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    Blessings Big and Small Thank You

    Wednesday, February 23, 2011, 6:40 PM [General]

    What may seem small to others is often something big to someone else.  I thank God for them all.  Yesterday I needed a new tire.  I had planned to get a set of tires in another month.  I just had my oil changed and other work done on my car.  When they told me there was no way to repair the tire as I looked at it and knew there was no way I simply said put the spare on because I cannot afford a tire right now. I had doctors appointments coming up and I knew my money had to stretch as far as I could make it. I kept praying rerunning the cash I had on me and the money in the bank making sure I had enough for the service I just had done.  I knew it was going to be tight to get to the end of the month with everything else but I knew it would be okay.  One of the technicians came up to me as well as the manager and said you always get your car serviced here over 30 miles away and even with the spare that's not good to be riding around on for an extended period of time.  If I would accept it the technician had a new tire that he had bought for his wife's car but she did not need it and would I take the new tire.  I said yes but I had no way to pay for it.  They said it costs you nothing. Tears weld in my eyes as I almost blew this blessing because I was so worried about paying for it.  Then the words came quickly as if I wasn't the one talking.  I said thank you I appreciate your generosity and what a blessing they were to me and May God bless them all and I appreciated it.  They said they did not know how I made it on the tire to the shop in the first place and we laughed but we all knew how.  I thank you God for miracles big and small and for those you chose to allow those blessings to flow through to others in the name of Jesus  Amen Amen and Amen

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    Following His Word removes the pain of Life's Lessons

    Sunday, January 23, 2011, 8:09 PM [General]

    How often I think back and have said I should not have done that or gosh that was sooo stupid.  I think about the love of Jesus because he sees us through everything and I remember to ask for forgiveness even of things long gone by.  There were times that I did things not evil or bad but plain stupid.  Giving when I could not do so and then get smacked in the face for having done it by kicking my own self.  Well these are just a part of Life's Lessons but the greatest Lesson is God is a forgiving and loving father and when we fall of do some not so smart things he helps us get right back up again and I thank him. While we may not be perfect and he knows this he loves us no matter what and that is a big relief.  Amen Amen Amen Thank you Jesus.

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    Remembering His Answer to Our Prayers maybe Different than what we expect

    Saturday, January 15, 2011, 7:20 AM [General]

    I have to praise and thank God for the many, many blessings he has rained down on me and my family within the last week.  He blesses all the time but he has truly made his presence and the fact that he answers prayers undeniably so as evidenced by the things that occurred and was brought into me and my family's lives.  I was in and still to some degree in a financial crunch.  Money did not come but some of the situations and needs that were putting me in that position began to dissolve and resolve themselves.  Hallelujah.  I told KIND6004 a beliefnet friend that I think God answered my financial needs in his own way because God saw that my needs were truly something else. I still believe that he will also bring forth more prosperity for me because I realized more and more that asking for prosperity is not just a money proposition but a life enhancing and enriching change that effects all areas of my life and not just the financial.  I praise God and ask him to continue to bless us all because walking in and by Faith when things are uncertain, chaotic, painful is hard but faith keeps us positive and leaves us open to receive his blessings.  Thank you all for your prayers and kind words.  God is GOOD!!!! Thank you Jesus.

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    Others are Doing It

    Wednesday, January 5, 2011, 6:20 PM [General]

    Wow my friends have begun the work of giving but not overcommitting and making it so.  Guess what it is working.  Day by day it is working.  You do not always get positive responses when you say you can't do something or you do not have the additional funds to loan some one but in the end it is well worth it.  The stress begins to lift.  One friend told me this is hard.  No kidding when you have always been a giver and felt bad if you had to say no or could not do something to help someone else out.  Now with prayer and an honesty with yourself and others it does become a very positive scenario over time.  We agreed to check in with each other if we encounter a situation that made them feel horrible or broke their heart the response they got back when they had to say I can't.  You also learn a little bit more about some people you have called friends.  Thank you God for You.  Let us stay in his care and praise his name.

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    Making It So

    Sunday, January 2, 2011, 8:40 PM [General]

    Happy New Year to all and it has begun just that way for me.  I committed to not overcommit and I am doing it.  I was amazed at how free in just a short period of time I could see the benefits of something that I should have been doing a looooooong time ago.  Our God is good.  It frees your spirit so you can minister better in serving God to others.  I am thankful and I pray all of us continues on our paths of closeness with our father because he truly is there for us. What ever we need, we want including prosperity and/or forgiveness all we have to do is go sincerely to him.  He answers and he certainly shows you the way and if we do what we say we see the evidences of his grace and mercy even more quickly and for me more vividly.  Thank God and may he continue to flood our lives with his love, grace and mercy for it is truly there. In Jesus name Amen  Remember it is not his word that goes out and comes back void, sometimes it is ours because we do not trust enough nor do we follow through with what we say or do.

