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    Hi Steve, Thank You for your prayers and I Thank God. Joe is improving with each passing day. Looking forward to his full recovery. Have a great day, love ya too. God Bless

    January 20, 2014
    8:34 AM
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    Hi, Stephen. Ah, you're so funny but sweet. You can rest assured I'm still resting in the Lord's word. He's my all and all my everything in life and his kingdom to come. In fact I should be posting a new journal in about 2 weeks if the good Lord willing . . . . I'm still giggling about your alimony to support comment lol. You have a awesome post written in love and concern for a dying world spoken by the holy spirit; I had to add a comment to those Truths. Lots of Love, Maggie :)

    November 29, 2012
    1:47 AM
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    like Yesh'wa Messiahs herald John the baptizer before me i seek as much abrasive force as heaven will allow me- so as to scrub away as much of constanteens pagan catholic church errors and the imposter paul false teachings as i can with the time i have left before my faithful love leads me into Our Father YAHWEH'S House- and then i will dwell there in forever thinking nothing anymore of the vast number of souls wrongly detoured into oblivion and or hell by them of constanteens pagan catholic church / the imposter pauls errant disciples and beloved fans. yours truly peter the romin american >p

    August 22, 2012
    4:35 AM
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