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    Wednesday, May 5, 2010, 3:30 PM [General]


    A seed but with your love,

    I sprout life.

    I grow in darkness you keep me to yourself.

    I roll and play and enjoy,

    time no one else will ever share.

    During this time,

    I am nourished of yourself,

    We share everything.

    One day your warmth,

    brings extra lives and light to me.

    You love me and teach me to love.

    When I am hurt you comfort me.

    Fallen never to stand again,

    you lift me up.

    You are the gentle touch,

    that wipes my tears away.

    You are the kiss on my forehead,

    that says good-night.

    An inseparable team.

    Forever you will be my mother.



    Carol Ann Houseworth

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