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    Being Real with Yourself and Others

    Monday, December 27, 2010, 9:31 AM [General]

    This New Year my biggest committment is to be honest with myself and others by not over committing.  If there is something I cannot do no matter how much I want to do it for myself or for someone else I will say no and not do it.  I have struggled with feeling I am letting others down if I do not do something even when I have known it is really something I could not take on.  I really prayed about it and if I take care of myself then I will put myself in a better position to assist others.  Let us all take stock of who we are what it is we really want and committ to taking care of ourselves.  If we do this then we better serve the Lord.  It may be money, it may be health or habits we want broken, it may be letting someone else take charge of a program when we are stretched too thin but whatever it is we pray about it and follow God's direction because we must be real with him and therefore real with ourselves.

    I do not know what your plans are for the New Year or if you make plans for the New Year but I do pray for all of us a continued Year of blessings and joy.  May God continue to be with us all in the name of Jesus.  Amen

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    May the Holidays and the New Year find Us Serving Him in Making a Difference in all we do and for all who we come in contact wit

    Tuesday, December 21, 2010, 12:26 AM [General]

    How wonderful to be here and to know you can share this joy of love and hope every day of the year.  We thank God for the birth of his son Jesus, the forgiveness of our sins and the opportunity to serve him by caring for others.  I am thankful for my family, friends old and new and the peace it brings knowing that gifts are given in many ways, bought, made, a warm meal, a hug, a telephone call, a card, a tear, etc.  The neatest is when whatever it is it is given from the heart. Please know we do make a difference but the feat is to keep on making a difference and prayer is a simple but powerful way to do it and to reach many.

    May we all truly realize we are his children. May we know he is with us now and until the end of time and the gifts that are a natural part of us through and in the Holy Spirit.  May this year allow us to fully understand our own unique gifts and to share and use them in his name.  God bless us all. Much sincerity, hope and love.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a tremendous New Year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Always learning His Ways

    Monday, December 13, 2010, 8:32 PM [General]

    God said you have not because you ask not.  I love praying for others and that has always been a part of who I am. Giving and doing for others gives me great joy but I often forget to pray for myself.  I thank God, I praise him and I sincerely love him.  I had a strong Christian mother but some where along the line while much like her I missed out on really how to pray for myself.  I asked for some direction from one of my friends from beliefnet and he gave me some wonderful guidance even with praying positions.  I had never tried lying prostrate before the Lord even though I am always on my knees with head bowed thanking God and praying for others with may be oh yes please continue to be with me thrown in.  I am now praying not only for others but for myself and it is like a new experience but a blessed one because thinking back on times when I did ask something for myself I felt guilty for doing so and somewhat ashamed.  What ever is happening within me and my spiritual path and my walk with the Lord I really know it's okay if I not only talk to him but ask him to help me not only in service to him but in things I need his help with.  God is so wonderful.  Thank you Jesus and thank you for my beliefnet friends who often help me find my way when it appears somewhat cloudy.  Thank you oh God that I am okay and my talks with you and prayers go even deeper than before.  Amen

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    It is Simple or Is It?

    Friday, November 19, 2010, 6:48 PM [General]

    Sometimes when I give praise, pray and thank God for all his blessings, grace and mercy I look back and think how many times have I just said "I love you Lord." I have said it many times but I noticed recently that it is more heart felt and I know I am speaking directly to him.  I wondered when this transformation took place, was it always there and how did it suddenly become so real.  There are days as tough as some may be with tears in my eyes I have been able to rejoice and say without hesitation.  God I love you. 

    I just sat at one point and repeated it out loud and to myself.  God I love you and what a wonderful feeling came over me and a smile I was smiling and did not even know it and the tears came but not tears of sadness just joy and appreciation.  Try it and let me know what happens with you.  We are so very blessed because our Father does love us and it is a blessing to realize just how much we actually love him.  Thank you Jesus.  Amen

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    Putting things in Order

    Tuesday, November 16, 2010, 10:28 PM [General]

    Each day is a blessing.  A new beginning if we continue to affirm God's love for us and know Fear is not a permanent part of our lives.  Yes putting things in order is a process that requires us to actually take a look around us and then at ourselves both can be intimidating.  Something as simple as cleaning a corner of a room is an accomplishment and turning a loose old hurts is a major achievement in moving forward and putting things in order.  Fear is many times the culprit in not being able to move forward or putting things in order.  I chose not to use fear to  keep me trapped in letting go of some things I wanted to hold on to.  Some things were material and then some were memories. I love helping others and finally after a lot of praying and self examination I decided it was time I did the same for myself.  I found a wonderful peace and a tremendous joy in the small but significant steps I took.  The phone rang, I did not jump, I answered it bill collectors or no I talked to who ever it was and simply handled it.  I do this routinely for others and get them to move forward but it hit me hard when a friend asked do you do the same for yourself. No i did very little any more for myself. Helping others is out of genuine care for others but I had to look deep and found it was also a nice way not to deal with myself.  Areas I thought I had long gotten past I had not and now I am using the broom to clear away the cobwebs of fear and doubt a little at the time routinely and I am glad and I thank God.  As I begin to put things in order I see God's work in my life more clearly and I thank him for it.

    I hope those who read this will do the same themselves and pray for me as I travel this road of cleansing.  Putting things in order with myself and God.

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