male chauvinist pig- I'm not your sweetheart and never will be."  Okay, so people prefer genuine sincerity.  I think from now on I should say, "How are you sweetheart, and I don't mean sweetheart in an offensive sense, I mean I am verrrry seriously sincere, 'Sweeeeethearrrrrt', my darling?"  When I say, "Love ya'  ", I'm not trying to be offensive.  I genuinely, sincerely mean I luuuuuve you, you gorgeous hunk of femininity.  Hey- that's just who I am.  I'm just a serious sincere kind of guy- who could take that offensively or the wrong way?    Wink Wink Wink

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